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thu 30 jun Metro
Metro is probably not the correct english word, subway is the one. Anyhow this is a scene I would like to see (and join).
Two men kissing and wanking in a public place. Not so common anymore with homofobic people around today.
But to have the guts to make out in public than you deserve a medal.


wed 29 jun PA
Many years ago when I was 26 years old I got my PA. It was my first piercing. I remember how nervous I was. In that time piercings were hot!
You saw lots of them. It makes me happy the PA is still put into man's cocks nowadays. It is the greatest piercing for men there is!
So I'd suggest every man get's one when he enters adult life.

tue 28 jun Chaps
It is not only the beautiful smooth and thick irrisistible cock that made me choose  today's picture, it is also the chaps he is wearing.
Wearing chaps gives you the instant need for sex and for exhibitionism.
Crotch and ass is shown at their best. Lying on a motorcycle gives you the perfect Tom of Finland scenery.


mon 27 jun CBT
Wow, hell of heavy CBT! How on earth is it possible without injuries? I would prefer the middle one for starters, pretty painful too I'd think!
But I love that itch in my nuts.


sun 26 june  Jotto
Always hot, always some interesting scenes. I like this one. The victim deprevated from his surroundings by a VR glasses,
suffering from electro pulses on his genitals and his nipples and have his balls drained.
The 'doctor' leaving the room for a couple of hours more so the glass is filled with cum by than.

sat 25 june  What a man!
Because the permission to reblog was denied, I post it here. Too good not to show to you all! What a man: that cock fits great to the big balls.



fri 24 june Pumpers
Pumping cock, pumping cock and balls, always a great sight, and great results.
The last one could also be slightly siliconed, but I am not sure. It is a damn hot cock though:)


thu 23 june Peter Berlin
Peter Berlin is a photografer, born in 1942 in Germany. In de mid 70ies he started portraiting himself in his self made clothes.
He was a gay icon in his time. Still his work is recognizable and erotic.



wed 22 june Balls
Wow what a great stretch this man has, and look at his balls, the veins filled to the max! He certainly is not a beginner!



tue 21 june Hangers
Always good to encounter some nice hangers, I enjoy them!


mon 20 june  Pumper nuts
Awesome pumped and maybe infused or siliconed balls, very hot. Great to have such bouncing balls between your legs.
What has he got around his cock? It is thick and smooth, like it is still tubed?



sun 19 june Shorts
Shorts and briefs are only there to cover the contents, time to reveal the goodies inside!

I added 4 new pics to my personal gallery, and I ordered 10 bottles of glucose 5% after quite a long time: ready to bulge again!! Will show you the pics in the gallery! Looking forward to share with you guys.

sat 18 june  Trail
As you might know I am a fan of shaved and smooth men. There is an exeption to that rule,
as always: a treasure trail can be quite horny!


fri 17 june Skinny
I like men when  they are skinny, we do not need gymrats who are only absorbed by the size of their chest and biceps.
Who are looking in the mirror all day or stare at themselves in the shop windows. No a man is quite alright when he is pure and aware of himself!


thu 16 june  Precummer
Nice to see strings of precum dripping from a cockhead. A sign of increasing horniness, a sing of alert! Sex will take place! Ready for action.
Also precum is a tasty product of man, the honney fluid will attract others to participate in the action to come.


wed 15 june  It's got to be....perfect
How do you define the perfect cock? Well it should be uncut ( but as the cock on the pic, some cut cocks are  beautiful too! It should be at least
7 inches long when erect, but it should not be a throat or ass killer!
and a set of big balls are needed too. The testicles should hang, as low as possible. The cockhead has to match the shaft, I am not a  big knob fan!
Public hair is allowed, but trimmed. No need for bushes! Also hair on the legs is allowed but trimmed.
These cocks are some good example of what a perfect cock should look like!

tue 14 june  DMC Dante
Do you remember my 29 febr post? The one called Clip? A superhero entering the toilets and ends up fucking the guy that is already there? 
He seems to be an excisting character called DMC (Devil May Cry) Dante. Boyish and cute. 
The combination of blue eyes and black hair always is hot! I wish there were more nude pics of him.
He has a pretty bulge in his trousers, and I saw a review You Tube of him being commented.
 In this clip his trailer is attacked and we see him being exploded out of his trailer nude
 ( the guy sleeps nude!) Ofcause (how prudish) there are objects flying away to hide his genitals.



mon 13 june Hot PA man
I love to see a man with a nice cock, and with a Prince Albert in it. I have had my PA for over 25 years now,
and never regretted one second. It is the piercing every man should have.





sun 12 june Couple
Just a nice set of men. Are their 'sizes' real, or photoshopped? Anyhow, a couple you want to join and admire.
Gay or put together for the picture? I do not know. Anyhow, they fit together.


sat 11 june  Hair
The style of 2015-2016 for men. Look around and you see all kind of variations on it.
Soccerplayers are the ones who are trendsetters nowadays. Is not this the 'coiffure' David Beckham started?

fri 10 june Harry Bush
Next to Rocket, from yesterday, Harry Bush is still number 2 (Tom of Finland is the first). Harry shows real craftmanship by using the pencil without computer animation, or help.
True knowlege of anatomy and able to create real horny pictures of his gay fanatasy.


thu 9 june Rocket
I have got a thing for gay art, maybe because I like to draw gay scenes myself. Rocket is one of my favorites as well.
Here are some examples. Hope you enjoy them too!


wed 8 june Hugestretch
Nice low balls, love it!



tue 7 june Big plumb balls
Mmmm, this man's genitals are close to perfection, at least his balls are. Nicely big and hanging low.
I'd suggest him to pump together with me and see what that brings to his balls, I would want to see it double sized.



mon 6 june Parts
Nice arty pics of our most beloved body parts: our genitals! Beautiful when soft, irresistible when hard!



sun 5 june Impressive
What would you do when you saw this man in a leather bar? Would not you want to grab him by his huge bloated nuts first?
Or are you more of an ass-man and fuck him first, or fistfuck him and feel his huge package slam against yours? I would love to take that impressive
sack into both of my hands and lick it, and squeeze those huge testicles. I would try to get those big bloated testicles into my mouth.
 Which probably is an impossible job!


sat 4 june Wet
Not only is this picture in HD, it is also highly suggestive. Two beautiful men playing with water out of a hose.
Ofcause this is ment erotic. Two men longing for the cum out of a big cock! Why else would their expressions be so clearly extatic?
This is not the expression of pure thirst.


fri 3 june Super massive meat





thu 2 june Exhibitionism
This doesn't need no further comment:)


1 june Dr Bjorn
I found him while surfing my tumblr blog, he is found here. He is a totally hot man!




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