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sun 31 dec New Year's Eve
Now what is a propper post for new year's eve?
I have some pics left in the december folder. I hope you like.
First is called "shape of cockhead",
because this is a perfect one, and second picture is called shorts jock.
Because it is such a horny combination. I wish you a nice evening!

sat 30 dec Big boy
Showing off some serious big meat!

fri 29 dec Horny busride
 I love guys who loose their shyness when they get horny. This young man gets horny on a trainride.
He decides to go for it and wanks untill he cums.

thu 28 dec Beachboy
Cute dude on the beach, wish it was summer again!

wed 27 dec Smooth cum
Hot cumshot short movie of a smooth shaved dude.
Nice strings of fresh cream that looks delicious to receive.

tue 26 dec Mutants
AMSTERDAM: Mutants have been seen as well in the EU as in the USA.  It seems that even the Belami pornstars
have been infected by this peculiar virus, that only hits men.
The virus has a growing effect on both cock and balls which grow to huge proportions.
For women it will almost be inpossible to have sexual intercourse with infected men. This might become a danger to world population.
The gay community nevertheless seems to be happy with it!


mon 25 dec Ding dong,
Merrily on high...  In heaven the bells may be ringing, here on earth balls are bouncing!
I'd rather stay on this planet to enjoy balls than be in heaven and listen to bells for all eternity:)
Merry Christmas to all of you!


sun 24 dec Double strip
When you want to see dick you have to show yours first, or better drop the pants down at the same time!

sat 23 dec Class
 It will not be boring in this class with a neighbour like this!
Want to do my oral examinations right now.

fri 22 dec Selfies
Yes guys, the selfiecamera is quite pleased.

thu 21 dec Results
These results are not only for reproduction purposes.

wed 20 dec  Smooth sleeper
 I would definately not sleep at all with such fine material next to me!
Will he wake up when I 'll suck him?

tue 19 dec Pumpr
Just very cool pics and very horny results I bet!!

mon 18 dec Cupido
Cupid can hit me with more than his arrows.

sun 17 dec Hey!
 The uncut cock kind of fits the guy perfectly.
But boxer shorts?? Get rid of them!

sat 16 dec Piercing
Piercings beyond the ordinairy. That ladder over the man's cock is hot
to look at and it must be an adventure to be fucked by it.
But I guesss he is unable to fuck with that heavy ampallang in the cockhead.
The heavy piercings in the sack or the ladder over the seam of the sack are
all not mainstream piercings. Which make them interesting and admireable.
It must be a hell of a job to shave your balls I guess.


fri 15 dec Pain
Pain in his nipples and on his balls. I would switch places with him!

thu 14 dec Wrestler
Oh, those heavenly lycra suits, are not they gorgeous,
and should not it be obliged for every sportsman to wear?

wed 13 dec Blond
Blond, arrogant and a fantastic body, what more do you want from a top?

tue 12 dec Tattoos
Tattoos in the intimate area: so fucking hot!

mon 11 dec Ass
Nice round ass, so perfect!

sun 10 dec Toys for boys
Some toys  make life a little more pleasant, and some boys are quite inventive!

sat 9 dec Horse
 I had to read a book for my English examen which was called "Of mice and men".
Todays post is more about "horsemen and knights".
Although I do not trust huge hung man pics on the internet no more:
-photoshop is so willing to enhance a bit, but suppose they were true?

fri 8 dec Art
 In my files they were next to another, they got the same hair and they are both nice.
Although there are differences >:)

  thu 7 dec Sexy
Now we 've seen men in clothes (yesterday), we will undress them, not quite all the way, but they have their briefs on, still!

wed 6 dec Clothes
Two beautiful men in clothes this time! Even with their clothes on you can imagine how beautiful their bodies will be!

  tue 5 dec Hot legs
The guy's just got great legs, muscular, slightly tanned and with a haze of hair on them
and feet that are taken care of.

mon 4 dec Difference
 This two pics is like a Look for the 10 differences you almost might believe.. Conclusion is that a bigger sack is always more attactive.

sun 3 dec Fluids
All that delicious fluids a man produces.


sat 2 dec Porn
The little man fucked by a big man. He must have a very flexible ass.



fri 1 dec Pumpers
 A collection of hot pumpers I found on Tumblr. Are not they all amazing?
I would love to play with them all, can not we organise a meeting?








If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.


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