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fri 31 july Cum
Fresh male cream, whipped out of cock, produced by testicles, the horny fluids of man. I would love to lick it up!

thu 30 july Wrestler
This must be taken on a kind of St. Christoffer street day. On what other day guys get out on the street like that?
Now that guy in the blue brief surely makes a statement with his rockhard boner, that is exactly the reason why I prefer briefs instead of that silly wrestler suit.


wed 29 july Willing
This slaveboy is used to be on his knees, since his Master provided him with knee-protection. And indeed it is the best place to be for a slave.
So he is ready for both anal and oral services. The harnass for the master to get grip on him during a rough ride.


tue 28 july Huge hangers
Now you have hangers, and huge hangers. 
Well, the middle pic could have been posted yesterday, but we should be scientific and weigh those big nuts to be sure he makes a difference.
I volonteer!




mon 27 july Hangers
I so love hanging balls, well you sure know by now, good to see the second guy again, 
now from a different angle. The last one is cool too, although I do not know if it is real, but hell he has a great hang on both balls and cock!




sun 26 july CBT
Forgive me
for the woman in the first pic, but she sure has nice genital material to work with! 
The second has a fine weight to carry too about 10 kg. The last one will sure be in pain, 
his balls are crushed firmly by a beautiful chrome device, he will surely scream for release soon.



sat 25 july Toby pumps again
Forgive me  for the silly music, I thought it was more up tempo! So silence the volume and watch instead. And comments are welcome.


fri 24 july Jock
Nice gay underwear: ass open, cock and balls in a cup, released in a second when needed, next to that it is hot underwear.
To my opinion jocks are the ultimate gay underwear.


Here are some of my drawings, I am intregued by the milking stories and pictures. Here is my interpretation.  

#1. After being totally shaved and cleaned Mike received some injections to increase the size of his cock and to stimulate spermproduction to make him ready for the milking device.

#2. He was inserted a dildo in his anus not only to stimulate his prostate but also to clean him from the inside. There was no escape from the machine, he was kept in place by cuffs and distracted by digital videos directly into his brain, to also keep him aroused. Electric pulsed were send from the cockring around his genitals and the needles inside his testicles provided him with the testosterone to keep spermproduction at the highest level. Every 3 days the suction on his cock was increased, and the tubes on his dick became larger and larger.

#3 Mike had been on the milking machine for over 2 month now, being milked 24/7. His testicles were heavily swollen and grown from this treatment. His cock had become huge from this permanent suction. He himself was delusional but in a state of extacy from the constant orgasms he had".



thu 23 july Duos de Chocolat
One of my favourite pornscenes is this one from Cadinot
: a French porn producer.
 The amazing big cock with huge huge balls makes me precum every time I see it back.
The rest of that movie is less splashing to my opinion, but Cadinot sure makes his point here what gay porn is about!



wed 22 july Both ends
What a great sight: the fucker's balls spinning around in circles, the fuckee's cock not fully showing the cockhead, 
(wish I could suck it) while he greedily sucking a cock. He is stuffed at both ends. Like a little pig on a stick:)


tue 21 july  Kris Evans
His real name is Csaba Szigeti, born in '86 in Hungary. He is a Belami pornactor. He came to Budapest 
at the age of 18, He made a fotoshoot in 2005 and refused to play in gay porn, since he did not want to loose his virginity 
with a guy
. In 2009 he had overcome this problem and started to work with Belami". (quote Wikipedia).  
He is not my favorite actor and this statement does not do a lot of good for me, but his balls in this gifs are so hot I had to post them today! 
Most of the porn actors I like though all have big balls or amazing hangers:)


mon 20 july Stretch
Since I started pumping (and had a scrotal operation) I can not use my metal ballstretchers anymore, 
they simply are to narrow. I regret that a lot, because I loved my low hangers a lot. I had a great 
(and expensive) device to gradualy do more and more stretching. Now I am stuck to neoprene rings, my ballskin misses it's flexibility for major results.



sun 19 july Rear
I just love rear views, that show a man in his best way: ass exposed, balls hanging low, and cock at it's fullest!

I added 5 new pics to the gallery


sat 18 july Erect
Just two mighty tasty erect cocks for today. Which one is most suckable, and which one I want to ride? 
OK: suck left, ride right!

I added 5 new pics to my gallery 

and my Xtube clip:



fri 17 july Jeans
I have always found jeans hot. Specially the buttonfly ones, specially guys that do 
not wear underwear and free ball in their denim. Go commando!



thu 16 july Group
It is great to have group sex, I like to be a part of it in saunas. All clean, a little dark and hot. 
Specially the dark alleys in steambathes where all  senses are used except the sight. I always look for the cock
 I would like, for instance in the middle picture I would pick the cock on the right: juicy, meaty and uncut! But a man is more than cock only.
An arrogant ego would even deminish my lust for the perfect-est cock.

I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, for the first time in more than a year I will be home alone. Today I can fill up with one whole litre of glucose 5% without the worry of some one in my house commenting my "uber huge" sack and mega cock. If I will be able to wear my normal jeans for a day at least, and I don't give a fuck if I even have to wear a skirt to get on the street. It resulted in this VIDEO


wed 15 july Horny young pumper
You don't see it a lot, young men into pumping, although with internet at hand, they learn about it a lot sooner.
Now this is a great example of the cool thing that pumping, injecting saline is: getting a big package to play with.
I hope to see a lot more of this hot dude:
Mickebttm93, his ass is flexible as hell and his load of cum is awesome too!


tue 14 july Workers
Not that I think the construction world is the most friendly for us gays, although I have never worked there. 
This picture though has a high level of homo erotic sense.



mon 13 july Sucking Jack
In the pics I collect I  came across the map: suck. And two of the pics are from Jack Harrer. Sucking his perfect cock must be a great experience.
And by the way his balls are pretty big and therefore desireable too.


sun 12 july Cock out:
It is great to have an exhibitionistic mind: wanting to show your package to the world. Taking your package out on every occasion is great!
Than underwear is not needed, but it can emphasize the package too. 
Andrew Christian's undies know how to bulge. They are made to emphasize the male genitals. The other pics are just plain hot.


sat 11 july Shaving
I remember I have been shaving my balls almost all my adult life. When my pubic hair started to grow I than 
still used a pair of scissors to cut it short. When I had a razor I started to shave. I was always jalours of guys 
with perfectly smooth balls and in my naivity I was jalours of them, not knowing that they just shaved their balls. 
Shaving balls is hot to do, and the feeling is great, and the modern man todays just does not have hair on his balls anymore!



fri 10 july Shower
Great thick cock clean and semi hard and uncut.


thu 9 july Jack Harrer
Finally I come to do a post on Jack, my favorite Belami porn actor. He is on Twitter @JackHarrerXXX
His cock is so perfect: thick, right length perfect cockhead, and he is uncut. I was always impressed by his boyish looks.
On his Facebook now I read he is now on anaboles, which give him that masculine, muscled apperance. How will that turn 
out in the long run? Well his hairdo did improve!



wed 8 july Icarus' fall
Well this gif is not called Icarus's fall, but it reminded me of that mythological story. Not knowing Icarus was so well endowed:)
To bad his balls do not smash against his body later on.


tue 7 july Draw
I just love this drawing which could be called: what's on a man's mind. ( Not the Freudian one you often see). I love how it is drawn, see the detail of his cock.
That thick fat cock with veins, and the subtle pubic hair, like stubbles around the shaft. A big ball lifted up on the bigger cockhead below.
The artist is unknown to me.



mon 6 july Beach
What would you do when you woke up after a little nap on the beach and this man was lying right before you?
Steaming hot bodies under the sun, makes male genitals look at their best! That is why I prefer to go to the nude beach.


sun 5 july Horseman
The moral of this picture-set is that when you get fucked by a horseman, you become one.


sat 4 july: Outdoors
They got so horny it does not matter that they are outside on the street, the job has to be done right on the spot, and right here. 
The wanker is in charge, the wanked guy is totally submitted to the treatment, and forgets all borderlines.

Yesterday I went to the beach again, with 500ml of glucose 5% in my sack. It caused a big sack and a fat cock that I also pumped on the beach. I packed my biggest cock cylinder. A rather sexy man asked me if he could site beside me and I had no problem with that. When I layed back so that my package was fully shown he gasped and asked me how I got a big cock like that. I told him and he than asked how it felt. I went to him and invited him to feel my package. "Heavy" he told me! Well long story short: although he was interested, asked me if this was the man's part of the dunes, where you could go private together. My package was to "heavy" for him. He did not return the invite to have sex in the dunes. Too bad, I was horny as fuck! At least I had fun showing it and exhibit my swinging balls and cock. I also aded 8 pictures of that session in the dunes so you can judge for yourself if I was "heavy".

fri 3 july: Helping out
I would be more than happy to help the guy with the huge dick and the flaccid sack with big balls out too. 
The expression on the sucker's face is clear: he likes what he is doing and he is impressed too. 
I am less sure about the expression of the guy in 'erectile need'. He looks a bit worried. There is absolutely no need for that! 
He has got a perfect cock for sucking and his loose sack is SO PERFECT!

I added 4 new pictures to the gallery

thu 2 july: Jacob Mott
Jacob Mott is an erotic artist. He can be found here. I love how he draws cocks, balls and pubic hair. 
And his somewhat flat approch of the 3D, only 2 or 3 colours to shade.

wed 1 july: Pumpers
It is a good tradition to start the month with a special about pumpers. 
Today it's about the beauty of it, the shere kind of art it involves. I get happy from
 seeing such beautiful pumped cocks & balls on such great bodies


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please mail me and I'll delete the pic in question.



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