TobyB 's pumping his cock & balls!

There's a lot more to say about pumping, but there's a much better site for that with FAQ's and pumping techniques: (make a free account and see all the pics) go  NEWART

My foreskin and cock get really big and juicy from pumping, but the greatest feeling is my sack becomes big as two tennisballs. And my testicles feel heavy and get 3-4 times bigger, You feel them with every step you're walking! 
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bloated cock and balls, obscenly proportioned!

after hours of pumping cock & balls together.
to get that big foreskin, just roll it back in the tube, it will fill. If you don't want that kind of 4skin roll it over the glans.


Well, what I like to do is vacuum pumping. This is a fetish, which means not everybody likes it.  Some people find it grose, and I am ok with that. But speaking for myself:  I so love to have a big fat heavy cock, and huge testicles and a big heavy sack from time to time. I am gay, but pumping and saline/ glucose are not a gay thing only.

It is a perfect way to relax alone or with friends. It feels great and for a period your dick is so big, so juicy and so fat, it amazes me every time again how big you can get.
I pump as much as I can and preferably sessions of 4 hours, when I have the time and I take breaks regularly. . Mmm, I just love the way my cock looks and feels.. 
and my balls? They're nicely hanging and feeling heavy and full after a pumping session. 
It's REALLY a great feeling to have big and heavy dangling nuts between your legs (they are already my G-spot umpumped, but filled up and heavy they become like bombs) and a cock like a fat fullsized salami!  It's pretty adictive too! 

My routine is to start with the twostage tube, -filled with warm water- first: to pump it all big, it's got a good result on my balls.  After that I give my cock extra attention by pumping it additionally, the tube filled with a lot of oil or my cock greased up with whatever grease. 
It takes more time but the results are amazing: a big fat saucage. After the session a cockring does it all: big hard juicy meat! It's also hot to show off a bulge in a short or jogging trousers, or go to the nude beach and show off  there. I am still looking for a hot, smooth dutch pumpbuddy to have (ir)regular pumpingsessions with and maybe sex!! email me.

packing the tube (= totally filling it)   feels great to have it pumped!

working balls and cock together  

an example of what pumping does to my balls

If you want to see more 
pictures of me pumping:


How to do saline, or glucose?

I have had my first saline experience years ago! It's very hot to have a big bulge in no time. What I like is that within an hour you can have the same bulge as in 3 hours of pumping. But it's different! What I like about pumping is that my testicles grow huge. Saline only fills the sack and the tissue of your cock (and not the glans). But it helps too to do quick filling and do some shaping with additional pumping! Nowadays I use glucose 10% because what glucose does is tearing extra bodyfluids to the genital area, and you get a double effect, this means when you add 500ml of glucose you will get 1000ml after 1,5 hours, so you will become way bigger!! Besides that glucose stays warmer than saline. Saline tends to get cold faster. Glucose 10% is hard to get, because of laws concerning medical material, but with some luck it is available. A 5% solution is ok as well, but needs more time.

What you need is a sack (of 500ml) 0.9% NaCl; a needle and a hose with dripper. I mostly order at Funmed it's in Germany. And I can recommend Praxisdienst in the Netherlands. It is possible to pay with creditcard and they guarantee a fast delivery! I prefer to use glucose nowaays, Glucose tends to stay warmer than saline, you need a 5% or 10% solution of glucose. Gluose will tear more fluids from your own body to the infused area, so you will become way bigger using glucose. When you do 500ml of 10% glucose it will be the same as 1000ml of saline, so count your blessings!! 10% is harder to get nowadays in the EU.

I have to say I wrote this page specially for the Dutch and German market, I noticed that other countries use other materials I am not familiar with!

a sack of saline 500ml 

a hose with dripper and wheel to slow or speed up the dripping

a butterfly needle

also available as a set for only EUR 13,75

How to proceed:

Do some ball warming up in a wide tube with warm water, or take a warm shower to make the skin of your sack soft.
Wash your hands and sack before you start. Work sterile!! Take care of the warmth of the fluid. You can do a quick heat up in the microwave, or lay the sack on the radiator for half an hour. Or heat it up au bain Marie (in a pan of water) Too cold saline/ glucose is uncomfortable and may be painful and may cause   shock. Hang the sack as high as possible, for instance on the ceiling or on a lamp. The higher you hang it the faster the fluid will run. You can always ajust the speed or flowing with the wheel on the hose.

Remove the hose from the sterile package and also the needle and attach them to another.
Attach the hose to the sack and look how the saline is starting to drip and flow through the hose, stop the dripping when it dripps out of the needle by moving the wheel in upward direction. Pinch the bottle so you get 2 cm of fluid in the hose's lookingglass, this will help not to get bubbles in the hose when the dripping starts.

There should be as little bubbles in the hose as possible, but than again: it will not kill you when there are some bubbles left!  Sit down and remove the protector of the needle. 

Insert the needle into your sack.
As high as possible next to the seam in the middle of your sack. Above your balls and next to the cords and veins that pull the balls up when it's cold, or when you want them too. Don't insert in the seam of your sack, the flesh is much thicker there. Do it as high as possible to make spreading of the saline through your whole sack easier. It's not necessairy to insert the needle on both sides like in the instructionvideo.  The fluids will devide in all directions but that sometimes need some time, even after your bottle is empty.

The needle doesn't have to go in all the way, just see how the saline flows best. Sometimes you need to go deeper, sometimes you have to pull back a little. Fixate the needle with a piece of tape, or with a shoelace to prevent the needle from getting teared out when you move (like a savety-line). 
My experience is that at first you need slow running of the fluid: it can tickle a bit and feel unconfortable at first, later on you can speed it up more.

sack.jpg (74014 bytes)

Click to enlarge the pic for the
best place to insert the needle.

Close the dripperwheel before the sack of saline is completely empty when you wish to take a second 500ml, or remove the needle from your sack. 

You may drip a little after the needle is removed. Pinch it for a while, or when you do an additional sack you may need some instant glue to stop the dripping of the saline from your sack. The more you infuse the more it will drip, because your sack will get under pressure! Dripping will stop when you push on the injected hole too for some minutes. Your cock and sack will look a bit strange at first, (most fluid will still be around the spot you inserted the needle) the sack and cock are pushed forward because of the filling. When you do a bit of low pressure ballpumping in warm water it will spread through your sack more the way you know with pumping. The dripping will stop too without interverance, but you may get wet spot in your trousers! So don't go outside before your sack stops dripping saline! It can cause real wet trousers!

I am often asked the following questions: If saline is painful and how long the effect lasts.

The insertion of the needle can be a little unconfortable, but than again it is done in a second, it helps to breath out with force when you push the needle in. Also when you warm  your ballsack in a tube, or after a bath so the tissue is soft. It helps to slow down the dripping a bit by closing the wheel when it feels unconfortable. After the first 100 ml I can mostly open the wheel in the hose completely and fill up fast. The effect will last about 24 hours ( depends ofcause how much fluid is inserted.) The last phase is your sack being - because of the stretching- a bit sloppy. 
What I like most is pumping for 2 till 3 hours to bloat up balls, than fill with about 500ml of glucose and pump up cock so that it fully packs the tube, wear a cockring and get sex or have other bulge swaying fun! 

I discovered that it is harder- impossible to get 10% of glucose because of EU laws. The glucose 'dealer' of mine only has glucose 5%.


 Where to get it?

I only know the EU market to get saline or glucose. If you know other shops, or adresses in EU or USA let me know!

medi300 for Germany, and EU
erotic-sjop for NL and EU
Praxisdienst for NL and EU (medical supplies, for private persons too.
You can buy bigger quantities, which is cheaper!)

If you want a detailled guide to do glucose/ saline: click

1 2 3 4 5
#1 with 700ml in
#2 saline and pumping combined.
#3 glucose and pumping combined.
#4 glucose and additional cock pumping.
5# glucose and pumping 500ml 5%

13 april '08
update 26 nov 2009,
update 23 jan '15
update 31 aug '15
23 nov '18,
21 febr '19

If you have any more tips or advice, don't hesitate to send it.

The F.A.Q's on how to... pump?


     How does it work?
Vacuum pumping is all about tearing fluids and blood to your genitals so it becomes bigger  filled with the fluids that are (already) in your body. This is done by a tube over cock or cock and balls and a pump to provide the vacuum. And this ofcouse takes time! By this I mean that you have to take it slow, you can't get a massive cock in half an hour. And the results are not permanent! After hours, a day depending on how big you've pumped, you're back to the size you had before the session.

          How to begin?
To start the pumping it's good to be shaved down there. Pubic hair can couse leacking of the tube. So shave the hair off specially above your cock. The bodyfluids are transported by veins and the lymphatic system. So it's good to get your cock and balls warmer, than it goes faster.
It opens the veins of both systems. Warm up by a hot shower/ bath, or put a towel around your genitals that has been heated before.

Use a lubricant to grease your cock and balls and the skin around so that sliding into the tube is easier and not  unconfortable. ( And I can recommend to lube in constantly when you re-enter the tube).  Start with low pressure so your cock and balls can addapt to the pressure and NEVER exagerate the pressure: use pressure that feels good. Stop when it feels uncomfortable or with pain! After a couple of minutes you can increase the pressure a bit. After 15 minutes you can withdraw from the tube and have a break. Massage your cock, sack and the skin above your cock. Rubb it in with grease again and do pressure again. Walk around, sit behind the computer, do some vacuumcleaning...:-)

          What tube size?
Well, use a tube you feel confortable in erected, don't buy tubes that get smaller at the ends, although they 're cheaper. I 'd recommend straight tubes (specially for the cockhead, they tend to swell too! And it's very painfull to have it pinced off) About 1,5 cm wider than your erect cock to start with, the lenght is less important because most guys grow in thickness rather than in length! The most length you can have is from a swollen foreskin filled with bodyfluids, that is the most length to be scored with pumping.
But keep 5 cm space at the top, becouse the pubic area behind your cock can be sucked in as well. After becomming more experienced you'll need a larger one, but keep the smaller ones, always good to start pumping with. 
The same with cock/ballpumping combinations, but take more space in width, balls tend to become bigger faster. For guys who want big balls I recommend a twostage pump, (enlarges your cock too) mostly you can use them for a long period before you need a new one. It is shitty that twostagers are expensive! ( about EUR 250) Ask for advice in the store! Mind that you do not buy one with a narrow neck, sack and balls can become surprisingly big and you need to still get out of the tube.

          How often?
I pump as often as I feel like it. But I got to say that pumping can dry out your skin (when you wet pump), so you need to take care of your skin in that area. If you want to become BIG you'll need long sessions: 4-5 hours, don't forget to take breaks out of the cylinder, masage your cock and sack in between!! And lube in often! There was a poll at Newart that stated most pumpers do it 3-5 days a week. 

          Is it dangerous?
No, it's not dangerous as long as you use your head, and I don't mean your dickhead, don't get overwhelmed with horniness when you see your cock grow and grow: not too much pressure: your cock and balls will ache, get red spots, your glans will become colored, you can get erectile problems.. So take breaks, don't overpump, the pressure should not be painfull! And I know what I am talking about: I had an inflamation on one of my balls, that's no party!!

          I would like to gain volume on my balls only, any advice?
My experience is that the first hour of twostage pumping mainly works on the volume of my balls, without doing much to my cock (ofcause it gets bigger but relatively I have to pump my cock additionaly to become really huge, (the way pumped cocks look like).  So I'd advice an 1 h-1.5h pumping to gain bigger balls in a large tube, or twostager,  that takes cock and balls together. Only ballpumping is a little difficult, the vacuum will tear your cock into the tube, which is an unpleasant feeling. But some guys gain length and gridth on their balls only by putting the cock to the end of the tube (faced to you  body). Pumping in smaller tubes will work on the length of your sack (stretch), so maybe combine the two?

          For forskin developement:

-1-You pump around 25 min as usual, without milking or anything, low pressure without pressure variations.
2- full pressure down for 2 or 3 min & then 10 min in tube, not to high pressure with skin full back....
after that gently milk the tube to pump on skin on dick....if it's to hard, take a little pressure away. Stay 10 min with skin on top.
4- out of tube for 1 or 2min, little milking & again skin full back in tube for 10 min, then roll it on 10 min.......etc much as U can. From

     What is a donut?
A donut is a forskin filled with fluids, so it becomes kind of like a collar around the cockhead. some guys like it some don't. The way to get one is to pump with your forskin rolled back (glans is seen in the tube). To prevent you from getting one is to roll over the forskin as soon as it is possible. You can force the skin over it by milking the tube (like you're jacking off).

     What is packing?
Packing is totally filling the tube with your meat. That's what we all want, and you will, believe me, but it mostly takes some time to come to this stage. Packing is mostly seen gridth wise, most of us don't grow much in length.

      I want to become bigger, but don't want to look "pumped".
First, let me tell you that the purpose of pumping is to become bigger, and a "pumped-look" can't be avoided totally. But the best thing to do than is to use low pressure in a wide tube, and don't pump to long. The low pressure will assure you to not get a pumpring around the base of your cock/balls, and with low pressure you will not get a donut fast. 1-2 hours will be enough, my experience is that after more than 2 hours you will get you the bloated pump-look. But on the other hand: All pumpers will state that bigger is always better!  The more experienced a pumper you will be the more your borders of what is exeptable will slide over to bigger is better! Trust me!

     Can I fuck with my pumped cock?
There is no golden rule for that. Some guys can and some guys don't. The pumped cock is mostly not that hard when erected. Just find it out I'd say!

     I want to buy a twostage tube, can you give me some advice what to buy?

There are some important thinks to look out for:
A two-stage tube is made for ballpumping, so the diameter of the body is what counts, If you are a well trained pumper you will notice that your balls can become very big in it, so watch the diameter of the body. It's also important that the neck is wide enough to get out of the tube when done, but the wider the neck the more meat above your cock will be sucked in when providing a vacuum. The neck should not be to long, about 2 or 3 cm is more than enough. It's confortable when it has a rounded opening. You can buy silicone sleeves to get a more comfortable pump, but you will get used to the tube  too.

The length of the tube is not that important since most guys gain gridth in stead of length. To have long profit of the tubes, which are very expensive I'd say for most guys a 4 x 5 inch tube will forfill your wishes for at least 10 years.

My tube is: first staged diameter 10cm x 2.5cm (neck). Second stage (body) 14cm diameter x 19cm length. So a totall of 21.5cms long. I have this tube for over 15 years now and it still forfills my wishes, although I have a larger tube beside this one. It is still my starter tube.


          Why do guys pump?
Very simple: because size does matter! Who doesn't want to have a big sausage between his legs and big (low hanging) balls that all the guys in the gym are looking at? Besides that: pumping makes your cock and balls very sensible in other words it's a horny thing to do, alone or in a group of other men! And it's always pleasure to play with your genitals whenever you feel like it, am I right? I definately feel more men when I have big testicles and a big sack and cock. It is a great feeling to walk on the beach, or in the sauna with big meat, and feel your genitals sway when you walk. Besides that I like my big nuts being "examened" by other guys. I love the big donut that keeps your cockhead in a tight grasp.

          Where to buy?
I bought most of my tubes at the following store and they have online-shops as well: Cocktubes and 2 stagers as well.

you can have a look at Mr B. or Rob as well, but they do not sell a lot, nice for starter kits. does not seem to be available any more.

There is another site I found: Pumptoys

But I also got myself a MT junior by putting an ad at newart (see links) and (btw I am not sponsored by any of the above webstores! Wish they did:-) I would like to be a tester/ reviewer of their pumps. Yes, I know these stores are making a lot of money over our sex fetishes!

Hi Toby, 

like you I am a pumper of my cock and nips. I need to purchase a new tube to pump bigger. Do you think pumping balls and cock together they both get larger?  My thoughts are to just pump my cock as large as possible. So what type of tube would you suggest? Also I like being naked with only a cock ring so i need one II can wear all day in comfort. Any suggestions?  Thanking you for your time,  much appreciated. Mike.

Hi Mike, 

Pumping balls and cock together makes both of them bigger, but mostly it  works on my balls. I mostly do additional cockpumping when I want my cock real fat. For cock & balls I prefer to use the twostage you can see me wearing in most pics I have on my website, it is always the tube I start with. Because itís a not too big tube and it bloats up my balls really well. 

After 3 or 4 hours I switch to my bullmaster (but mostly I am out of time by than). I use my bullmaster mostly when I inserted glucose or saline for shaping cock and balls (it helps to spread the fluids well and makes me huge). An extra hour for cock will do perfectly. I use a straight tube for that. The pubic area above my cock  will get bigger too, that is why you need flexible cockrings, they are the only ones I get around cock and balls. Neoprene cockrings are perfect for pumpers 

greets Toby