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sat 30 april Grab balls
If there is one thing I like is when other men grab me by the balls. Not only to pull them down, but also squeezed tightly.
This makes me a humble and submissive man, willing to do everything while moaning of pain and pleasure.


fri 29 april 4skin
Today is a praise to the 4skin, as men should be: with intact penises.
If there is no medical reason for it, let no one cut it away, it is a joy to have a sensible cockhead!


thu 28 april
A side view often gives the best view on your erection. No wonder this is what you see a lot.
Full view on the hard on,  how big the testicles are and also how low balls are hanging.


wed 27 april Exhibit
How to epose yourself when horny at school? Just get rid of your clothes in the toilets or wank in the classroom.
And maybe there is a helping hand or some one to help with other requests. For all Dutch readers: happy Kingsday!



tue 26 april Dog
For some reasons I like this picture, plugged with a tail, cockrings on,
a ballstretcher around the balls make this dude a real dog.



mon 25 april Marc Steiniger
While surfing my Tumblr dashbord I found some great gifs I could not reblog, because they were blocked by the owner who is terrified by the thought his pics could be used.
I regard that an honnor, but not everybody thinks that way. 
There was however a link to Mark Steiniger a siliconed man from Germany (where a lot of GREAT pumpers come from).
So instead of posting the gifs here, I post the whole video. If you want to see more: follow the link

sun 24 april Jocks
So sexy, leaving ass uncovered, showing a nice bulge in front. The true male lingerie. 
Those elastic bands over ass is hot too!



sat 23 april Stretch II
Sway those nice hangers trough the water, boil them on a hot rock. 
What a great set of great hangers stretched by some shackles.



fri 22 april Kiss
A kiss makes clear you like some one, to be intimate, or to arouse sexual feelings,
 I think it is a big part of the sex play.  A good kisser makes sex so much more sexy!



thu 21 april Clothes
Clothes to cover up body, but also make you curious about what is underneath it.



wed 20 april Torso
Some torsos of men, just the body's without faces and without full arms and legs, showing the male forms at it's best.
Ofcause cock is not missing:)


I added 3 new pictures of me pumping cock


tue 19 april Pull balls
Pull your balls to show their size, to stretch your sack, to offer them to a willing mouth, or even when you like it an opened ass.


mon 18 april Peters
I almost believe the artist who made the picture below must have been inspired by the lovely Milo and Eijah Peters having twincest.




sun 17 april Bondage
These pictures are so hot. This is bondage in it's purest form: making the slave helpless and exposing his genitals to his Master.


I appologize for not having updated my site the last days. My good old Frontpage crashed, and it took me a while to find a HTML editor that I could work with. Well I found it Microsoft Espression web 4


sat 16 april 3some
Always nice to see what 3 men can do with each other. IT's just one dick more:)



fri 15 april  Teabagging
Today is the day to celebrate testicles, to much negleted, but so hungry for a little more attention.
So give your man's balls a chew and a lick, and see how he responds to that. Bet he starts moaning deeply?



thu 14 april Peep
These picture set is most amazing, it struck me by surprise: such delicious balls and a tasty cock. 
I reblogged on tumblr with the comment that he should stretch his balls. 
Archer1974 replied on this with a picture that he already stretches his testicular cords. 


wed 13 april Oil
I can almost feel it, how hot it is to have oil sex. The intense glow you get in the genitals,
 the teasing of each other by almost entering and penetrating...



tue 12 april  Big balls
First picture is the most amazing huge (pumped) set of balls I wished I would have seen on the beach, well the others are pretty fine too!



mon 11 april Undress
Hot serie of a nice man getting out of his jeans.




sun 10 april  Art
I did not resize these great pieces of 3D art, for you to look  at the true size. It is amazing how detailed they are, almost as real as they were alive.


sat 9 april Muscles
No, dude. It is not your muscles I am impressed by
. I reallly don't care: it is your fucking big horny cock I am watching!



fri 8 april Jeans
I admit I am a bulge watcher. I love to see if there is a big package inside of
those jeans.



thu 7 april Liam Martin
Liam is a young guy who has posted a lot of nude selfies on the web. He is lean and has a nice fat cock.
Also he is proud of his pubic hair, which in case you have a  big cock is kind of okay. 
A pitty is that now that he has a boyfriend the nudies are no longer obviously. He kind of self censores his pictures.
To celebrate the past here are some of his nudies.



wed 6 april Stretch
What an awesome stretch he did with the 6 and 8 shackles. Good way to stretch, and not that expensive too!
And looking at the color of his balls it's easy for him!




tue 5 april Pumpgear
We pumpers like to play with our bloated packages, sometimes we insert a butplug, 
but most of all what is important is a cockring. best a stretchable one that is more easily to put on. 
To keep the bloat as long as possible.



mon 4 april Hangers
To my opinion a man is an ultimate MAN when he has got big, heavy hangers.
The last picture is a man who, probably, pumped his nuts, and they greatly hang down the chair: ultimately horny!




sun 3 april Blond
Last month I did a 'blond' post too. I have found a new guy for april. I simply love this beautiful man and his gorgeous uncut cock.
 It is perfectly foolding over his cockhead. Makes me curious how it would look hard!
Can anybody help me with that picture?



sat 2 april Cruise  
Spring has started and now we can look forward to good weather. 
Time again to get naked outdoors and look for sex under the sun. One of the ultimate pleasures of summer!




fr 1 april  Dutchsoccerguy
Although he is a fellow Dutch guy I have never met this hot man. He is into soccer gear and lycra. And he pumps his junk.
Now on that item we both connect. 
Maybe the lycra and sox fetish is why we never met: I like leather more! He is on Tumblr.


If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.