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     march 2017

Whatever catches my gay♂♂  attention


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fr 31 march Jesus
A modern icon of Jesus, but now of a well muscled man, bending his head, spreading his arms.
Come all ye that are in need, I will release you from suffering


thu 30 march Selfies
 First picture is for mummy, and they post both on Instagram.

wed 29 march Mighty heavy CBT
This really is heavy, I do not think I could handle this.



tue 28 march Hypnotizing
Greased and shining pulsating cock, really to keep staring at.


mon 27 march Exhibit
The shorts or trackerpants shoved aside to become acquainted with the delicious contents of those clothes.
Yes, definately best to get rid of those! But best things first: springtime is shortstime again!



sun 26 march Low
Oh, I love those hanging nuts so much! I get just NUTS of them.
Blessed young man with a loose sack and big balls like this.
The only thing, I think you can guess, he should have shaved his ass!


sat 25 march Every gay man's dream
This could be a gay man's dream, surrounded by huge wet hard cocks
to enjoy streams of precum and ejaculations!



fri 24 march Perfection
All of this man is perfect: his face and short cut hair, his eyes, his lips, his torso: not too muscular
but he is fit, his trimmed pubes and his nice fat cock and his balls are the cream on the cake: low hanging and big!


thu 23 march Jawbreaker
What is possible in comics, big huge cocks sliding in throats like there is nothing to it!


wed 22 march  Cockring
Nice all in one cockring.

tue 21 march Slave
Slave ready and presented to his Master: legs spread, cock erected, balls stretched and
blueish to be squeezed. Collar applied to guide his head and lips where Master wants them.


mon 20 march Sports
Sports are one of the great sites you can see half nude men, the lockerroom is the place to be.
Although men nowadays are pruder than let's say in the eighties, now and then you might get a glimps of cock.


  sun 19 march Thick dick wank
Nice to see this thick cockringed dick is  wanked and prepaired for ejaculation.
Would love to slide over him and have my ass split and filled with it!



sat 18 march Rex
One of the masters of gay art, Rex. Always in black and white a recognizable own style.


fri 17 march Huge dude
 The video speaks for itself.



thu 16 march Jotto
Cocky superman is handed down to doctors. They needs his supersperm.



wed 15 march Jamaica
The subtitle of this post on Tumblr was: "meanwhile in Jamaica". Well, we're not sure about that ofcause, but HELL this man has got a package!
I am about 80% sure he has been pumping his fat dick, looking at the sponginess of his meat and his bloated foreskin.



tue 14 march  Exhibitionist
 Brave man who walks out of the lobby of a hotel nude, wanking on the street.



mon 13 march Balls parade
A man's pride: big plumb testicles that hang low. Just for you to play with,
grab them, squeeze them and let the owner moan for pain and joy!



sun 12 march Torso
Hot lean and muscular body with a proud erection to match.
He invites you to sit on it and have a wild ride.


sat 11 march Swinger
Just swing your things, this man really is talented! The first thing you see is wanking cock,
 later on you see his stretched hangers swinging and dangle-ing for the pure joy of it!
I am kind of jealours of such great hangers!


fri 10 march Shape
Beautiful big dick, with a relatively small cockhead, nice big hangers. Perfect instrument to get fucked by though!


Today is my birthday, I became 54 years old. Damn, another year added!





thu 9 march Hair
You can almost thing the artist has been inspired by the guy's hairdo, but that is just coincidence I presume!



wed 8 march B&W
I kept the original sizes of these pictures, because they are so beautiful. This light through the window
on the man's body gives it a dreamy impression. Besides that it is like we are voyeurs of an intimate show.



tue 7 march Peep
 I found out that the Big Walnut is a highschool in the USA. Well, it seems that not only the walnut is big:)
 I wonder if the Walnut people will recognize this young man.


mon 6 march What?
Great artwork of a couple of guys on their bed. The left one shows a new toy, which to my opinion is an asspump.
 Too bad his nice thick erect cock is not pumped!


sun 5 march Sack skin
Now this is a nice sloppy sack! Would be very easy to drive a needle in and fill him up
with glucose or saline! I bet he can have a litre easily! Too bad we have to become aged before we get this far.

sat 4 march Hairy legs
 In most pictures of men models are used that are shaved and smooth.
And I do like smooth men I must say, but there is something so very sexy about hairy legs too.
You just want to carress those legs, feel the fur. All the way to his crotch. Like it is a hiway to horniness!



fri 3 march Rubber bondage
Slave tied on the bed with hands and probably legs tied to the bed's end.
He is dressed in rubber, gagged and masked, so his only organ of sense is his hearing.
His cock and balls tight in a rubber cockring and he seems to have a good time.



thu 2 march Extraordinarily
Two examples of extaordinairy genitals, first the low hanging sack of a pumper,
and secondly the big fat curved and pierced cock with big balls.
Nature has given us huge variation.



wed 1 march Pumpers
Always inspiring to see those hot pumpers transforming their genitals into meat!


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