february '15

trying to find the essentials of male gay sex  in my own way ..

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sat28 febr '15: Big balls:
Today will be my second tattoo day, part II will be done. I will show a photo tomorrow. But this is also the last day of February this year. Dedicated to big balls, as I love them. Big and heavy in a flaccid lot of skin sacks. Hanging down the legs in a lazy manner. So you want to grab them, squeeze them and teabag those nuts for hours. And ofcause they are shaven with care!

bigballs129.jpg (63608 bytes) bigballs15.jpg (145548 bytes) bigballs21.jpg (42411 bytes) bigballs59.jpg (40485 bytes)

fri 27 febr '15:  Jesse Karson 
  As you might have read, but more likely you didn't,on my about page, I talk about my likes and dislikes. To me: "a horny somewhat brutal face, short hair, skins, mowhawks, smooth or almost hairless skinny bodies, shaved balls, uncut cock and BIG hanging balls, combined with hairy legs" are certainly my likes. Laying these preferences beside the picture and image of Jesse Karson it fits! He personalizes my likes completely. The most impressed I am because of his natural huge hanging testicles.

_jesse4.jpg (131145 bytes) _jesse-hangers.jpg (67582 bytes) _jessy.jpg (48951 bytes)

thu 26 febr '15: Shoes:
Women are supposedly shoe fetishists, and there are guys that get horny from sniffing worn sneakers. I am more a guy who likes to see men in army boots or other tough shoewear. Like in this picture it becomes somehow sexy! I want to add I get angry when I see men in hot leather chaps with sneakers underneath it. It kind of doesn't fit the image to me.

shoes.jpg (41326 bytes)

wed 25 febr '15: Hangers:
Nothing sexier than a guy with big low hangers. To me the ultimate beauty of a man's genitals is when his sack is lower than his flaccid cock. Can't help it: I get hornier from big low hanging balls than a huge cock.

 hangers.jpg (49541 bytes) hangers2.jpg (71792 bytes)

tue 24 febr '15: Wallpaper:
I have had this picture as a wallpaper for years now. I totally love the cool horny way he looks at us. He has his big, smooth piece of meat in his hand, as if he has to hold it in place, or having us guessing what his dickhead looks like. In a kind of a half hidden way. Not enough to hide it, by far not enough to let us think he is under the influence of prudishness.

 _arty.jpg (24118 bytes)



mon23 febr '15: New tattoo part I:
I don't know if I can make this true, but I will try to do some more personal thing here than on my Tumblr blog. 
I will try to make a new start on my personal website blog. Let's see what it brings..
 And I would be more than happy with feedback, here Almost 3 weeks ago I had a tattoo on my breast. 
This comming Saturday it will be extended onto a shoulder/ half sleeve. 
My husband/BF told me I had a kind of a second youth syndrome.
 I believe it is more of a 'now-or- never' thing. I know my skin is getting older, 
so better to do it now than in 5 years.
  tattoo part I.jpg (56972 bytes)




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