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mon 29 febr Clip
I just love this cartoon clip. The immidiate tension when the bottom is entering the toilets. The stares from the eyecorners, 
that sound of the hero's fat cock flopping on the bottom's back just before penetration to warn him for the things to come. 
The rough entrance of that fat cock in that tiny ass. And the great cumshot at the end, the withdrawl from the top's fat boner leaving a string of cum behind...
A true work of art!



sun 28 febr Huge stretch
Talking about slim men: here is another exampe of what I was refering too yesterday.
Slim men with a nice cock and balls! He has been gifted with a sloppy sack, of which I am jealours!
What a fantastic stretch he has! I wonder wheather he has been gifted by nature or of hard practice every day.
I assume he is wearing stretchers with a weight of a kilogram, which is considerably Love his pierced nipples too!
Am I right he has an Apadravya too?


sat 27 febr Slim
Men of my taste do not have to be gymrats with bodybuilder aspriations. I prefer slim men about my length. 
All I ask for is a nice uncut cock that is not smaller than 7 inch and some big testicles to play with. 
This man below will do just fine! We'll pump his nuts for at least 4 hours:)



fri 26 febr  Teabagging
Feeling more man with another man, or guy licking and eating your big balls. 
I totally love that feeling, you  can teabag me 24/7!



thu 25 febr  Pumper art
I adore these kind of photos that make pumping into pieces of art! The hard work of getting there are forgotten when you see the results.
Big heavy ballsacks and fat meaty saucages. Kept that way by wearing cockrings or ballstretchers. Shown off in transparant  lycra.



wed 24 febr Twins
Were you not fooled at first, thinking you were watching twins? Untill you see the tattoo of one of the guys. 
And in the end, only on the end you see the other guy that is preforming in this clip. Nice tools the both of them have!




tue 23 febr Smooth
Today it is one year that I restarted my daily blog writing about gay essentials. I managed very well to post almost every day, except for the summerhollidays.
I celebrate this anniversary with shaved smooth men today.



mon 22 febr Lycra
Watching men in lycra is always a feast! I always watch their crothes when they pass.
Only a couple of seconds and they're gone again. So how hot would it be when you can easily watch them relaxing in the train?



sun 21 febr  Beach
Today is a day I look forward to the pleasures of beach life. The cherishing of all senses: feel, smell, sight, hear, taste..
Being nude in nature is good for humans. It relaxes and shows us our place in the cosmos. For all it stimulates sexual feelings too!




sat 20 febr  Hangers
Let's hang them today!
The low hangers on the left are from a young man, I would guess he is about 20 years old,
 imaging what he could achieve when he would start pumping?



fri 19 febr  CBT
These balls are really made for CBT, big and low hanging, easy to put on straps or belts to pull them.
To make him suffer too.



thu 18 febr  Patrick's gifs
Patrick's men in motion.



wed 17 febr  Fuck
What a way to get fucked, helplessly pinned on his long hard cock, being treated like a puppet. Hell, how horny!


tue 16 febr  Drown
I have seen this gif before and always wondered where it was from. Well, I can tell you now.
It is from the Australian gay movie 'Drown'.  I really can reccomend you all to go see it.
It is not a sweet comming out movie, or one with a lot of sex. This is a film about the raw reality.
I will not tell you the plot, go see yourself!



mon 15 febr Couple
On the day I am writing this the daily news reported about a vote in Italy about same sex couples, fighting for their rights.
The pope stated this was not the intention of God's law. While Italy is the last of the EU countries that do not have equal rights for gay and lesbian couples.



sun 14 febr  Bath
Beautifully tattooed on arms and chest a man is sitting on the edge of the bathtub, 
looking down at his big semi hard cock, his balls hanging over the edge of the bath.
It is a modern bathroom, with a mirror on the wall, some curtains in a knot. 
Pure decoratin because the windows themself are from non transperant glass.
Only two beauty products and some white towels are in the room. 
So all the attention is focused on the man in the middle of the picture. 
He has a shaved body also his croth looks to have been shaven only minutes ago, the skin is still a little irritated. 
He is uncut, his glans is visible.He does not seem to be a gymrat, but he is slim and I think he
's sexy.



sat 13 febr Jack versus Joel
Kinky Angels must be proud of Joel, but when we compare him to Jack Harrer, which one do you choose to fuck you?
Is it Joel with his 10 inch cock, or would it be Jack who certainly has a big cock, but not as long as Joel's. Jack
certainly has a thicker one.
I would invite Jack over to do me: I love a thicker one in my hole.


fri 12 febr Joel Birkin
Joel is one of the new actors of Belami/ Kinky Angels.
And he is quite a discovery, look for yourself in this tum
blr post. What a huge cock this man has.




thu 11 febr Pumper
Nice view to a package that has just been withdrawn from the tube, you can still view the cylinderform of the whole package.
I love his little stars in his groin too! Good example of good pumping craftmanship:)




wed 10 febr White
Young man grabbing his cock through is tanktop. The contours of his dick are visible even some veins and
edge of his cockhead is very well visible,
but there is not a clear view although it leaves nothing to the imagination of the viewer.
He is holding his balls to make his cock looks longer. Hell it is not a small dick at all!



tue 9 febr Jocks
Nice bulges in jocks. Again I state: the ultimate gay underwear this is! Ass free for quick entrance, cock can be given freedom in no time too!
Besides that it is very comfortable to wear.




  mon 8 febr Huge hangers part II
No miracle the black man in today's picture has been given an award. 
A priceless beauty of male genitals, long uncut cock and nice big hangers to accomplish that picture.
I bet they slamm your ass quite nicely when fucking.



sun 7 febr Huge hangers part I
I love men with huge hangers, I like to grab a guy at the balls. The lower they are, 
the more exciting I think they are. I hugely admire men that wear their testicles half way their knees.
I do not know if that is the work of intensive stretching or a gift of Mother Nature. I can imagine them hanging out of shorts,
 sitting on them accidentally when riding a bike or even putting them in your own ass. Maybe even the whole package would fit in!



sat 6 febr Cock out
Give your genitals some fresh air, certainly in winter. It needs some attention! Give yourself a nice stroke or a nice wank.



fri 5 febr Horny
I prefer men nude and also when I can skip underwear I do.  But there is that kind of underwear that is sexy and horny, here are some examples.
As tiny as possible, some what transparent, easy to get rid of. Does not leave much imagination to know what is inside. Who we got here on the left? An old acquaintance of
January 30th




thu 4 febr Blessed
Today we have a blessed boy, blessed with big testicles and a nice long cock.
I would love to suck that cock and tease those nuts hard, so he would moan like a baby!



wed 3 febr Saline
Today is the day we woreship all saline injectors, because of their efforts to show us huge 
bulges and bloated scrotums. For their heavy burden they have to carry. For the many kilograms they have to drag alone.
They would not mind I guess, it is for all a horny



tue 2 febr  Deimos
I have done previous posts on Patrick Fillion. One of my favorite characters is Deimos. 
For his hidious and sinister apperance, but for all his huge big balls. He's got the balls we want!



tue 1 febr Jonjonny
Sometimes you regret you do not know more of a person, like in this case Jonjohnny. 
He is one big example to us pumpers. He is incredibly huge! His pictures are great, 
and surrounded by red and white borders (which I removed, because I find them ugly:).
I guess he is an American man, although he is uncut. The nationality I  am not sure of. Just enjoy!


If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.



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