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mon 31 aug: Hot
You see this hunk here on the bed, turning slowly his smooth lean body over the bed, feeling the matrass underneath him,
 turning his beautiful ass toward us. He is fully aware of his beauty. He is horny too, not quite erect, 
but willing to anyone who wants to have sex with him. He is just softly touching himself in his nipple area, 
enough to indicate he is hot and willing! Freshly shaved, trimmed and waxed: 100% prepaired.



sun 30 aug: Big boy sunset
This is one of my own drawings, which I scanned, digitalized and colored. Than I did a PSP filter over it. So here is the big boy in the sunset.
It is one of my drawings I am rather proud of.



sat 29 aug:  Sucker
All the nice things you can do in animation, even the biggest cocks can be sucked deep!


fri 28 aug: Wank
Just a nice serie of a guy with a beautiful cock wanking himself in the backseat of a car. He's got a nice body too!
The shape of his cockhead is amazing too, it looks like it wants to split itself so hard it is!



thu 27 aug: Impressive
That 's what I call this: impressive ballpumping results. This man has pumped himself massive, big testicles. I would like to weigh in my hands!



wed 26 aug:  White
Underwear should be white to my opinion, not only because  it shows you bulge in the best way.
Another reason is that it gets transparant when wet. And ofcause it looks good on tanned skin. Also we meet another
and we can now say he doesn't have a PA.



tue 25 aug: Saline art
Sometimes the pictures I come across on the internet are beyond 'pics'. These thee are kind of like that pictures, they are art! The photographer who made them was not just making pictures that show big salined sacks, no he made them into art.



mon 24 aug: Testicles
Today will be testicle Monday, dedicated to the man's finest balls. To dream about, to hold them, to caress them, and to grab them tight!



sun 23 aug: Bondage
These pictures are true art, the way this guy is tied up in bondage is beautiful! Look at his cock and balls, so tastily presented to us, 
so ready to be worked on!
He is helpless, nothing he can do to stop you.



sat 22 aug: CBT
Sometimes I wonder when I see cock & balltorture pictures that straight men are treated rougher than gay men. Probably not, but this 
pictureset shows that straight man in real pain  and for all in fear and the gay guys more in pain & pleasure, or am I wrong? Would I trust a woman with my nuts? NO!!
They don't have testicles so they can not imagine what they do to them. (but therefore I am gay:)



fri 21 aug:  Wet
I could have also called these two "transparant", because that is what they are too. Both men show themselves in clothes which usually are used to
disguise what is underneath, but because it is wet, it looses that function. You can see right through! That makes those pictures so hot!
The left guy's wet hairy legs give it an extra plus, the right guy's big cock shows a piercing you could not have seen when dry, or is it just the seam of the brief?



thu 20 aug: Self suck
I envy the men who can suck themselves, but I never actually saw a guy who could, did you?



wed 19 aug: Rewarded
So good to have that splashing reward after some nice sucking: the cum that comes.. 
But to my opinion it is better to have it in your mouth than to have a facial, although for the porn industry it is
probably a better image, did they invent the facial? 
I know nothing beats cumming into a guys mouth, for me it is even more intense than cumming into a guys ass. 
And I know it is hotter when a man cums in your mouth than have it in your face.



tue 18 aug:  Precum
I once had a friend who had fountains of precum when he was horny, and he hated it.
Because he wetted his trousers with it, and not only in private bedroom situations. Also in public places where he felt ambarrased. I loved licking the fluids he produced so abondantly. It just tastes so good, sometimes better than cum itself.



mon 17 aug:  Body II
I collect pics from Tumblr and save them in different folders. As you can see different 
styles of body pictures are on my pc. These are the "arty" ones.
In black and white. Arty and erotic, you might say pornografic, as well.



sun 16 aug: In
That little word "in" explains it all. No matter if it is a dildo, a couple of fingers or a dick,
 it is so fucking good to feel your prostate when you're horny, 
to feel that organ swell with your horniness when an orgasm is close!



sat 15 aug: Piercings
Some different piercings than the Prince Alberts you mostly see: first one is an Apadravya, second an Ampallang.
These piercings take more time to heal, but they are absolutely cool! if I had the gutts I would want an ampallang as well.



fri 14 aug: Rubber
I always wonder how it is done, putting your package into that rubber skin, 
so it looks tight and without any wrinkles, they must have some experience to do this. But it looks damn horny!




thu 13 aug: Pull balls
Pull your balls to feel the pain, to show their shape, to show others how big your nuts are and to get horny. 
Or even better have some one else to do this for you, and make you a thankfull
and humble man!



wed 12 aug: Leather
I am into leather, it makes a man more male. I love the smell of leather. And I think it looks hot.
Besides that leather is nice to wear, better than rubber. I once was at a party in rubber and I was cold all evening, although I felt warm.
Leather does not have that disadvantage. I love wearing chaps, it makes me slutty.




tue 11 aug: Body
I love to see skinny guys with big cocks, I am not a bodybuilders fan.
 The close ups of a man's body though makes you want to touch and carress. Tight, flat, fatless bellies, strong abs, so hot!!
You'd almost believe all men have six packs when you look at porn pics on the internet. Well I have never had them, although I have been training my ass off.


mon 10 aug: Glory
Glory holes, one of the pleasures of a gay bar. Sucking an anonymous cock, or being sucked off by someone unknown, it is a pleasure, a delight!
First pic is a variation to the item: sucking a priest in a confessional box. Well Rome should not know this, 
although it might change their point of view regarding gay sex. But who gives a fuck about what they think!



sun 9 aug: Cum
Fluids of men, today on their hands, after a good wank.
Who is going to lick it clean, and get his daily proteines?



sat 8 aug: Big balls
I really love balls when hanging are so smooth, without any wrinkles in the skin, shaved with care.
perfectly adapted to the outside temperature. It must be a hot environment. So lickable, so inviting to teabag for hours. 
Besides that I think he must have been pumping his nuts too, this is a typical after pump look!


fri 7 aug: Teabagging
I love it when my balls are sucked or as is it called: teabagged, dip the sack into another person's warm wet mouth and you have the technique.
Undiscribable how it feels. I love it hard, and wet, but I don't need to be castrated:) 



thu 6 aug: Rim  
It is a great feeling to have a warm tongue intruding your anus, making it wet and slippery. 
It is so damn hot!



wed 5 aug: Erect
share the pleasure, get naked and show your erection.



tue 4 aug: Stretch
Pulling the balls long by adding weight a great feeling to walk along the house, or outdoors with that delicious pull on your nuts.



mon 3 aug: Above
I nominate these two pics to the gay classics. Taken from above it gives us the idea they were being spied on, and caught in the act.
the left pics looks like the guys are comparing cocks, the left boy is not allowed to touch, his hand is hold by the other. Or maybe he is leading his mate to his cock or balls.
 It is amazing too how they look alike: gay couples often start to wear the same clothes! 
In the right pic  the two are a bit further ahead, they start wanking close together, comparing their cocks. In both pictures the guys searched for a mate that is equally endowed.
Is that what we gay guys do? Trying to find our replica?


sun 2 aug Saline
This is a guy from Zürich, Switserland who made these pics, I find them so sexy and I am amazed by the ballon sack and his hard on.
Would be a pleasure to kneel between his hot hairy legs and lick all of his huge swollen flesh! 
Unlike me his foreskin is not swelling to imense proportions:
I sometimes can not get my glans visible after saline, this results therefore are so much hotter! Note that he is wearing a string around his cock and balls to keep the fluids in.
lt also prevents the fluids to walk into the pubic bone area.



sat 1 aug: Pumpers
Thick bloated meat is what you get from pumping, here are some good examples.
The last one definately is
Jazeker, the pumper that featured here before. I love that shiny 
cockhead that pumpers get from long sessions, also the stretched scrotal skin in the second pic.
Yes, pumpin is quite addictive!



If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.



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