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thu 31 dec Wank
Last day of 2015, let's all wank and let us cum on the countdown to 2016. Let's all cum  spray to have a good start in 2016.
I hope the world will be a more peaceful place and that religious extremism will decrease in the comming year. 
Not only for the Middle East, but also for the EU.
BYE 2015



wed 30 dec  Draw
Some drawings are just so cool and sexy, you d'get a hardon from them.
First drawing you imagine to take place in a crowed bus, second is just hot because of the big cocks and huge balls!
Surely too the sucking going on in that scene.


 I made a picture of my whole tattoo. From every side, I am so proud of it!



tue 29 dec Shaving
If you want to become a desirable bottom or versatile you have to shave.
Some time alone in the bathroom we do this stuff, lots of razor cream, lots of water to rinse. 
Pulling cock away and get the sackskin smooth, that's how we like to see our mates.
Shaving ass is more like a job done without seeing it. 
I shave my asshole kneeling and pulling my sack up after the excersise on the right picture to ensure my ass is perfectly hairless.


I I added 3 new pics to my personal gallery


mon 28 dec Ultimate pumping pic
This is the ultimate moment for a pumper, you have had your meat in the tube 
for hours and than you want to check it.
Has it been succesful? Are you already big enough. So you release the pressure, 
and try to get out of the tube, and hell you have to do your best to get that bloated package out!
Huge big testicles in a sloppy big bag, and a fat salamicock with a lot of foreskin: that is what we do it for!

sun 27 dec Leather
I just love leather for the way it looks, smells and feels. I think it is a very male thing. 
Leather and sex are almost synonymic.


sat 26 dec Hangers
For today I present you: big X-mas hangers in a lot of scrotum skin. They would be beautiful when pumped!



fri 25 dec Clothes
You're all probably dressed up nicely for Christmas, with your fancy clothes on, to present yourself for a feast with your family.  
Chrismas is always a source of a lot of stress for the couples: the preparations, 
the money spent on gifts and the visit to the parents in law. 
Would not it be nice to just do what you want to do most without all the obligations?
Just stay in bed and sleep out, have incredibly kinky sex, eat together and have a very simple meal. And about the clothes: 
Just remember the one thing, It's not really the clothes that make the man. Merry Christmas to you all!



thu 24 dec Big balls
Hot guy with the right package: nice uncut cock and big balls in a floppy sack. 
I love the veins over his testicle in the left pic. Just perfect!




wed 23 dec Bathroom
You think you have a private moment for yourself in the bathroom. You think you're not spied. Well big mistake
The photographer stole your privacy. We all know now how you spend your time alone.




tue 22 dec 3some
Lot of cock in the left picture (fake?) and I would like to know the story of the right picture. 
Why is he the only one nude
? What is going to happen to him? Are they taking a bet to skinnydive, 
or is he prepairing to have sex?




mon 21 dec Shoulder and arm
Just two inked men, both beautiful and sexy!




sun 20 dec Parts
This pictureset could also be called hariy legs and shaved balls, because that is what we're looking at today. 
Shaved balls between hairy legs make those nuts even look more vulneralbe and more tasty somehow!
Notice also that cocks are both uncut, as they should be!




sat 19 dec Outdoors
It is just such a pleasure being outdoors naked. Feel the sun on your skin,
feel the breeze there is. And all this sensations can get you a hard-on.
It may cause the urge of throwing your legs in the air and invite you for a fuck.




fri 18 dec Exhibit
The guy in black pulls out a nice package, great uncut cock and big balls, the right guy looks surprised. 
In the right gif he looks again and than decides to leave the scenery. Is he getting unconfortable? 
Or is he getting on his knees to suck the black shirt off?


thu 17 dec Rubber pumper
So hot to see that skinny guy in rubber, with bloated pump meat sticking out, 
that difference of the cold cool rubber and the hot bloated pumped meat.
I think it is very sexy and horny!




wed 16 dec Side
Honnest answer: would you go for the left- or the right man, 
in other words would you go for the big cock or the huge hangers?
Well I guess you know my answer, I would definately go for the guy with the big low hangers,
He is so incredibly sexy and I would so much do all different kinds of thing with his balls,
 I 'd try to stuff them into his ass too! And if that would not go stuff them into mine:)
But than I would need the big cocked man first to widen me up....



tue 15 dec Teabagging
I just love to teabag! Licking testicles like a dog. Feeling the warmth and firmness of a man's nuts makes me horny. 
I love to be teabagged as well.
Combo's of licking, sucking and nibbleing makes me horny as fuck!


mon 14 dec Swing  
Swing your thing, let us hear those
big full nuts smashing against your legs.



sun 13 dec Pull Balls
Stretch them and pull them low, turn them and squeeze them, untill your mate starts moaning for joy and pain.




sat 12 dec Kiss
Kiss your partner deep and wet, give him the extra stimulus he needs beside you holding his cock. 
A deep kiss can be sexy and an extra sign of intimicy.




fri 11 dec Huge hangers
To me, and you know my preferences, my happiness is to meet men that have low-hangers, 
and the lower they hang the better. 
Ultimate happiness to me is when that low-hangers are really big too!




thu 10 dec Wrinkles & folds
The only place where wrinkles are allowed. On your scrotum: the more wrinkles the lower it hangs, 
the more the testicles can be moved, can be held tight or loose. The more they can be pulled to the max.
The better to play with those nice nuts




wed 9 dec Balls +
Balls are there for punishment, and they are mostly negleted in sex.
 Thank God there are men who share the same testicle fetish as I.
They know how good it feels to treat nuts hard, that pleasure and pain mix makes me horny as hell.




tue 8 dec Peep
We will have to wait another 4-5 months to see guys in shorts again, and it will have to be summer 
before we guys are confident again to show- accidentely or on purpose- the contents of our shorts.
I mostly like the accidental peeps of balls dropping down the shorts, without the man in question's knowledge.
That is totally hypnotising!
Than again, it is thrilling to wear a small runners short without the inner brief that keeps the contents in, 
and know that while walking, running of riding a bike, you will expose your genitals to the public, I love that:)
Pretending you're innocent and unaware of your behavior.




mon 7 dec Excitement
Feel the excitement, feel the joy of being a man.




sun 6 dec Asian
Who told you Asian men are small and have little dicks should watch this Asian dude here. 
OK he is not a 9 incher, but l he is not smal either! 
I must say he is quite a man I would like to suck and fuck with.


I deleted the older blog (older than 2015) entries to make room for the newer. To get some space on my website.

sat 5 dec Player
Definately one of my favorite gay artists is Player. Always horny drawings, always gay: mostly skins, 
but also daddy and son themed. I love the expressions on the men's faces during their sexual activities.



fri 4 dec Do it yourself
He has put on a cockring, managed to lace the leather ballstretcher tight, 
than finally he began to stretch his asshole to be able to fist himself.
A process that took some time but will end up in a huge cumshot after all the effort 
he has been giving himself.


thu 3 dec Side
Be honnest to me, would you go for the big dick, or the big balls? I think the right man is so perfect,
with his big low hanging nuts I would look for him in real life rather than the big cock dude. 
It would make me a happy man when I could eat his delicious balls.



wed 2 dec Beach
Sometimes artwork is not so far from reality. Both big bulging undies, the drawing ofcause beyond reality,
 and the beachman probably siliconed, but with a very interesting huge bulge.



tue 1 dec Malco:
On this earth you have pumpers and extra-ordinairy men, 
Malcoskin is both of them: he is extra ordinairy and a great pumper.
He makes pumping -and in Malco's case -stretching to a way of life. 
Look at the ballstretcher he has developped, is not it awesome?
This is the shape of sack I would want to have.
He is a very cool guy, whom I have met a couple of occasions and I have admired his great package in real life.
 I thought it would be a good idea to make this 1st of December his day!




If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.




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