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 tue 31 jan Hidden
Both men have something in common, they are very well hung, but they hide their erections under their clothes. Just so sexy!!


mon 30 jan Heavy cummer
This guy shoots a bucket full of cum, and what a waste it is all on the floor!



  sun 29 jan Boys
No idea why these boys are on a row nude, maybe they are pornstars, maybe it is a kind of joke, anyhow.
Make your choise: I take the second from the right.

sat 28 jan Nick's secrets
This guy is hot! He's got a great dick, and soms nice big balls. Besides that he really
enjoys to be an exhibitionist, with a demonic grin on his face while he gets sucked.


I added 2 pics to my private gallery

fri 27 jan Hangers
 I told you earierl this month that this is going to be a balls month. Here are some pics more of men I appreciate
because of their "hanging status". Very lickable an playable balls they have!


thu 26 jan Bound balls
Horrible lycra suit, but great bound balls and pierced cock.


  wed 25 jan Chaps
The most appropriate way to dress up for a night out is in leather, and specially in chaps.
 Leather smells good, is easy to clean up and it looks horny too!


tue 24 jan Swing
 Why we like to watch sports? Swinging bulges in tight lycra suits, that is why!
"It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing" is what I mostly comment with pics like this. One of the examples how hot sport is to watch,
all those fit bodies in lycra with bulges that do not leave much to the imagination. It is the most accepted form of exhibitionism there is.
And all the sports fans are voluntairily turned into voyeurs.


mon 23 jan Hot huge cock
Some men are blessed with huge pillars of meat. Others are there to serve them and take them into their cunts.
That will need some practicing though! He says: "Watch this, I am very big!"   Indeed, he is not lying!




sun 22 jan All balls on board
 The assets presented for the Master balls on a board, how convenient for the Master to do what he pleases.



sat 21 jan Suck
That is a great position for the sucker, big plumb balls in his face, but cock is not inserted easily with his head on the table!

    fri 20 jan Ballstretchguy
Sometimes you see amazing guys on the internet. This ballstretchguy is one, who can wrap
about 17 rings around his balls for stretching, and still have no blue balls.
He swings them against his but while wanking. Also he is totally smooth, hairless and pierced.
He is found on Xtube btw. There he sells his clips for a lot of money, which is a shame!


thu 19 jan  Slave receiving CBT
Yes, I believe January is going to be a ball month! This slave is getting a nice doses of Cock and Ballspanking,
he probably asked for it!



wed 18 jan Wet
Nice photography and an even nicer artwork by Beau.


tue 17 jan Sneakers
Sneakers have become a kind of fetish too. For 20 years no one could have believed that!
And look and judge for yourself: are they sexy or not?


mon 16 jan Perfect
 I love latin man, they are so incredibly sexy. Their beautiful skincolor, their dark looks. And above all this, their nice fat thick cocks!


sun 15 jan Inspiration
Albron made this great artwork, inspired by the picture on the right. Still a pitty his work is behind Patron.
Anybody who has an account on that site, for the full X rated pic, please send some of his work.


sat 14 jan Wanker
Click the picture to watch the mpg for a little wanker animation, it is hot! It is the guy on the pic below who will be featuring in it,
from a different angle. I love the expression on his face too! His balls should have been bigger though!! Balls month as I told you!

fri 13 jan White
This does not need further comment, what a hot well hung man, who has hidden his huge cock in his white T-shirt!


thu 12 jan VielspritzerCGN
You can see the full video here


wed 11 jan Car
I bet all gay couples have done this on a long roadtrip.

tue 10 jan So smooth and hung too
I know a pumper with the nickname smoothandhung but this is another man. Love the kind of artistic pics:
playing with his huge cock with a nice black & white that gives those shadows.


mon 9 jan Classic
There will be more hangers pics this month but this guy really deserves a post for his own. I love his incredible low hanging
big balls and I want him to be my next husband,
or my brother in law with a bisexual touch. I would love his balls in my mouth all day! This again is a gay classic!

sun 8 jan Massively hung lad
Big & massively pumped young dude. He is on Xtube. But since they changed that site I can not find him back.


sat 7 jan Anonymous pumper
After I went for a search, after discovering my pumper hero Pekka, I found a site that contained excactly the same pics as below of this huge pumper.
 Than I was sure I wanted to become a devoted pumper too! Look at his great fat package! I do not know how he is called or where he is from..


fri 6 jan Public cock stroking
Such a hot video on Tumblr I just had to share. Friend is stroking his friends cock in a train.


thu 5 jan Slave
To my opinion the slave has to be beaten on his balls instead of his belly. The guy on the left is ready for some ballbusting too!


wed 4 jan CBT
Grap him by the balls that is what Trump should have  been telling his fooks. Men should be grabbed firmly by their testicles.
We all know why: they are made submissive and thankful for that treatment! Besides that there is nothing to grab on a woman!


tue 3 jan Huge pumped cock
 It took some effort to embed this video into this page, but finally it works out!
This is one of the hottest videos of pumping I have on my laptop.
Don't you just want to get on your knees and woreship this magnificent piece of pumpmeat?
Doesn't seem to load, the extentions are not supported, but you can download to watch it! s work on my laptop, doesn't seem to be supported by my server? So download the file!



mon 2 jan Nuts
This is what I had on my Tumblr on Christmas: "Hi Hot Toby. I know I already shared the hot big balls bath boy photo, but I spiced it up a little.
It brings back a favorite memory of mine. When I was a teen, I was fishing on a rocky shore when this hot boy came by to fish right next to me. Wearing a Speedo,
he was packing a major “BIG BALLS ” bulge. Drove me NUTS! To this day, I fantasize about his BULL BALLS package. Probably why I have this huge fetish for BIG NUTS! If I could go back in time,
I would make a move on him. I was too shy back then. Sometimes, he would prop his leg up on the rock and some of his pink fleshy nut sac would pop out the side of the Speedo…
drove me fucking crazy! Damn, that boy has some BIG NUTS!"
The day after he sent me the yoga guy. Love them both a lot: thanks!


sun 1 jan Masterpieces
Here are some examples of what I call masterpieces of the art of pumping, they are hot, bloated and big!
I I wish you will reach your pumping goals this year! Make it a fine year!


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