...the basics about me... 

name:  TobyB. aka TobyBz (on Xtube) body hair:  shaved chest and belly, no pubic hair, shaved balls.
live in:  North Holland, Netherlands, EU facial hair:  clean shaven
born: March 10th 1963. ethnicity:  western european
length:  1.78 m = 5'10" cock size:  17 cm x 5 cm (unpumped)
weight:  about 73kg= 160 pounds. my cock is:   uncut
color of eyes:  blue piercings:  both nipples, PA
color of hair:  dark blond. tatoos:  several: on my chest over left shoulder, around right upperarm, in my groin
sexual preference: homosexual 100% position: more bottom- sometimes versatile
profiles:   Xtube    Newart



social status: living together with my boyfriend since 1989. Married in 2010
work: attendant
hobbies: SEX, drawing, reading [thrillers and gay-stories] and modelling male nudes, gardening, computer (my blog & homepage!!!), walking with our dog. 
food: Italian, Mexican and Indonesian. French kitchen too.
underwear: Björn Borg, DIM is a very fine brand too. And sometimes just NO underwear at all, just a  cockrinig and free balling  in jeans or joggingtrousers! [and show of in public places] and BIKE jocks, so damn handy on parties...
swimwear: Aussiebum when it has to be dressed so deliciously transparant when wet:) but rather totally nude!! I am more a nudist.
sportswear: not very into it, but I like wearing  thin fabric shorts.
languages I speak: Dutch, English, German, French, some Spanish
city: Paris, till now:-)
holiday location: I love Spain for the sun and the way the spanish life: Gran Canaria, Sitges. And camping in France always near the sea.
porn movie: CAZZO movies, specially with Thom Barron, the one and only  real HUNK! Tom Vincent is also a hot guy, love his lean body and hot cock. (but you shouldn't hear him talk:) I LOVE Jesse Karson for his natural looks, huge balls and perfect cock
 smoke: I stopped smoking in September 2017
drink: coffee and red wine.
color: yellow, this doesn't mean I am an enormous watersports fan.... but I'll do anything with the right guy!
bottom/top? sometimes versatile mostly bottom, depending on my mood and the sex-partner. I like both ways...
sexual orientation: homosexual 100% 
special kinks: piercings, cockrings, ballstretchers, pumping.  CBT, S&M parties, hot sweaty sex (sauna-sex), groups.  Sex in public places. Mutual shaving, or being shaved in public. Exhibitionist tasks. Receiving CBT
 my cock: uncut, pierced and 17 x 5 cm (unpumped)  always smoothly shaved! (totally)
what's really turning me on..............
Horny face, brutal mouth, demanding eyes, short hair, skins, mowhawks, smooth, or almost hairless,  lean or skinny bodies.  Visible abs, shaved balls (a must! as well as a totally shaved ass), well formed cocks (not necesseraly huge, but I like >17 cm, I am not into mushroom cockheads. I prefer uncut cocks. Tight jeans with big (pumped)  bulges, no underwear below, so you can see the assets! I love playing with another man's cock, teasing it, feeling it, smelling it and tasting it. I love sucking cock! With the right cock I can suck for hours, tasting the saltyness of precum and the reward of my oral exercise: a mouth full of cum can make me the happiest man on earth. Also love to be fucked and sometimes to fuck: riding a man's ass.I go wild on big and low hanging shaved balls,  hairy legs (but shaved too), passive, active, submissive, dominant, passionate and creative guys, who go wild in sex, and who want to play over  a long period. And want to do it for a second time..after a little break.. S&M, CBT and bondage ofcouse! What's so special about balls? Well very simple, balls are a part of a men's genitals. To me, balls are very essential, I like them very much to play with. Like the low hanging nuts!! I think balls are the most neglected part of a man's body.  
Pulling, slamming sucking and hitting them is just a way to feel
MAN. I get so turned on when another man is sucking my balls hard. It's an undiscribable feeling of being pleased, hurt and being submissive. The thin line between pleasure and pain.........And ofcause I love to pump together, to fill up with saline of glucose, to get big together. To play with balls, cock and ass.  I love a well lubed cock in my ass, not experienced in fisting, but willing to give it a try. Sex is cool but not the most important to me. I like it to be relaxed too. An orgasm is not my primairy goal.

And this is really a major turn off to me!!!
Daddy and son types, men with tails, lots of golden jewelry, moustache, beard, fat, hairy men, specially hairy backs. Red haired guys; passive; smelly; unclean, un-experienced and uncreative men, hairy balls (100% turn-off) Mushroom formed dicks. Lots of pubic hair and ballhair. I don't like bodybuilders. Vanilla sex (soft sex). Guys that sleep in pyjamas. Young guys < 30 years old, sorry chemestry. Fashionqueens and fems. Asians: (but I take the exceptions to this list).



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