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thu 30 april Sling
Just a very good way to fuck or get fucked in a sling.
This one seems to be a kind of rebuild "chair".

wed 29 april Whole package
Nothing so hot than to see a guy from the rear.
A look at his ass, his cock and his balls being pushed towards you all in one glimpse.
The perfect invitation to a hot ride in his exquisite ass.

I added 4 pics in my private gallery.


tue 28 april : Xtube
I would like you to have a look at my Xtube profile, where you can find a lot of pump videos of me. This is one of them:


mon 27 april Vintage
To me this is a vintage classic. Thee young man sitting at the side of a beachbar, sipping their drinks, smoking a cigarette
, looking around
The guy in the middle probably the leader of the pack. The two others are the followers.
Looking around for other
s, showing off, not yet that cool as they want to be. 
There is some insecureness in their poses. But they will
be more secure of themselves when
when getting older. 

vintage42.jpg (64928 bytes)


sun 26 april Smile
The model here is cute! nice body, fantastic abs, hot tattoos, we don't see a lot of his package, which probably is not that big, 
 but who cares: his smile is melting you away!


sat 25 april Self
Selfies to look how you look from the angles you don't normally see. I say: praise to the iPhone!
Specially the guy on the right should have a selfie-award! What a huge dick he has. 
How will he close his jeans when his cock is hard?

self104.jpg (122215 bytes) self113a.jpg (73123 bytes)
I added 4 pics to my gallery. No holliday without the pump!

fri 24 april Parts of body
Photographers are always trying to catch nice shots of the male body, sometimes the body parts are even more erotic than the whole. 
For some reason these pictures are mostly in black & white. I wonder why this B&W pictures are more erotic than the color pictures. 
What is it that makes them great? Is it that colored pictures give us a scense of porn? And B&W give us the impression we deal with art?



thu 23 april Couch
This man is my dream come true: He don't seem to be a tall man (over 1.90m high) rather a 1.80m.
 That is a length I like,
than he can look me straight in the eyes.  
 His clipper short hair, his weekend beard. His smooth upperbody. His hairy legs.  His big fat
(still) flacid cock.  Those little ears. 
big, big, cum containing hanging nuts!


wed 22 april Camera
I read an article that over a million selfies are made every day, and that 34% of men retouch their images. 
And that 50% of all men have taken selfies. Now I wonder how many gays have taken selfies, it must be over that 50%. 
I think every gay man has taken nude selfies to see how their erections look in different angles. 
And what side of them is the best. How to put cock and balls in their underwear to get the best big bulge possible. 
If  they should work their pubes yet, or have it grown another day. Now this youngster has nothing to complain about, 
his cock is quite ok. But seeing his mouth is is not yet convinced.

camera5.jpg (28252 bytes)


tue 21 april Ballet
Ballet boys are lean, very lean, and strong, although their bodies are not packed with muscles. 
They have endurance too. How would it be to have such a sportsman in your bed? 
They are lean enough to practice new poses.

ballet10.jpg (44738 bytes) ballet3.jpg (61347 bytes) ballet8.jpg (57929 bytes)

mon 20 april Saline
The nice thing about saline (or dextrose/ glucose is, you can make your own big package, 
when you want, and how much you want. You want to be big, do more, you want to have 
a nice bulge in your trousers? Do less. You want to be a fucking huge? Do more than you ever 
did and you will hardly be able to walk normally!



sun 19 april Ropes
Ropes are good for a lot of purposes, one of them is to make an artwork around body and package. 
This has become an interesting way to show off your slave in helpless positions, or to exhibit them at their best. 
Keep them hard and get their balls into a nice pink color. Or for us pumpers, to keep the fluids at place longer.

rope10.jpg (249937 bytes) rope9.jpg (56820 bytes)


sat 18 april Flaccid sacks & big balls
Flaccid sacks and big balls in them are my greatest fetish. I like them most when the sack is without any wrinkle, 
like you're just out of the bath or in the morning out of a warm bed, or in the sauna, when the heath of the surroundings makes the skin flaccid and smooth.
Also after a day on the nude beach you will have it flaccid.
That way you best see the big nuts. They are irrisitible to me!

bigballs15.jpg (145548 bytes) bigballs21.jpg (42411 bytes) bigballs52.jpg (55963 bytes)bigballs75 (2).jpg (68814 bytes)  bigballs61.jpg (47257 bytes)  bigballs96 (2).jpg (170828 bytes)


fri 17 april Flaccid cock
Flaccid cocks but than not that bloodless, like there is just a bit of excitement there. Also you have meaty cocks
I love them all. Growers, like the blood cock can surprise you the most, the meaty cock is an eyecatcher when even flaccid.
flaccid6.jpg (55632 bytes) flaccid7.jpg (41711 bytes)

thu 16 april Slaves II
in a nice bondage, with his cock tightly captured, so close to cumming. 
He must have been edged for a long time when you look at his face. 
He is almost cross eyed.
Kept hard for hours, but Master did not allow him to cum. The face of horniness and exhaustion. 
He'll be begging his Master to release the cum out of his aching big balls.



wed 15 april Slaves I
Slaves are there to please the Master, than again a slave has his needs too
. He wants to have the whip and he wants his nipples worked hard. 
These two great gifs show it in a great way!



tue 14 april Piercings
In ancient times there were rituals to become a man, or bringing a self shot animal home, 
or being able to survive a whole 'moon' by yourself,
or there were piercing, circumsission or tattoos involved.
Nowadays in "modern" society we do not need that no more.
Food can be bought at the local supermarket, surviving a whole moon for some people is the same
as camping during hollidays.
Still those piercing and tattoo rituals are what some people still do. 
Apart from being a hype, piercing and tattoo-ing still takes place.
For today I picked some piercings that are not that common: two transscrotals and a stretched frenum. 
Very hot to see! And I wonder if the purpose of the big rings in the transcrotal is to have a split sack after years of adding more and more weight to it.

pierce42.jpg (65428 bytes) pierce46.jpg (44643 bytes) pierce49.jpg (27932 bytes)

mon 13 april Silicone
Now that we're talking modifications: Today is silicone day. All the men here below had a kind of 'operation' to get this big. 
In the first #1 pic is a before and after picture, of balls and cock quite well juiced.
The #2 is the package of Lex Packer, pics # 3 and #4 are Mukthar Safarov, with his big fat juiced cock.
These are cocks I still like, they are big, but not (that) deformed. I would concider this an option for myself. 
On the other hand: glucose and saline is strictly forbidden once you're siliconed. That is what is keeping me from it.

1 silicone2.jpg (94201 bytes) 2silicone55.jpg (13216 bytes)3 silicone56.jpg (27257 bytes)4 silicone92.jpg (66841 bytes)

sun 12 april Modified
Sometimes you see body modifications that are
not my kind of thing, like the meatotomy of cock.
To me that is like someone has been tortured by IS. BMEzine is such a site where you can freak out, or be amazed, and admire.
there is a thread for bodymodifications also. This German man had his ballsack modified, so each testicle has it's own space,
and this is one I find VERY hot! He told me
himself,  it was a major operation, which took a long time to heal

modified2.jpg (37267 bytes) modified3.jpg (30711 bytes) modified5.jpg (35609 bytes)

sat 11 april Self suck
Who hasn't tried this? I think every guy dreams of being able to suck himself, 
but not a lot of us can actually do it.
That is why these selfsuckers are so incredibly horny to watch!
What a lucky bastards they are.



fri 10 april Bodylounger
I don't like the big muscular bodybuilders type, and this is no exception.
 I do think it is really good craftmanship of the artist how this huge dick shoves in and out the ass. 
How it thickens when it is pushed in and stretched when it is pulled out. 
He must have done some research before. Bodylounger is found

thu 9 april Pumpers
The guy in the big picture, how old will he be? I reckon about 18 years old?
I have never heard of pumping when I was that age, and wish I did at that time!
These youngsters nowadays are so
damn lucky with the internet, all the good stuff is open to be found there. 
If I started pumping at 18,I now would have balls hanging half way my knees, I suppose.
The only trouble will be how to find money to buy this expensive pumpstuff.


wed 8 april
Hot pumper from the UK, called Hugemark,  I hope he will forgive me posting his pics here. 
But he has such a great
huge package, too good not to publish!

mark1.jpg (35155 bytes) mark2.jpg (45721 bytes) mark3.jpg (915161 bytes)

tue 7 april
Logan McCree
I saw a Torrent with Logan featuring in a Men On Edge movie. 
The crew visited him in Berlin
, because he was to busy to get to SF. He seems like a calm and friendly man. 
Very well, he also really enjoy
ed the treatment he becomes from the 'crew'.
I wonder how long this great body tattoo took to make.
It sure as hell is a wonderful piece of needle art and he must have suffered  
to have it completed, it's is everywhere, from his head till his crotch and even on his dick.
I think he is one hell of a horny guy!

logan.jpg (96344 bytes) logan2.jpg (116479 bytes) logan3.jpg (97054 bytes)

mon 6 april Clothes
In the Netherlands we have a saying which literally translated says; 'clothes make the man', meaning:
when you're dressed well you will get respectability
Well, personally I disagree with this saying because I think other things than clothes make the man a man. 
Do I need to explain?

clothes10.jpg (91246 bytes) clothes108.jpg (40553 bytes) clothes14.jpg (38721 bytes) clothes46.jpg (129881 bytes)

sun 5 april Cock out
Show it as much as possible, hang it out of your trousers in public places, in trains, metro or tram!
Let others enjoy the beauty of the male organ. Be proud of what you have! Lift your shorts to give 
a glimps of what you cover up all day long!
Cocks love the sun too!
I added new pics to my private gallery

cockout119.jpg (57932 bytes) cockout124.jpg (223168 bytes)

sat 4 april Jan Losch
When I googled for Jan I noticed the message that
said he died in 2011. 
Don't know if it is true, but Jan is a hot man, who worked as a pornactor in lots of movies. 
He has a siliconed cock and sack, and became huge! In the 4 pictures below you can see his progress.

fri 3 april Calvin Klein
Once Mark Wahlberg was the cocky CK model to show their white tight brief. 
He was the first model to grab his cock without any shame
on a commercial and the add was shown in countless magazines. 
Now Justin Bieber is the new face and body for the CK whity. How many years are  between the two celebs? 
About 20 years I guess? New to the new 'male image' are the tattoos. The cap has disappeared, thank God!

thu 2 april
SlimandHung is a slim 40 y.o. German guy I know from the internet who has a great big cock and big balls. 
He has a lean body and as a cherry on the pie: he also pumps his package. 
What more can you want? Yes, one more thing: he wears cockrings and likes to rope his balls up too. 
He is perfect! Slimandhung is also a
pump buddy of mine!

slimandhung.jpg (244568 bytes) slimandhung2.jpg (222730 bytes)  slimandhung4.jpg (149438 bytes) slimandhung3.jpg (20172 bytes)

wed 1 april: Jesse Karson
I 'did' Jesse in February '15 also, but when you're a fan, you collect pictures, right?
 I love how he is relaxed to be naked in public, and so cool to let people close to him. 
He is also able to suck himself, also I would like to emphasize he has great big huge balls! 
You can follow him at @jessykarson on Twitter.

jesse.jpg (61547 bytes) jesse10.jpg (51989 bytes) jesse12.jpg (46331 bytes) jesse13.jpg (142740 bytes)

If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me  and I'll delete the pic in question.