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  sat 27 august Close up
I will be off on hollidays the comming 3 weeks, will be seeing a lot of dicks I hope! I will be back Sunday 18th september.
Hope to see you back than. Enjoy life!

fri 26 august Chest
All different, but all unique! Tattooed chests. Do you like it or not?
It does give the men something extra, a sexy plus!




thu 25 august Cute
Just a couple of cute guys to help you through the day, both young and lean, both pretty well endowed.
A dark and a blond one to pick your preference.


wed 24 august Beach pumper
I do not know for sure if this man has got his cock siliconed or salined, or only pumped, but what I am sure of it is one
of these techniques; obviously he has got some kind of fluid in his cock. It is nice and thick and his foreskin is not overdone. (although that can be a pretty horny feeling).
And it's fucking horny! Specially because it is on the beach, my favorite place to pump and show off my pumped package too!
Besides the cock, his balls are nice too: big and hanging (they might have been pumped a bit more to my taste:) And the hairy blond legs are a major turn on too!
In other words: fucking- damn- horny- dude- I- want- to- meat!


tue 23 august Thick cock
Wanking his thick cock, talking to you, some kind of hot!

mon 22 august Wanker
This young man has got a huge cock, when you see his little hands
 I guess he needs 3 maybe 4 hands to cover the whole shaft.
So it probably is more than 25 cm (10 inches) long, and it's pretty thick too!
His cockhead is pointed like an arrow, nice for entering an ass. And he is a quiet cummer, I like some more noise.

sun 21 august Shaving
First two pictures are with the most fearfull tool: the shaving knife, you need to be skilled of have absolute faith in yourself or the one shaving you.
I would not use that on my genitals too the third picture is showing a smooth dude using a safety razor to shave his pubes, I can imagine why!
Besides that, shaving is a great ritual. If you have the time for it, I have to admit.


sat 20 august Perfect
Probably I have posted this picture/ gif before, but I love it too much: fat big testicles and
a nice fucktool on a guy that is stoned as hell:) I kind of like that!

fri 19 august String
The smallest pieces of texile to hide your best parts, well I prefer to go totally nude,
but in case hidden willies are needed you can always do the minimal art.
Hidden but pretty obvious what is in that little thong.


thu 18 august Peep
Nice plus in summer is guys wearing shorts, so you see their legs and how those legs are hairy and when you're lucky you can see dick and balls peeping out.



wed 17 august Blacksmith
One of the tumblr blogs I am following is the one of Blacksmith2015. He posts his own drawings, which are often of men in bondage,
and beautiful black and white photos like these.


tue 16 augustus Lycra
The things you wanted to see in the Tour de France, but they never show bulging cyclists!

mon 15 august Rubber
Very sexy, men in rubber, perfectly following the bodycurves, nice fetish!



sun 14 august Erect
Proably very very faked, but still, don't you have a memory of something like this, and how incredibly tantalizing it was?


sat 13 august Bondage
I love the sight of how this man is roped up in bondage, how his cock is tightly bound and his balls
made at their most vulnerable: stretched and pulled and separated.



fri 12 august  Selfsuck
Two price winning Masters of Autofellatio. Selfsuckers are so hot to watch! They deserve an Olympic medal!



thu 11 august Piercings
Still horny and heavy all the other jewelry men can wear, besides the PA, you can have the Ampallang across your dickhead, (beautiful and very painful)
the Frenum across your frenulum, a ladder (mostly scrotal), or some piercings in your sack: the Hafada


wed 10 august  PA
Nothing better than a cock with a heavy Prince Albert to widen your ass.


tue 9 august Bedroom secrets
You can only think about what they are doing, and fantazise about it..

mon 8 august Tumblr post
Impressive ass killer cock!



sunday 7 august Rear
The greatest pumpers views are still from the rear!



sat 6 august Bottle
when you do not have a lot of money, or you want to pump in a glass, this is how it can work for you.
Looks great, but the man should find himself a lager bottle!


fri 5 august Fake
.. but fucking hot!



thu 4 august Ropes
Very erotic picture, man roped up mainly on his lower body, specially in the genital erea.
His cock and balls so tight the color has changed into a deep red.
Balls even deeper red, and tightly bound. A urethal metal pin inserted deep into his cock. Just so erotic!


wed 3 august CBT
How soft core it was yesterday, let's turn over to the hard core. This man is really been held in a firm CBT pose, not one for beginners,
 he must have endured a lot more to be able to hang on his balls. Must feel good, must feel painfull!



tue 2 august  Bed
Just a great teaser, this young man laying in his bed, the white sheets he is laying on, the white towel wrapped around his hips, to give us the hint he is freshly showered.
His Mona Lisa smile encouraging us to come over. And the secrets he is hiding under his towel make us want to touch what is underneath.

mon 1 august: Pumping pornstar:
Aymeric DeVille he is called, an exclusive pornstar for Titan. You don't see a lot of pornstars pumping, and I do not know why.
Look at his huge fat cockhead and foreskin. So hot!


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