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thu 31march Foreskin
Very nice uncut cock without a frenulum, the little piece of flesh that keeps the foreskin kind of short. 
He can really move his foreskin way further than most of us uncut guys can! He must be great to suck and chew on that awesome foreskin.


  wed 30 march Slave II
Slaves with harnasses, butplugs and masks to deprive them. 
Than working them with ropes, even lift them up in bondage, 
all to let them know they are helpless and that Master is in controle over him.



tue 29 march Milking
I love to see technique to please the slave in rubber. What a great milking device. Will it be humiliating to be sucked off by a machine?



mon 28 march BALLS
Just not much comment needed: these are just SUPER BALLS.
Happy Easter!


sun 27 march Captain America
I love this kind of animations: Captain is stroking his cock and licks away the precum, than takes cock at hand and shoot a great load.
But is is over before you know. I kind of miss the last drops, and a deep sigh at the end,
 but the artist who made it must have had enough work of this clip to do this.



sat 26 march Hair advice
While surfing the internet I came across a hair style advice for spring 2016. 
To my greatest joy I read that beards are OUT!
So all you hipsters, get the razor or the trimmer, beards are no longer in fashion. Thank God! I like a man to have a stubble but no
t a beard.
Besides that I can not imagine guys wanting to have a beard that makes them look 20 years older. Here is the fashion advice for 2016.
Ofcouse I picked my choise:) I love guys with realy SHORT hair in the neck and the sides, and cool longer hair to grab when you want them to suck:)



fri 25 march  Marco
Marco Gagnon is a porn actor, as you might have assumed:) He is from Montreal, Canada.
French speaking. That is why his (actor's) name is Gagnon. He is cute, and hot, and love his rear picture.
And what a relief to see a ver
satile actor for a change!




thu 24 march Cum
What more to say to these fresh cream squirting dudes?




wed 23 march  Chris Diamond
Chris is a straight Spanish pornactor who lives in Barcelona, born on March 5th 1991. He has a great lean body, quite natural, and a huge juicy cock!
A nice geisha tattoo on his chest. Now the one thing he should not do is opening his mouth and
stick his tongue out. It does not make him cuter. For the rest if he were gay he would be a competitor for Jesse and Jack.




tue 22 march Windows
Windows give you the opportunity to expose yourself and being seen from outdoors. 
So men being naked before the windowscreens expose themselves to the world and the world looks back.
 The two way traffic and communication is set: exhibitionists and voyeurs kept at their places by a glass screen.
The only exeption to this rule is the man in the middle picture, no longer a captive of this thin glass line, he breaks out!




mon 21 march Blond
There is something about blond guys, I like them, but that is not the only thing. Blond guys seem to be innocent.
 Blond hair and blue eyes have this apperance of awakening youth but when you're that well endowed as he is, 
he must have been aware of his sedductiveness all his adult life, and probably before he reached that age.




sun 20 march Huge pilar of man meat
Don't know what to comment, just watch it. The title says it all.




sat 19 march Sucking Jack
There is that thing about Jack Harrer's cock. It is thick and I think over 21 cm.
Would love to suck him dry. His balls are, and that is a rare thing also very big. That makes his package so bloody damn perfect!



fri 18 march Balls+
You have testicles like the post from yesterday, and you have balls+, these are balls that are treated roughly!
Not for the faint at heart, but for real men that want to feel their nuts burn and ache. 
Roped and have weights on them, or tightly roped and squeezed.




thu 17 march  Testicles
Today is testicle Thursday, man's producer of testosterone, but also organs I am in love with.




wed 16 march Selfsucker
Just a great post on JPeter's tumblr blog



tue 15 march Feel
You make me feel, mighty real!




mon 14 march Wrestlers
Look at those pictures, wresting seems to be a pretty horny sport! Men in tight lycra suits, almost transparant, so hot you can even cum while doing a game!
Well I have some doubts about that last two pictures, but the first too are convincing enough to let me know it is fun to do, and also fun to watch!




sun 13 march Fuck
This top knows what to do, first have a good rim, relax the bottoms ass before he can enter and ride him!





sat 12 march Deep
Two talented men showing how we are supposed to be sucked: deep and wet. 
That makes sucking so much more pleasurable than fucking!




fri 11 march Sloppy sack
Today is sloppy sack Friday. Most beautiful state of the ballsack: balls hanging low in it, ready to play with.
The guy in the picture as a good example: his ballsack skin is totally relaxed, showing almost no wrinkles as if it is made from silk!




thu 10 march  Jazeker saline
Today is my birthday, that is why I display 'Jazeker"  here, because he is my favorite pumper and saline infuser.
He infuses right into his cock
here and it becomes a great and delicious plumb saucage!




wed 9 march  Grip
Get a grip on the situation, and take cock at hand!



tue 8 march  Never too big
Just imagine if it were true... You could be skippyballing around your nuts all day, how would that be?



mon 7 march Peep
Shorts are made for good weather. We wear them when the sun shines, we wear it when we go sporting. 
It is hot to wear them without briefs underneath. Letting the package sway and display the bulge when walking.
Revealing it to your audience.




sun 6 march Slimandhung
You know my preferences by now I guess: Slim, shaved and pumped. And who do you come up with than?
Yes, definately SlimandHung, a German pumper who is totally smooth and has a great big pumped package.
The way he beats his swollen nuts in this clip is beyond amazing!
He knows what a  pumper needs!


sat 5 march Willing
I love a man's rear end: the way cock starts at his ass, balls in between, 
certainly when it's shaved smooth. All that three points of lust: ass, balls and cockhead in one view.




fri 4 march  Slave
Helpless and horny, left to the care of the top. How will he tease you, inflict disciplinary punishment and pleasure to you


thu 3 march  Saline
Great work, filled off to the max, heavy sack & fat cock. Just ready, still leacking. 
You can almost feel the weight of his huge package shown to us in a nice close up!
Become that mega man too!




wed 2 march Rubber
No one can say that rubber is not sexy! Look at the men below, how they have been made objects of lust 
by only leaving their cocks uncovered, does not it make the flesh more fleshy? Does not it emphasize the essentials?
 Do not they make you horny and want to do what you are supposed to do? Kneel down for them and suck them, 
or lube yourself up and roughly rape him?





tue 1 march TMatrixx
That is about all I know of this pumper his nickname. 
Looking at him he seems Latino to me. But I have made mistakes before. 
Just look at his pumped meat!



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