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sun 31 july Beach
The beach is not only a place to relax and get a tan, it is also there to expose yourself to the public and be seen!
Nice place to pump (which is my favorite pass time) also to wear hardware because the warmth gives you that extra hang.



sat 30 july Transparant
All we need today, is a little transparancy!


fri 29 july 
For today just two hot men with nice thick cocks. Perfect for my taste! Maybe I will invite them both at the same time.


thu 28 july The sportsmen of July
The two sportsmen that caught my attention this month: Antoine Giezman, soccerplayer of the French team who made a couple of fantastic goals,
and cyclist Tom Dumoulin, who drove two fantastic time trails, and unfortunately fell and broke his wrist.
Not only succesfull in sports but also two handsome men!


wed 27 july Fake
I think this gifs are fake, there is a grey spot on his balls in the gif on the right side.
Also the pubic hair in the left gif is a little blurry.
Would have been perfect though, his huge hangers!



tue 26 july Get the balls out!
When you see his bulge you just do not want to see cock only, you want to see his huge testiles too, and he gives us what we want to see.
Amazing hot big balls!


mon 25 july Tour
We have been served a lot of lycra men the last month: the athletic games in Amsterdam, the Tour de France. Always nice to see men wrapped in lycra.

sun 24 july Suggestion
Well you will all know what I mean by suggestion, these pictures suggest nothing else than sex and refer to cumming, sucking and the male genitals.
But you already knew that!


sat 23 july Smoke
Nice tattoo and a hit of the pubic hair makes me want to smoke with him

II added a new video clip to Xtube, and 3 pictures to my personal gallery

fri 22 july Hair
I think it is quite sexy how this men is cut: the short hair going over in his beard, the stubbles are so touchable,
his little ear is quite sexy too! Makes me horny!

thu 21 july Pose
So nice, pictures of men in black and white. Almost classic those poses!


  wed 20 july Male
kinny and with a nice fat dick that is how I like men, this guy is such a good example of my taste.


tue 19 july Kent
Kent's style is always recognizable, and never hardcore porn. There's no sucking or fucking, but always the hit of that to happen shortly.
Maybe all the artwork is the forplay-act given an image and leave the viewer something to fantasize about what going to happen next.
His cock drawing is often the cut versus the uncut. Their sizes are large, but never larger than life.
And the 'testicle work' is always firm, male and hanging.


mon 18 july Huge hangers
Some men are blessed with hangers, and the happy few are blessed with huge ones. I would love to play 24/7 with those Chosen ones!


sun 17 july Blinded by balls
She is just a lucky woman, she gives a blowjob while made blind by two massive big balls. How horny is that?

sat 16 juy Undress
It is always a teaser when a man slowly undresses. But always a surprise when everything is uncovered!


fri 15 july Smooth
For me this is a typical summer image. "Well", you might say: "ofcause there is a blue sky and the guy is sunbathing". This is not quite what I mean.
Summertime is the time to be nude, and nudity is way more comfortable when being smooth and shaved.
All bodyhair removed to look smooth and ready for more things than suncream only!

I added 2 new pics to my personal gallery

thu 14 july Going to...
Fuck, nice gif!


wed 13 july Pumper's junk
No comment needed, just watch!


tue 12 july Outdoors
This picture intregues me: two men sitting on camping chairs, between two cars, they installed themselves with some cooling boxes in the sun
Both wearing sunglasses, upper body exposed to the sun. Both drinking something. The right guy with bare feet, the left one with timberlake boots on.
Looks like they are on a kind of festival. Both men have tattoos. Right guy even on his feet (now that is kind of sexy!) Left guy giving the 'cool' sign with his hand, the other pointing towards the camera.
Left guy looks like a typical 'straight' guy: muscular and quiet. The right guy leaner, and in my opinion the sexiest of the both,
wearing a legging with flowers and a shorts over it: THAT is so strange nowadays.
Why not show the world your morning wood? Who is the photographer, a third person or just a passenger taking a picture?

mon 11 july Big balls
Wow, this selfie shooter really has nice round big balls, must feel great to feel those firm round nuts.
I am pretty sure they make a nice bulge in his pants!


sun 10 july Tumblr post
Facials are only there for the porn industry, what a waiste of cum and what a pitty for that bottom
 who just hast to watch till the orgasm is over before he has been given the jizz!



sat 9 july  Tattoo
Tattoos are there to make your body more beautiful. This costs something, not only money but also pain.
Well, and who has the courage to ink his cock too is a real hero! Wonder which tattoo artist wants his client to get totally nude is that really neseccairy of was it for the pic?
But that cocktattoo must have hurt like hell! Pretty damn cool though!



fri 8 july Clothes
It has been made obviously clear: clothes are only there to stick your cock out them.


thu 7 july Jeans
Yes I am guilty, I am a bulge watcher! Always curious of what is inside of that jeans!


wed 6 july Hidden
Now these two men really look good, they are the kind of model guys for fancy magazines, what do they have to hide?


tue 5 july Freak
What a beautiful man we have here! Love his lean body, his veiny thick cock and his exquisite hangers, his nipple piercings, his... everything!
Freakk-juntt.tumblr.com Follow him!



mon 4 july Huge stretch
Such a very nice sight: totally smooth body, nipples pierced, tattoos sign out here you have to be,
and that totally heavy weight on his balls, what a super stretch!

sun 3 july Waste
What a pitty all of that juicy fresh cream wasted on the floor!

sat 2 july:Shower dance
What a nice way to start the day, sexy guy dancing for you in the shower.


fri 1 july: Powershooter
Powershooter is a great pumper whom I once dated. Great cock, great plumb balls. I lost the connection with him unfortunately.
His pumped cock out of his cock is a gay classic by now!








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