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thu 31 aug Long term wanking
Oh, this is so hot, he must have been wanking for a long time, because he is so close he is almost losing controle! Turn the
volume up and feel with him how he almost is going to squirt! Love his curved shaved cock so much!



wed 30 aug Hungsmooth
I just love to see shaved or smooth men with shaved crotches with a hot cock!


tue 29 aug Undress
Most sexy thing, when you see the goodies unwrapped!


mon 28 aug Suggestion
...or the real thing

sun 27 aug Saline
Not only fucking sexy, but also almost a piece of art, love to see those veins on his 100% inflated sack.
And I imagine the nice weight between the legs.


sat 26 aug Hung
Deep fuckers these men are! Bet they are populair partners.


fri 25 aug Belamiballs

Belami always has models with nice testicles ( for example: Jack Harrer and Kris Evans).
I would gladly beat the nuts of this guy too!

thu 24 aug Selfsucker
 I can only be jalours of men able to suck themselves, fortunately it is only a small part of
male population who can. So suckers are still needed desperately! That makes me happy.

wed 23 aug Teamwork
 I guess this was a less nice moment for the team, but at least they show emotions, it is given a gay touch to this scene.
 also by the pronounced bulge rubbing comfortly to the sad man.

 I added 2 new pics to my personal gallery. 
  I really do not know if you appreciate it, but I have some artwork (old fashion sketches with a office pen) I would like to         share: It is called: "dude, I am ready" series. Probably not totally anatomicly correct, but I am pretty proud of them. It has been a while since I drew something. I have this drive now and than, and I produce a lot of drawings after another. That is a pitty because after that there is always a break and I loose some of my skills in that pause. I always notice that my first drawings after the break are kind of stiff, and I need to get the "schwung" back.


tue 22 aug PA
This is a very thick PA and that hole must have been stretched enormously. Probably not a allday jewel to wear, but it must be nice to feel the weight!


mon 21 aug Invitingly smooth
Smooth meat is always so inviting, for me at least it is!

sun 20 aug Arty wank
This picture is a kind of arty one, a little suggestive, not showing all, the surroundings well styled, not distracting too much.
Ofcause it is arranged, who would wank for an open window?
But you still can see this youngster has got a nice fat cock. That's what it is making so erotic!

sat 19 aug Exhibitionist
You have these guys, always eager to show their cocks in public to everybody and sometimes they are so right!
Here's a nice sloppy cock with potential! The blond guy on the right doesn't even look that surprised,
like it happens quite often or maybe he has seen the cock before.



fri 18 aug Uncut
Absolutely gorgeous uncut cock! Would love to suck that!



thu 17 aug Mukhtar Safarov
(one of the) nicest silicone dick on the web is of Mukthar. I always wonder if he only did his cock, and not his sack?



wed 16 aug Hangers
 Masters of the great hang.

  For your comfort, I changed the openings page to the most recent blog posts , I guess you all want to visit that page:)


tue 15 aug Clifford
Clifford's got some balls! Love those nuts slapping against his legs while he wanks!



mon 14 aug Testicles II
I would love to have a stretchy sack like his!


sun 13 aug Transparant
 See through underwear is hot! It leaves still something to the imagination, although it is already pretty obvious what is inside.
 Hot to wear under your jeans, or when you dare with transparant shorts, but that is only for the brave and the exhibitionists.




sat 12 aug Draw
Just look at the full size picture. I did not resize it because it shows the fine details in this piece of art.




fri 11 aug CBT
 Left is  the harder way you can have ball torture. Looks hot but must be very painful. It has made his balls bigger though.
 To hard for me I think. I 'd go for the treatment on the right. I love CBT when it is slowly getting harder. It can make me cum.


 I added 3 new pics in my personal gallery. 

thu 10 aug Rubber pumper
 I always wondered how this man dressed up, with his balls coated in a thin rubber layer. Now we know how he did this! It looks quite tight to be comfortable.
But it looks cool!

wed 9 aug Exhibitballs
 Some research to find out this picture was probably made in Bavaria Germany.
 It will (indeed) take quite some balls to undress totally in a train and exhibit yourselfs. What big balls he has!
Germans may have the name not to have a lot of humor, but they definately are horny men (I know from experience).


tue 8 aug Art
This arty dude is looking so happy having 2 big dicks on his shoulders.

mon 7 aug Wank
How do you like to wank? In front of the camera, secretly hidden under the blankets or outdoors?


    I added 5 new pics to my personal gallery 

sun 6 aug Smooth
I just love to see men that take care of themselves, who use the rasor to keep the jewels smooth.
I just can not imagine guys that still have hair on their nuts. I find that very unattractive to suck!


sat 5 aug Testicles
Loving those big nuts to play with, to suck and to woreship, and ofcause to pump them XXL.




fri 4 aug Adventure
Showing off and compairing.




thu 3 aug Erect
The left dudes balls are so cool: his big balls tight in his sack, and I love the right guy's horny mouth (alone with his nice cock).



wed 2 aug Couples
The contrast between nude and clothed, the nice thick cocks in the middle and the shaved dudes on the right: men are so beautifull!


tue 1 aug  Faithfool
Maybe you think why there is not a pumper at the first day of the month.
Well, Faithfool is a pumper, he started to draw my attention when he already was a Master in ballstretching, later on he started pumping too.
You can imagine how big he becomes when he fills that sloppy sack of his!

  I added 5 new pics in a new gallery, but do not forget to see the previous new pics too in this gallery. 


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