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sun 31 jan Bath
Clean, relaxed and with an erection in the bath tub. That is what you get today. Also nice sloppy sacks and lowhangers because of the temperature of the water in that tub. Are you ready to suck them off?




sat 30 jan Brief
Tiny little tanga brief he is wearing. The small waistband is just holding everything together. 
You can imagine what the package will be like. This brief emphesizes his body perfectly.
 The hard sixpack and his muscular legs. Pulling his tanktop up just to give the erotic expression. 
The Iphone under the waistband of his tanga to lift it up a little. It's for the photo the mobile phone will not stay 
there when he stands up. It's just to draw attention, ...it works!



fri 29 jan Uncut
The way it should be: men should be uncut, unless there is a medical reason for it. 
There is no reason anymore for religions to have all their boys circumsized long before the age of consent. 
Men should choose for themselves if this is the religion they want to sacrifice their foreskins for. 
Matters of hygiene should no longer be an issue in these modern times. When women are circumsized we
yell how barbarian it is, and the foreskin seems not to be that sacred! Why?



thu 28 jan  Hair
Some guys just have it: luxuriant hair. Thick strong hair that is cut in all kinds of great haircuts nowadays. These two young men have it!



wed 27 jan Kneeled
Close to the floor, kneeled. In closed as well as open poses. All in black and white.




tue 26 jan Grip
What a great sight, that big smooth cock and balls between that furry blond legs. 
His fingers in his mouth to look innocent which he most definatly is not! 
Wanking that delicious foreskin over his wet and moist glans. 
And he pulls up his balls just a little with every stroke. His fingers on his frenulum just where the glans is most sensitive.




mon 25 jan Suit
It is not only a hot suit this man is wearing, a combination of a leather jacket and a pants in one, 
also his sunglasses give him that mysterious apperance.
He is lighting a cigarette, and he is wearing leather gloves also, like he is a formula I driver. 
But the most peculiar is ofcause his stretched balls and pierced cock.

sun 24  jan Maalina
I found this clip on Xtube, Transsexual Maalina pumps her impressive male meat. 
Smooth big bloated meat a lean body and boobs. What a cool combination. I can imagine she does not want a sex operation with a package like that!


sat 23 jan Worker
Working class heroes. All the muscular power comes together in the worker. 
Pure male hotness pours out when you see them on the construction site.



fri 22 jan Massage
The body itself is one big sexual organ, most certainly the skin. You can see how the smooth hot dude on the left is enjoying it.
Speaks for itself that genitals are the most sensitive of the whole outside body.




thu 21 jan Fighter
Lately you see a lot of cartoons
/ art work that have different versions of the originals. The Facebook proof ones and the Xrated uncovered ones.
Here below a nice Viking(?) like Thor showing himself.



wed 20 jan Cyclists
No lycra is hotter than the ones cyclists are wearing, tight around the ass, showing bulge off almost like they are not wearing anything.
Such a pity we do not have camera men who dare to zoom in at their crotches.



tue 19 jan Tent
Nothing more beautiful than a guy showing his hard cock without any shame.
It is a thing that happens to us men. The dude on the
left is even looking a bit bored, and somewhat arrogant.
Stating this is who I am, and I do not wait for your comment.



mon 18 jan Slut
Willing guy getting in position, showing his ass and his hard cock and big balls, waiting for you to fuck him, hard and ruthless.



sun 17 jan Redbulge
Goddamn, these two men really have bulges. Pumpers? I do not know, 
but we pumpers could use briefs like this, they are perfect to show off the packages we create.
They are not only well shown, but also emphesized by the line work of the brief itself.



sat 16 jan Milking
Can you imagine yourself in a dark cellar, tied up against the wall and 
a milking device on your cock, repeatedly forcing the cum out of your balls?
You can now by watching these gifs:)
Is not it a hot as hell torture?


fri 15 jan Swinging pumper
If you are a pumper you know how horny it is to sway your heavy meat and slam your big bloated testicles against your ass.
It is so hot to feel
, but to watch also!


I added 2 new pics to my personal gallery

thu 14 jan Dildo
Hot tattooed young dude is shoving a dildo up in his ass and works himself to an orgasm.
He is really cute that's why the video states goddamn I love him, and I do too!




wed 13 jan Freeballer
You must have guts to go outdoors in a trackingpants without your underwear to cover the outlines of 
your package. This guy is doing it at the railway station so to see. It's hot and I advice all men to do so: the world would be a better place!




tue 12 jan Undress
three great gifs to show a growing erection in the guy's bodysuit. What a great sight!




mon 11 jan Jesse
One of my all time favorite pornstars is Jesse Karson, he is an off the mainstream star, just unpolished and a real pig. Not a polished plastic American 13 in a dozen star.
Next to this he just has the greatest package there can be. A big cock and here is my lovesong: the greatest balls I have ever seen on a man.
He is all naturally a big balled man. So I can not really stand it people make fakes of him: he is allready perfect the way he is.

  the fakes>  


sun 10 jan Marathon
A clip of mine from Xtube, you find me there as TobyBz. A long marathon of pumping and filling with gluose 10%.



sat 9 jan Saline
Saline or even better glucose is so hot to do. I have more than often did a halelujah song about it! 
The pics here below show a great example of the horniness of it. Beautiful big bloated sack and cock.


I added 5 new pics to my personal gallery



fri 8 jan  Pumper's balls
Very nice pair of pumped testicles hanging low in a smooth flaccid sack: the pumper's pride.
 It must feel good to feel them sway, it must be good to squeeze them in your hand.



thu 7 jan Hangers
You have guys with big bals, and guys with hangers. Sometimes but that is sometimes you have big hanging balls.
This guy is a hanger, would love to see him pump his balls big. The cumshot is cool too!
Sorry I do not know how to make these embedded posts smaller.




wed 6 jan Swing your things
One of the great things about big hangers is that you can only cum by 
heavily swinging and bouncing against your balls or against another man's ass.




tue 5 jan Shape
Left, right, up, the theme for today.




mon 4 jan Pumper
One of the pumper's classics: big pumped cock and huge balls bulging out of a white Bike jock.
It is one of the most horny pump pics there are.




sun 3 jan Bulge
I love to watch man's crothes, the more they bulge the more interested I get. 
How cock is laying and how balls are positioned in the little space of the underwear or short.
And I love men who do not have any problem to expose what they have without any shame.




sat 2 jan Mark
Mark from the UK once sent me these pictures some years ago, I still kept them. He has got great results of pumping! 
I never heard from him after that, but hell what great big sack he has!




fri 1jan Pekka and my wishes to you all!
Pekka from Finland is the man who inspired me to pump. 
Seldom you saw pictures of him actually tubed.  So no tubes, 
no marks of the edges of the tube, so you almost believed he was naturally big balled!
He did a lot of outdoors pumping. His home made ballstretcher is probably the reason his balls hang so great and low. 
Now I do not know if he is still posting, even if he is still alive and tubing.


First of all: I wish you all a happy and healthy & bloated BIG 2016!




If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.



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