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tue 30 june: Sick
The guy is in hospital I guess: all kind of medical equipment standing next to his bed. 
On the nightstand Pringles, drinks, a wallet and books. The guys right hand is in bandage, the other one ready to be connected to the infuse system.
He is wearing an operation shirt. His hand on his cock, his balls peeping out. Smooth legs. Well to me he doesn't seem to be that sick.
It probably will be a minor operation, or the operation already took place. Boyfriend made this picture for the family photobook.


mon 29 june: Tattoo
I love men with ink! The ones you see today are real works of art! I am planning to extend my  tattoo as well. There is something addictive to ink.
For years I have not done new ones, now that I discovered the Polynesian tattoos I want a big one.


sun 28 june: Hairy legs
Feeling the hair on this man's legs is be great. I like man's package to be shaved, but I love hair on his legs.
It can feel soft and furry, it can feel like barbed wire too. 


sat 27 june: Amateur
So funny the difference between the first two pics (with grey tank top) and the one from the side in the blue t-shirt.
Is this amateur older in the first pictures, or is he just differently styled for it?


It was about time in the USA! Gay marriage is now legal. A happy day for all there, and here.  

fri 26 june: Cockpumpers
Well you know by now I get thrilled by pumping. And I made clear why too. What I will also like to mention is that pumping is an art too.
When you look at the first and third picture you have to agree with me that they are true powerfull pictures 
with a strong image of the beauty of pumping. The cock that turns into meat by it's fatness and it's particular colour.


thu 25 june: Bed
He must be pretty amazed by the thickness of his cock, looking at the gesture (hand on his head, like an "OMG"). 
I would be amazed too, but is it real? Now another thing I do not get is why a baseballcap, sport socks, 
and that really, really expensive Italian shoe do together in one pic! Do you dress up like a sportsguy with those shoes?
Too bad we do not see his balls, with such a dick he must have incedibly big nuts that hang low!


wed 24 june: Wank
Just a hot picture of a wanking young man, the grin of pleasure around his lips, the bouncing balls 
to accompany the rythmic movements of his dick.


tue 23 june: Perfection concerning low hangers
I did not resize the picture, because it is too good to not show  the original pic. So you really can see the beauty of his big hangers.
This is the true perfection of what a man's sack should be: flaccid with BIG hangers, hanging lower than his cock, even beyond it!



mon 22 june: Grip
To me this is one of a "gay classic" I have seen this picture many times before on the internet, 
it keeps fascinating me! For getting such a grip on your cock backhanded you must have a very big cock.


sun 21 june: Jeans
What I like to see: freeballers in jeans and nice bulges in jeans, the best to wear an old pair of jeans that really fit you well.
The denim a bit worn out, so that the fabric is thin on the right places.


I added 2 new pictures to the gallery


sat 20 june: Huge balls
So good so edible, I would fall on my knees immidiately, to taste his cock, to feel the smoothness 
of his sack to bite in the firmness of his big balls.


fri 19 june: CBT
The first pic is from Boblesclave. Who is torturing his balls and showing us in arty pics what he is doing to them. He is also a foot fetishist.
The second picture is just one I like, a man with his testicles bound to the ceiling, in pain and pleasure.


thu 18 june: Shower
Shower to get clean for sex. First picture from Zack (Oliver Frey), he might be inspired by those photos too.

wed 17 june: Native:
Sometimes I can be jalours of people who can run around naked all day, that is what this images reminded me of.
Probably it is all put into a scene, and those beautiful young men are decent lads that got some money to strip before the camera, 
but still.. As I stated in earlier posts, this is my summerhollidays finest moment: to arrive at the nudist camping, strip naked and put the tent on,
pump up the airmatrass and put the furniture at place. That is, for me, the real start of naked hollidays.



tue 16 june: Shorts:
Now that summer has almost begun, it is time for you guys to all through your jeans in the closets and wear your best shorts.
Not those awefull baggy American shorts that look like they have been made to be worn by girls as a skirt and hide all curves of manhood, as if we 
are sexless people. My advice: Take the finest sports shorts you can buy. With the thinnest fabric you can find, cut out the inner brief.
 Buy a tight one, so your actual size (the same as your underwear) and wear a cockring!



mon 15 june: Erection
A man is a visual creature I have always heard, that is why we tend to watch more porn than women. 
And the brain gives us all kinds of stimuli which causes arousal. The brain is the biggest sex organ we have. 
It makes us ready to have sex, or better said: it causes an erection.



sun 14  june: Jujuofnice
Jujuofnice certainly belongs here in the wall of (pump) fame. He is a French pumper who has a huge 
pumped sack half way his knees and big heavy testicles. 
On this video he is pumping outdoors. His groin is perfectly smooth, and the shitty part: he is straight! But I love watching
his pumped meat in that clear bullmaster. (After 3 minutes of pumping he takes his meat out,
 if you are not so patient to watch the whole vid).


sat 13  june: Beach
OK, maybe I am a fool! Listen: one day you go to the beach with your boyfriend and you start kissing, 
undressing and than you start: jogging?? Call me old fashioned, but I would do something else on the beach, when I am horny!


The beach was great, it was warm, I even went into the sea to cool down a bit. And I had some admireres too:) Cool to show myself, I made some new pics, although they are not the best I shot. I got some compliments of a famous dutch singer when walking to the sea. He told my I looked damn tasty! And I felt damn tasty too.


fri 12 june: Slave
That cute little smooth slave is tied down to the ground, getting the whip over his back, 
his little black ass in the air, while is big balls are waiting for some torture!
I would tie them up and split those vulnerable balls and have that rope around his arms 
on one side, his balls tied on the other side, so every time his back arches from the whip 
he would pull his balls, let's see how he responds to the whip than! 
On second thought: a big plug in his butt and a humbler would be nice too!

Today it will be a tropical day in the Netherlands, that is over 30 degrees Celsius in Hilversum 
(where the Dutch meteorologic centre is). So I will be on the beach again today. I will be going by bike, because that beach, nude beach is a bit hidden, like most beaches of that kind are. As a preparation I will be pumping, because it is so fucking horny to be big & nude. It is so good to walk near the coast line with huge testicles swaying between your legs and a fat cock to contra-move with it. Also I will be giving credits to my exhibitionistic side: (big) freeballing in shorts on my bike. Will my balls stay hidden or will they peep out now and than? I will be innocent and not knowing...


thu 11 june: Kalabro
One of my favorite artists is Kalabro. He is drawing BDSM pictures mostly: at Twitter @Kalabro1
His fantasies are about torture: drowning, electocution, punches in the stomach, but  I like the cbt pictures most.

wed 10 june: Car
"Baby you can drive my car", is the song that popped into my head as I came across these two pics. 
I remember those two things about sex in a car, when my BF sucked me while driving to my mom's, 
and the time we went on hollidays when it was that warm my sack was flaccid and I played with my balls the whole time,
and had them out of my shorts.


tue 9 june: Public
Feeling on top of the world, fucking skyhigh
, I would call this gif.


mon 8 june: Cone
When I saw this picture I had to think about something else,cone shaped, dripping down the shaft..
I named the cum picture "done" earlier, like "cone", only it sounds differently. I would love 
to lick that icecream out of his hand the right one I would add for all.


sun 7 june: King
Nice song, even a better clip.


sat 6 june: Suck
Suck off that great cock!
It is made for long and deep throating.

I added 4 new pictures


fri 5 june: Milking
I love sex toys! Cockrings, pumptubes, dildos and you name it! Dressing up in rubber, or leather( more my style). 
Now the guy in this picture sure has a fine collection. This milking machine sure is beautiful! Imagine yourself totally helpless sucked off by a machine.
It is mechanical, but still the machine will get the job done, than after cumming the session will not end. You stay hard because of the vacuum,
 it will continiously jerk you off, untill -this first exciting moment- will become a torture. You will beg your Master to end it:)


thu 4 june: Unwrap
Suppose you take a date with you home, or (have him) undressed in a bar, and he reveals his cock (and balls) for the first time. 
Isn't that the most exciting seconds there is with a date? To see what he has in store for you?


wed 3 june: NewbiePumpLover
My other favorite is Newbiepumplover. It is great to see his evolution, starting with a cockpump, 
than his whole package and now filling with saline too. He gets so incredibly big that he can hardly walk, he stated.
He also has a great body, so pump your package but stay skinny, than you can get my votes. I love to see pumpers starting early.



tue 2 june: Massively hung lad
One of my favorite pumpers, exhibitionist and ballstretcher is Massively hung lad, you can find him on Xtube.
He is not a regular pumper, but when he does his cock mainly he gets that great fat tubefiller cock. 
Mostly he likes to walk around at his college with his ballstretcher and cockring in loose shorts. Now you need to have balls to do that!
He doesn't wait till the crowd is gone, he really does it openly! I like th
at slim and lean skinny man with his big tool. This is the ultimate contrast.

mon 1 june: Pumper:
Horny and great, this pumper. So nice to find a man like this on the internet, 
would be even greater to meet him in real life. What a beautiful big package, 
and what a hot juicy fat uncut cock! Is not his pink cockhead inviting?


If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.



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