TobyB's piercings 

prince albert (PA)
As you can see I have my cock pierced, it was my first piercing. I always wanted a Prince Albert. So I took one. I had it done in Amsterdam, 12 December 1993. 

smooth segment rings (without the ball to close it) 

My daily PA ring is one of 7 mm thick. It looks great and you're absolutely aware of its weight, and to fuck with is great! Well and those PA- rings with ballscrewclosure are shit! You don't want to know how many of them I already lost...

my former PA [6mm thick] and frenumpiercing                          my newest  [7 mm] PA  for the occasion

nipples After the PA I had my nipples done. If you want both your nipples done, do it in one time. It's hard for a piercer to place them on the same spot after the first is already done, a nipplepiercing changes your nipple, it gets bigger! Mine got extra sensitive!

both nipples pierced