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sat 31 dec Tubed
.....And this is how it is done ( see yesterday's pics)
 I wish you all the very best of health, happiness, luck, sex and bloated big hang!




fri 30 dec Hang
Nothing more beautiful than bloated big sacks with huge pumped balls in them, rolling and swaying freely!


thu 29 dec RubberCBT
Very hard position no other possibilty to try to endure it, pain all over your body, and your balls are the only part that
can keep you upright!  Impossible to have all of your bodyweight on them!


wed 28 dec Almost
That great moment before you see a (half) stiff cock jump out of the underwear, and in this case some really big cocks too!


tue 27 dec Ass
Such a pleasure spot for fingering, fucking, dildo play and fisting!


  sun 25 dec & mon 26 dec

sat 24 dec  Clothes
 Clothes to cover our bodies, to stay warm, but also to emphesize the body underneath.


fri 23 dec Big splashes of cum
You just hear the drops of cum splashing on the floor! He is a big producer! Who would not like this to be in his mouth or ass?


thu 22 dec Underwear wank
Pull out your cock from your brief, and have a quick wank.

wed 21 dec Art
Just some cockpics in black and white.


tue 20 dec Fucked
Nice hot fuck with a very big cock.


mon 19 dec  Horny threesome
 Just hot, watch it!


sun 18 dec  Pumper's classic
This video was recorded in the Vagevuur, Eindhoven Netherlands when this club still excisted. Unfortunately it is closed.
A pumper's party was organised twice a year, and pumpers from all over the EU visited it.
This video however is a must see for all us pumpers.

sat 17 dec Pumpers
Some of the nicest photos I found on tumblr lately.


fri 16 dec  Suck balls
Some balls are just asking for a treatment, I can not find out why they are so neglected!
Most of all the guy in the middle has such beautiful balls I would like to push them both into my mouth and make the owner moan!



thu 15 dec Just too big
This young man is trying so hard to suck this cock, but it is way too big to deepthroat!



wed 14 dec Jonas Sulzbach
He is a Brazilian model, has been Mr. Brasil too. Definately a hot man. Nice body, great smile! And a hot cock! As can be seen in the 'stolen cam video'.



tue 13 dec Fist
Nice gifs and pics of (self) fisting, intense sensations!


mon 12 dec Bondage
So very arty, so super hot this is major artwork here!




  sun 11 dec Mirror
Nice how a mirror can show a lot more angles in these two pics than without!
Love that shiny cockhead and the guy's facial expressions and his hair!



sat 10 dec Testicles
This needs no introduction, you know why I love these! BALLS!!



fri 9 dec  Talented ass
 I was  absolutely flabbergasted when I first saw this gif: what a talented ass this guy has. Hot!!
Also I do like that big balls hanging on his cock while playing with the dildo.



thu 8 dec Jack
Sexy Jack Harrer, the left picture is the first one I found from him. Possibly his first session at Belami's? Perfect cock and balls he has.
He is sexy as hell and aging has done good things to him. Look what a man he has become in the most right pic. Not too much more muscles, Jack!

wed 7 dec Teatment
Bite the rope or else you have pain in your balls, two pics of the same treatment. But totally in another angle and color.
You see what can be done by different light. The left picture has a different atmosphere and looks more dramatic than the right one.
Although the clear view on his tortured balls is hot!



tue 6 dec Selfer
lexible enough to suck his own cock. This guy has those skills. He also pulls his balls for extra enjoyment!

mon 5 dec  Horny ass & pumpdude
 I have posted before this guy is a pumper and saline lover, he is also into fisting and taking large dildos in his ass.
He has a great flexible anus due to pumping his ass?

sun 4 dec Slave
This slave is out of control, his Master has token it! Without his sight he is partially desensorized, which makes this play extra exciting.



sat 3 dec Wrestlers
Wow, this is a sport I should have done when I was younger: those lycra suits are so hot, hard to hide your boner while getting on another man!


fri 2 dec Kathrine
She is a great photographer, and definately shares the same fetish as I do: BALLS!




thu 1 dec  FFballs
This hot skin used to be known as Malcoskin, now he's called FFballs, and you know instantly why.
What fun should be: entering his ass with your fist and kneed those huge stretched hangers!





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