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sun 30 apr Proof
Showing proof of recent activities: cum after a wank session.
Showing others how much man cream they shoot. I am most impressed
by the right man: nice amount of cum, nice big hangers too!

sat 29 apr B&W
Just a example of how beautiful men are!

fri 28 apr Mirror
Self check in front of the mirror, don't we all do that?
He looks at himself pretty critical. I do not know if this picture is photoshopped though.
Looking at his cock there is something odd.


thu 27 apr Big fuck
On Tumblr we see him a lot: this little latin pornstar who takes cocks of big sizes like it is nothing!
 I am very impressed by the flexibility of his ass.

wed 26 apr Clothes
Clothes are there to keep us warm, to prevent others to see our 'private parts'.
But clothes are also there to unwrap the goodies! To show others what we feel for them.
To invite to a more private thing. Now this dude is showing his nice uncut cock and his big balls.
Pleasant view, huh?

tue 25 apr Whole package
Nice thing to see all goodies in one glimps: cock, balls and asshole in one view,
and for those who have that fetish: feet as well!


mon 24 apr 2gether
Sharing cock together, is not that a great thing to service?

sun 23 apr Same
Is this the same man? They look quite the same, ( I mean #1 and #3 is obvious, but #2)  but because of the
shadow I am not sure, anyhow they
are both hot! I like that big fat cock and low hangers!


sat 22 apr PA
This is in fact how a Prince Albert should fit! Tight as possible in the cockhead, but loose enough to enable erections.
This way of wearing PA does make it possible to suck him without losing your teeth! Apart from that a huge PA is great to get fucked by!

fri 21 apr the Beast
This dude sure is the Beast, what a HUGE cock he has! Great to watch, great to feel, but I bet there are a
lot of guys who will refuse to get fucked by him. The other question is: isn't it a fake?

thu 20 apr Bulgeboy
Just a nice work of art, quite simple but he did right what we want to see!

wed 19 apr CBT
Love this video! Imagine yourself standing there with your legs spread, waiting for the punch in your balls, knowing it is going to hurt...
the gif are the same dudes as in the tumblr video.



tue 18 apr Al Parker
In this old, but hot sixties porn movie Al Parker helps a young black man pump his meat, and damn it get's big in that tube!
After some ball play and foreskin stimulation he gets a fuck on Al's cock.

Al Sucks Massive Pumped Black Cock

mon 17 apr Comics
Nice serie of cocksucking, there is not a lot changing in this picture in fact the only thing changing
 is cock out of brief, sucking and a gulp of cum in an open mouth.

sun 16 apr 3some
Gosh you should be a porn cameraman to get these beautiful views.
An all holes filled image is the result. It is a great one for a drawing too.

 I addedd 4 new pics 

sat 15 apr Round balls
Hot, round balls this dude has! Would be great to feel them!


fr 14 apr Punk
This tattoo punk is showing how he wanks in front of the camera. That is an image we see a lot: I like it though!



thu 13 apr Jocks
For me still the jock is the ultimate gay underwear. Bulging pouch, ass free, nice to wear,
easy to pull aside and let you or others have acces to the contents.


wed 12 apr Out free
Amistyl de Ville out free. This pornactor has a great bulge in his jeans, all in the open!

tue 11 apr Striptease
Is not this a great birthday present? A striptease offered to you by your friends, and get a taste of the stripper's hot cock?


mon 10 apr Hot briefs
Sometimes you want to see genitals in their full glory, sometimes it is even hotter not to. These two briefpics are kind of thrilling.


sun 9 apr Competition
Both cocks and hangers are beautiful and perfect, but there are some differences,
besides the cut- uncut thing: Left is hanging lower and has thicker cock, and I love the edge of his cockhead,
but right has bigger balls and is smoother... Let me say I want them both and
sure would like to see them erect as well!



sat 8 apr Hair
This man is an icon of the present fashion: smooth body, tattoos,
ears pierced and pubic hair looked after: trimmed and shaved.
A haircut that is very short to longer hair on the top of the head.
Weekend beard on the face, horny grin on the face.
Besides all this, this man is handsome, kind of a well-groomed badboy.



fri 7 apr Cocks in art
Where Tom of Finland's men were already well endowed, todays artwork artists take it a step further:
cocks are getting huge! The men get out of balance when they are fully erect:)



thu 6 apr Skinny dude with huge cock
The title says it all, just look at the video!



wed 5 apr Hot
 I just love skinny men with thick cocks.


tue 4 apr Homo youth now only dream behind screens
A very long title this image was given, but it is just a great exhibitionistic view of two men enjoying to watch each other.
The name giver probably thinks this does not happen anymore but I am sure it still is way hornier to
see with your own eyes than through a tablet screen!

mon 3 apr Huge balls
This is what I like so much: big pumped balls, and the additional leather is only
making the balls look tastier and more distinct!


sun 2 apr Pumper
Ohio pumper showing his assets to the cam, and therefore to us. What all the pots on his bed mean I do
not know, but he seems to have spent a lot of time on his bed to get these great results.



sat 1 april TobyBz
Today I saw these gifs of myself on Tumblr, made by some one else who did this from the clip on Xtube I posted some years ago.
The most funny thing is I can not reblog my own material!

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