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fri 30 june Frottage
Rubbing your stuff against another body, or even better another hard cock.

thu 29 june Ass & cum
 Innocent ass made slutty by the string of fresh cum.

wed 28 june 3some
When two are just not enough..


tue 27 june Plumb
Well, plumb is not really the right title I ment, but I just do not know how to translate it.
I ment how  the dude's cock lies in his underwear, and that it looks heavy.



  mon 26 june Hangers
Nice hangers, some guys are just so lucky! The only thing is we have to infuse half a litre
and pump his package for about 4 hours before we do him!


sun 25 june Beached
Very inviting pose of his package. Sure we want to see what he carries inside that speedo.
A Tumblr friend of mine who is a devoted ballpumper spiced the picture up! Yes I would love to see balls like that on the beach!!
Thanks Ronny!


sat 24 june Kris
Talking about mutants there are a lot of fake pics on the internet, we all know that. Mostly it's pictures that have been altered in the specific areas:)
But more and more we even see morphed gifs, like this one of Kris Evans, the collegue of Jack, or even his competitor.


fri 23 june Mutants
 I like these pictures of men with huge cocks, and even when it is larger than life it arrouses the sexual drive in me.
It is kind of like the living proof that Tom of Finland, or Patrick Fillion men excist!
Although it is fake, we should welcome these mutant men.


thu 22 june Angel or devil
Well, probably a  devil looking at his wings and pointed tail, but
Patrick did a wonderful job again imaginating big-dicked men.

wed 21 june Uncut
Despite all religions I think a man should be uncut.
I love that wet shiny glanses when the foreskin is pulled backwards.
This is how man is born, so stay away from it untill the man himself can decide wheather or not he wants it cut.



tue 20 june I'd know what I'd do
What a view! I'd know what I'd do with this guy and his beautiful hangers!




mon 19 june Bastille
Great song and I love that British English! The singer also is a handsome guy. And I do not mean the first one who appears:)

sun 18 june  Shadow
 Freshly showered friend needs some attention!

sat 17 june Eyes
 Baby's got blue eyes!

fri 16 june Peep
Clothes are only there to hide the most beautiful parts of a man. So, let's get rid of it!
Show us the goodies!

thu 15 june Slave receiving CBT
Slave who is having his balls fucking tight stretched on a board receiving hits on his family jewels
with a pad. Must be painful looking at his hands that try to avoid the hits.



 I added 2 new pics to my gallery








wed 14 june Destor777
Some CBT artwork, the victim is really having a hard time when he gets his balls destroyed!



tue 13 june Athlete
Definately a beautiful body, the thing that is mising is a big cock and some big heavy hangers between his legs!

mon 12 june Nespresso
What else! That is what crossed my mind when I had to give this picture an altenative title.

sun 11 june Jack Harrer
Quote from Bel Ami site: "Jack's first video interview included him wearing a Rastafarian wig and joking about smoking weed, creating the mistaken impression that he is a pothead.
Customers should understand that he is a 27-year-old (as of 2017) maverick who likes to tease and provoke;
this is why he is shooting porn. Jack is also equal parts sweet and stubborn; it took G. Duroy well over a year to figure
out how to work with him properly and earn his trust. Jack likes to dress in his own style ("he looks shabby, but trust me, it's not so cheap," George says)
and harbors a great passion for cars and his pet chameleons. As a performer, he is quite flexible and very good on top or bottom. "I believe in the end
he will be as good a top as Dano Sulik was, but with the addition of a huge dick," George says. Jack is instantly turned on by a chance to show off
his fat boner and he enjoys when other people play with it."
As for my opinion: I love his boyish looks and also his big balls (very underestimated on pornstars).
He is my favorite pornstar, next to Jesse Karson. He turns to be more handsome as he ages!

Dick size: 18.5
Dick type: Thick
Zodiac: Aries
Hair color: Brown Light
Weight: 68
Height: 174
Eye color: Blue

sat 10 june  Striptease
There is something exciting about strippers, the way they are totally confident
with their bodies, and  the need to exhibit in public.
It is so horny!


fri 9 june Bondage
Nice and tight. I love how his sack is stretched to great length,
and I think it's not even to the max!


thu 8 june Saline
Incredible and beautiful salined genitals. This dude is slim, what gives his bloated meat a XXL look.
Besides he is smooth and that gives his boyish body an amazing horny appearance!


wed 7 june Pumper's meat
 Huge pumped and maybe salined meat, wiggling and swaying upon the eyes of the viewer.


tue 6 june Horse
  I guess this is a true picture.

mon 5 june Draw
Hot and nice piece of art.

 I added a new video to Xtube & als to be seen at my video page

sun 4 june Swim
Just so cute and sexy! Great body, love the tattoo, his hard abs,
and that little blue swimbrief should be massaged asap.
 So we can see that hot latin meat of his grow to full potential.

sat 3 june Tease
Totally helpless, gagged and chained your slave lies there on your bed, his sack smooth and loose,
his big balls as cumfilled containers spread over his legs. True, that the only thing you want to do as a
Master is teasing your slave and making those balls aware of the fact they are in pain!
Also true is the only thing the slave is supposed to be aware of is his submittance to his Master.

 I added 3 new pics to my gallery.
What greater joy it is to go to the beach, pumped and injected with glucose, with cockring and ballstretchers and walk the seashore half erected, and showing yourself to the public? 

fri 2 june Bath
All turns soft and juicy in bath. Although not all things stay soft. Beautiful tube formed cock with a nice big, suckable head!


thu 1 june Bulged men
The first picture I am sure of is a siliconed man: 80 ml in his cock, 420ml in his sack.
The other one I am not sure could be pumped (and infused) could be siliconed as well. Anyhow I LOVE that 2nd man with his ringed sack!


 A couple of days ago Tom Dumoulin won the Italian Giro. Now personally I think Tom is a very hot man. I like his dark hair, his mouth and eyes and his dark beard that gives him something wild, and his lean body.  But I do have concerns about his bulge. That does not seem to be pronounced, in fact it is rather flat! Perhaps it is the strains of these Tour that makes all the blood go to his legs?


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