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trying to find the essentials of male gay sex in my own way ..

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tue 31 march: Fake
I think we have no idea how often we are fooled by the pictures we see. How to tell wheater they are photoshopped and when
they are real? When you look at both pics down here below, they both look real and it's not visible the left picture has been edited. So there is hope for all of us medium build boys: the real big cocks are fake! But that is wishfull thinking from my point of view. Big cocks are great to look at and to dream about, but let's be honnest, isn't it great to swallow a whole cock when you deepthroat, or just the head because it simply is too huge? with fucking it is kind of the same thing, sometimes you wish for a big cock, but  when you have the feeling you're ripped apart, you wished for a cock of normal size. Although it is a great feeling when you slide down a big one. Am I right or wrong?

 fake1.jpg (144850 bytes)

mon 30 march: Cock out
Hot, when a stiffening cock is flipping out of underwear! Specially with
this kind of gridth and a set of low hangers like this.

sun 29 march:
Cool down in the pool.
What a hottie, who skinny-dipped to show us his gorgeous lean and smooth body. Wouldn't you like to pop up between his firm legs and work that nice flaccid cock till it gets rockhard and suck the cum out of his big balls, while you work his pierced nipples?

pool123.jpg (72017 bytes)

sat 28 march: Peep
Summer is comming again, the time men slide out of their clothes and start wearing something less concealing. Than there is a chance that this goal is not quite feasible. The short is not long enough, or the speedo's elastic lost it's tightness. Genitals peep out. This is always one of the great things of summer: bulging shorts and a glimpse of what is underneath shown accidentally or deliberately.

peep22.jpg (46607 bytes) peep61.jpg (119684 bytes)

fri 27 march: Bondage
These two men are captured by bondage. They are tied by the balls by tight ropes. Now way out. And when they try the pull on their sacks will increase to keep them calm as long as their Masters want them too. And what a lovely sight they give!

bondage26.jpg (35548 bytes) bondage27.jpg (65568 bytes)

thu 26 march: Huge hangers
When you're a pumper you know the feeling of having big hanging
dangling balls between your legs. It is not only the super male feeling of the big nuts  swaying it is also an awareness of being a bull. The hangers are also an eye catcher. Who doesn't like the looks of them, and the eagerness to touch them, stretch them and squeeze them?

hugehangers35.jpg (42653 bytes) hugehangers47.jpg (34356 bytes) hugehangers48.jpg (35812 bytes) hugehangers49.jpg (289792 bytes)

wed 25 march: Master
Why should a master always be a hairy Daddy type of man? Once on Ibiza I was treated by a guy who was younger than me, but he was a hell of a good dominant man and he damn well treated me the way I like! He dragged me over the darkroom floor, made me offer him my ass and he fucked me teasingly, after he made me suck him deep so that his cock and balls were dripping from my saliva. Most of all I was in total surprise of his dominance, which of all things I did not expect. The picture reminded me of that.

master3.jpg (201974 bytes)

tue 24 march: 3 some
Three times more fun.

3some.jpg (48494 bytes)

mon 23 march: Milk
Some time ago I read the fantasy story of a twink who ended up in a kind of factory for sperm production. He was milked 24/7 and stimulated on his cock and balls with electodes and anal stimulation. The story was hot, and these pictures are illustrating  the story. Due to the constant milking their balls grew huge and they were given extra proteins and testosterone to get extra sperm.

milk2.jpg (200729 bytes) milking14.jpg (98866 bytes)

sun 22 march: Perfection
This gif is incredible, look at the guys huge nuts swinging while he wanks his cock, he even tries to stop the swinging with his left hand, maybe it is unpleasant (which I can not imagine) maybe to please the photographer and us and make us aware of the great swingers he has.

sat 21 march: Confession & tattoo part III
I have a confession to make. The first picture was photoshopped by me. The man who we see from the rear, hasn't got this big balls as shown in reality. I thought it would be hot to try to make them bigger and hanging lower. You can see at the edge of the closet a part is missing, and a bit of his leg, near his buttock is also not quite as it should be. This picture made a glorious reblog and ' like' tour on Tumblr. I must admit it looks horny, but unfortunately it is fake. To let you know there are men with big hangers, look at the other pics  as well.

hugehangers2.jpg (38705 bytes) hugehangers21.jpg (28339 bytes) hugehangers29.jpg (45708 bytes)
Today my tattoo
is finished. The part III
tattoo.jpg (1029171 bytes)
tattoo2.jpg (64278 bytes)

fri 20 march: Bel Gris
I love the big Spanish chorizo of Bel Gris, a straight porn actor.
Not only an eyecatcher for women, but I like his looks too. Although I have not seen him in action (in a movie) I only saw his pictures and the wanking vid here included.
belgris.jpg (113109 bytes) belgris2.jpg (315967 bytes) 
Today there was an eclips, but due to heavy clouds I didn't see anything of it. I'll wait for the next one.

thu 19 march: Tom of Finland
The art of Tom doesn't need any comment. He makes our leather fetishist's fantasies come true.

tom1.jpg (30611 bytes) tom2.jpg (73922 bytes) tom3.jpg (64928 bytes) tom4.jpg (83257 bytes) tom40.jpg (69946 bytes) tom5.jpg (162171 bytes)

wed 18 march: Army
One of the advantages and definately the only one, of being in the army for me were my voyeuristic needs being forefilled. It was always cool to observe the fellow roommates waking up and get ready for a new day.
Great to start the day with a view on those hard morning boners.

army4.jpg (46366 bytes)


tue 17 march: Thom Barron
I think Thom Barron of Cazzo movies is one of the hottest pornstars, although he probably doesn't make pornmovies anymore. The was born in Germany, Karlsruhe in 1971, so now he will be 44 years old. He made a lot of Cazzo movies, and his thick cock and big balls were ofcause legendary. Thom was one of the six actors that posed nude in the German Reichstag (Parliament), and the photos were published all over the world.

thombarron.jpg (106484 bytes) bild.jpg (66785 bytes)

mon 16 march: Cum
Nothing hotter than to see a man cum; the most intimate thing there is. And no better thing than to swallow cum when you're sucking: the warm creamy reward of your efforts to please the man you like. When you start, you finish..

cum2.jpg (22376 bytes) cum4.jpg (65726 bytes) cum5.jpg (30035 bytes)

sun 15 march: Balls +
Sometimes this man posts his pictures, always side views, always with his balls tightly split and showing his big hard cock. The only thing that changes are his clothes, and it is so damn hot! I always wonder if he is a bussiness man taking selfies at work?

balls+82.jpg (38964 bytes) balls+84.jpg (21122 bytes) balls+18.jpg (80493 bytes) balls+2.jpg (70676 bytes)

sat 14 march: Blue
This young man, unaware of his attactive power, concentrated of what is said or done. A photo made from the side to show his impressive bulge. Is there some sexual arousal? Or is he wearing a cockring to push his flesh more forward? Maybe he is just simply well hung. 

blue2.jpg (61426 bytes)

fri 13 march: Sack
This is a hot man, his latino looks, so his tanned skin, and dark hair. His dreamy look into the camera and his tattoo around his arm. His bodyhair has been taken care of. A goatee and moustache, his chesthair trimmed. His pubic hair short.  And ofcause his nice uncut cock  and the flaccid skin of his sack with his right testicle  pulled up makes you want to take it in your mouth to smoothen it again and take way the tension by sucking him dry!

sack.jpg (71503 bytes)

I added 3 pictures to my personal gallery. Yes I did some pumping again:)

thu 12 march: Rex
The art of Rex is beautiful, alsways in black and white, always horny.

rex.jpg (50152 bytes) rex2.jpg (334759 bytes) rex3.jpg (246813 bytes)


wed 11 march: Pumpers
It is about time I post some pumping pictures here. Do I need to explain why I find them so gorgeous? Do I need to explain why I like big heavy balls in fleshy sacks and fat cocks with delicious foreskins so much? Probably not, if else you're not on the right website:)

pumper.jpg (36993 bytes) pumper2.jpg (36725 bytes) pumper3.jpg (17704 bytes) pumper4.jpg (77019 bytes)


tue 10 march: Pull balls
Today is my 52th birthday. And I am old enough to know what I like and what I don't. I like to have my balls pulled like the one in the picture. Having my nuts in a firm grip of a partner. When he's rolling  them in that firm grip and when he pulls them down. That great feeling of pain & pleasure combined. You can squeeze the cum out of my nuts with a treatment like that: I love it! My partner knows how I like it, and I always ask my other sex partners to take my balls, I often notice they are a little bit scared to treat them roughly.

pullballs.jpg (88209 bytes) pullballs13.jpg (17857 bytes) pullballs14.jpg (31917 bytes)

mon 9 march:
Harry Bush
Harry Bush is one of the greatest gay male artists to my opinion. I like his sketchy way of drawing, it is unpolished and straight forward. He has a thing for big uncut  cocks and big balls. The way how he draws those cocks is so  accurate you wish you could touch them. And the "I was the nerd.." is a classical work!

harry.jpg (84257 bytes) harry4.jpg (47161 bytes) harry8.jpg (94993 bytes) bush2.jpg (62158 bytes) Bush_nerd.jpg (116353 bytes)

sun 8 march  Chaps
You probably know the feeling: at daytime you have to dress up according to the work's standard: maybe a suit and a t
ie, maybe you're allowed to go to work more basic or you wear rougher clothing because of the work you do. And than weekend comes, you're hot and horny and want to get off. So on Fridaynight you decide to go leatherbar or other cruising facilities. And than chaps can be really a way to dress up. Heavy boots, chaps and maybe a jock, maybe a shirt or a tanktop. And when it gets later and the beers you had are more than you can still count on one hand, you just go naked, with only that chaps and the boots left. As cool as you can you start cruise the darkroom's corners and look what goes around. That chaps make you feel slutty, the leather feels great, your butt looks gorgeous in it..

OK, so much for the fantasy, but a chap is really a good piece of clothing in the leather scene, makes you show everything and still wearing something: leather!! This image is a classic picture to me. And a damn hot one too!

chaps.jpg (43929 bytes)

sat 7 march '15: Beach:
Nothing more relaxing than a day on the nude beach. No greater joy than the sun burning on your bare testicles and cock and  your ass. Besides that it is a great way to show off and look around yourself. Best memories of my vacation are on the beach were you can observe all those men  and get horny after a day of sun. The sexual arousal increasing by the hour, when those men, and you, are cooling down in the sea to get rid of the boner and, at the same time, showing off their flesh in an innocent but also very obvious  way.

beach46.jpg (49725 bytes) beach478.jpg (136834 bytes) beach479.jpg (137950 bytes) beach95.jpg (115332 bytes)

fri 6 march '15 Amateurs:
The raw and unpolished pictures of amateurs strike me everytime. The camera put in place to make a private pic, that somehow ends up on the internet pages. To impress possible future partners on dating sites, for their own collection to compare themselves to other men, or sometimes done by ex-partners to nail someone on the cross. But always horny and hot! And the possibilities today with mobile phones with build in cameras are endless. I love it!

amateur.jpg (119332 bytes) amateur22.jpg (54515 bytes)

thu 5 march Punks:
Sometimes pictures are opening questions about the where, when, who, what and why. What is the story behind this picture. This does the same to me. Where are the two guys in this picture, who are they? Why are they there on that specific spot and what is this picture trying to tell? Two young men standing in a kind of bus, or camper are looking straight at us, somewhat brutal, somewhat provocating. Both tattooed, the guy on the right has the message: journey to the end tattooed on his upper chest. The guy on the right gives us a two finger devil gesture. Both their upperbodies are naked. A red curtain hangs behind them as they stand in the door of the bus. So it looks like they live there. There is also a blanket beside the curtain. The guy on the left still has his T-shirt around his neck, as if he just took it off. To go to the shower, or to do some labour. The reflection of the window shows us two or three persons, they look like girls, but I am not sure. Anyhow this picture has a sexual tension in itself.

punks.jpg (164978 bytes)


wed 4 march  Smooth:
Smooth or hairy, that is the question. When I grew up, the style was hairy. The porn pics I had to live with were the ones that are called vintage nowadays. I didn't like the hairy looks and I was very glad we invented to use the razor for more than just the beard. All started because of the fitness hype that than started. Men wanted to show muscles without bodyhair covering the flesh.  I love men smooth and neat. Now hipsters turn back time, or maybe react to the smooth way of life. Bodyhair is on it's return. For my pleasure men are perfect without any hair beside their heads and sometimes a weekend beard. Good we can choose what we want to look like. And I am glad there are still men who prefer to be smooth too.

tue 3 march Jongens:
Saturday I saw a comming-out film on Dutch tv, called "Jongens" (Mischa Kamp, Boys, 2014). Very good filmwork, really nice close-ups. Not a lot of dialogues, but that doesn't interfere with the atmosphere and the story this film is telling. It even decreases the tension between the two boys, which is
literally splashing through the screen! 
Gijs Blom (#1) and Ko Zandvliet (#2) are the two main characters. This film won the best Dutch Family film, and the Zlin award in Czech Republic. Don't expect a lot of nudity, expect a fine circle-ing around the theme of gay teen male love.

gijsblom.jpg (28989 bytes)1.  kozandvliet.jpg (33377 bytes) 2. jongens.jpg (267325 bytes) 


mon 2 march Outdoors:
Do you know that rush of being outdoors naked, and in public? And than having sex when you're being watched?  Or having the possibility of being caught in the act? I love it! Or expose yourself with your favorite toys on a streetparty? That gives my sexlife a big boost! I love to watch too. So I am kind of an exhibitionist as well as a voyeur. Would love to have my balls hang as low as the ones of the man in the 4th pic!

_outdoors19.jpg (100572 bytes) _outdoors20.jpg (65745 bytes) _outdoors63.jpg (45662 bytes) _outdoors7.jpg (118642 bytes)

sun 1 march  Native & the tattoo part II:
I was wondering what it would be like  to be (almost) naked every day. And I know, I have been to nudists camping more than twice. And I like to be nude on the beach. But this is different, he is probably (un)dressed like this 365/24/7. I am kind of jealous he can. The second question I have is why is he covering his face? Is he a warrior, or working with chemicals? But than nudity is not healthy. Or is he only dressed like this to provide a horny picture? He looks like a VietCong warrior to me, but the tattoos may be deceiving and also his nipples are pierced, which is not really an outfit for a warrior. When you google JNAWSH2 you surf to a model's site. So he probably is a hot gay hunk dressed up for a kinky picture to provide us with tropical fantasies. 
Also my part II tattoo, done yesterday. I made a picture while pumping behind the laptop.

native3.jpg (116982 bytes)  foto.jpg (58764 bytes)

If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.