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sun 31 may: Toys
I love cockrings in all sorts, metal ones, neoprene ones (very handy when you pump) and this one.
It seems to be tied to the jock and is solid. Is it part of more? It sure keeps cock and balls in a firm grip!

sun 31 may: Toys
I love cockrings in all sorts, metal ones, neoprene ones (very handy when you pump) and this one.
It seems to be tied to the jock and is solid. Is it part of more? It sure keeps cock and balls in a firm grip!

sat 30 may: Hangers
I just LOVE testicles, so male, so seductive. I specially love them when they are big (naturally or pumped) 
and they best hang low in the sack, the lower the better. I selected 3 beauties for today. To dream about, 
to think how they would feel and taste. Praise to testicles today! Glory to the man with such hangers.


fri 29 may: CBT
There are all kind of ways to CBT (cock & ball torture). First one, have a ballstretcher on and let a mate pull it, twist it and turn it.
Second:  have your balls busted by a mate. And last one, have your balls in bondage 
by two wooden sticks and tied to the ceiling. All effective to become a humble man!

thu 28 may: Pumper
Pump your meat, that is all I will comment today! The pictures speak for themselves.


wed 27 may: Smooth
Just shave yourself to be clean, hot and fresh. Another main reason is that your muscles will look more defined.
Besides that it feels so good to have a smooth body like this.
Imagine yourself oiled up, or totally creamed in with a sunblock or bodylotion! Would not that feel nice?


tue 26 may: Ulf
The German artist Ulf has his own recognizable style, who has been working for the gay community for years now. 
His work is more detailled than in his early days, but the software to make this kind of 3D artwork has evolved too.
First one is from 2001, the one on the right is from this year 2015.

mon 25 may: Testicles
You know my opinion about balls I hope, horniest part of a man's body. Too many times negleted in sex.
These men know how to present them! In a firm grip to let the veins swell and a kind caress to show their fullness, 
or just simply hanging down begging for attention.


sun 24 may: Shirt
The shirt definately is not the object of this picture. It only makes it more sexy. 
This young man surely is well endowed, that big vein over his cock makes it more tempting. 
The tattoos on his arms and chest combined with the fresher one on his forearm and the photoshopped smoothness of his skin,
all to make it more tasty. Mission accomplished? That is a matter of taste.


sat 23 may: Nightcrawler
My favorite Marvel comic hero is Nightcrawler, the German demonic guy in X-men: 
the pornografic character in my case. Althought the Nightcrawler from the movies is hot too
 and should have appeared naked there, or at least less dressed. Than I have not even mentioned 
my German pumper buddie with the same nickname!

 nightcrawler4.jpg (107206 bytes) nightcrawler5.jpg (58042 bytes)
Today I went to the tattoo artist Tim, who finished my tattoo. Well, finished is not the right word, we agreed to extend it. Since he is going to work in Amsterdam only, I will make appointments there. Best to extend a tattoo by the same artist. I see it just like a handwriting: that is somehow unique! So having it finished by another artist will be visible to my opinion.


fri 22 may: Exhibit
The first glimps on this picture reminded me of the province I was born. 
The same kind of houses, the same surroundings. It definately is in the Netherlands 
because of the way the busline is marked on the shield. But when I looked closer to the 
title of the station which says Hofwijck it must be somewhere around Rotterdam.
 I think it is a brave way to exhibit yourself, probably in Summer, early in the morning because there still is a fog.
So the place is silent enough to be exhibitionistic without a big chance of being seen.


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thu 21 may: Cam Gigandet
Cam is an actor, who features in several movies. He is a handsome man to my opinion. 
Now the pics I found of him shows him fully naked, now that -of an actor- is not surprising,
because a lot of actors start doing photoshoots (naked) before they get famous. But this is a very good fake.
Look at the curve of the leg in the naked picture, and look at the legs of the dressed actor!

wed 20 may: Whole package
Well not quite the whole package shown here, but from the rear and showing those lovely big balls. 
He should have shaven his ass crack though.
This picture however is one of the gay classics of my choise

tue 19 may:  Swim
In summer the place to be must be the swimmingpool, looking at guys  like the ones below. 
I love to see them in tight Speedos or Aussiebums, not the silly and ugly Hawaii printed bodybags some guys use to dress in.
Personally I prefer the beach or a lake. 
I am not much of a chlorine fan which many pools contain. 
Second reason is I prefer to go to the nude beach too, because I hate to have those wet 
swimwear around me when in and out of the water. It is way better to swim nude. But the wrapped package is also hot to watch and to fantasize about.


mon 18 may: Loincloth
What a great pleasure it must be when you could walk around "dressed" like this all day.
The climate should be more tropical than here at my place in the Netherlands, but would not it be great?

sun 17 may: Lycra
The fabric of lycra mostly is used in sports. But is also is a great fabric for fetish wear.
Now combined with cocking and ballstretchers lycra gives such a fantastic sight!
So suckable and horny!


sat 16 may: Tom of Finland
Every gay man knows Tom I presume, the ever horny leatherscenes are one of the best in the gay life.
Now it seems it has been filmed too, here is the trailer:


I added 6 new pics to my personal gallery

fri 15 may: Male
There is beauty of the male body. One like a snap shot, the other like a classical dramatic pose, 
but both in their own way exposing the male nude in it's glory. The drama guy on the right looks
 like the actor from Twilight: Robert Pattison, but that will be a coincidence.


thu 14 may: Grab & huge
I kinda like those thick numb cocks as the kid downbelow has, nice to suck, handy to play with, 
and big enough to fuck with, just like the cock of that slaveboi of
april 26th. I like the grith more than the length of cock. 



wed 13 may: Belami
Belami has made a big change over the last say 20 years, back than they only made "vanilla sex" porn videos with nice young men, 
but those movies were also quite boring. Had you seen one, you had seen all. Now with star porn actors like Kris Evans and Jack Harrer a 
new kind of decade seems to have begun. The movies have become more exciting and not as well mannered as they were. Not that Belami is my kind of porn channel, but now and than, watching Jack Harrer's big cock is cool! And if somebody knows where these jocks can be bought please send me a
message! I want one too!


tue 12 may: Squirt
The more precum and the more cum squirted over me, or in me the better it is.  I love to feel cock when the cum is exploding out of it.
Nothing better than the gulps of sperm all over! Or that powerfull shot of cum right into your mouth.

mon 11 may: Side
On my tumblr I mostly comment pics like beneath here as: "Side views to see it's full potential". Here I explain why:) 
When you see cocks from the front you mostly can not tell a lot about the thickness, and you do not see the balls right, 
from the side you can! When erect you have a better view on the length and gridth, that is why:)

 side36.jpg (132130 bytes) side37.jpg (38804 bytes) side39.jpg (69234 bytes)

sun 10 may: Hotcha
I like the art of Hotcha, his hero is into all kind of sex, even with demons, and he takes it! 
It is almost in 3D: the cum spashes around. I like that tattoo on  the hero's cock and body. 
I think the things you can do in an artwork are amazing, not only a good knowledge of male anatomy, 
also the surroundings give that extra erotic touch.

hotcha.jpg (166251 bytes) hotcha2.jpg (247179 bytes) hotcha3.jpg (231578 bytes)


sat 9 may Prefect suck
Who wouldn't like to suck this great hot cock, and meanwhile grab those perfectly shaped big hanging balls?
To me this is the ultimate cock sucking gif, and I would be more than happy to switch places with the sucker!

I added a new video to Xtube


fri 8 may Bondage
I love to watch men in bondage, because I know how hot it is. Unfortunately I do not have a Master to tie me up like this.
I also like to tie men up, making them helpless, expose them at their most vulnerable and in shameless positions. 
The most simple
one: hands cuffed at the back and tied to the balls, very effective, the more arty bondage: hanging freely 
and kept at place by a ball rope: very intense, very hot, hard to
continue that for a long time

I added 8 pictures to my personal gallery 

thu 7 may Salined suck
This is a video of me (standing) and my pumpbuddy (treating my 1100ml salined package) which I am most proud of.
 I remember how horny I got from his actions:) I hope you'll be kind enough to comment this clip as well.


wed 6 may:  Suck
Isn't sucking we naturally tend to do? Look at the guy lying in bed, without any hesitation he slides the given cock right into his mouth,
 like it was his mamma's breast. Is it kind of an oral reflex? Or is it that gay guys do this and straight guys don't?
 Than it is a question of preference instead of a reflex.
 But you probably know this cartoon as well, dummy teat, lolly offered, 
and than the logical consequence: cock: It is OK you have been preparing for this your whole life.



tue 5 may: Public exposure
How would you feel about being exposed in public? Would you think it is hot or is it a never-in-my-life experience?
I know I would LOVE to do this. I like the attention and the kick of being a public subject of submission.
The first picture is an example of that submission, the second one confuses me. What is te context of this occasion?
The guy in the middle of the picture is already naked, while two of his mates are undressing. Maybe he was gready to get nude.
The funny thing is no one is looking at the lads. Seems they are all watching something else, strange!



mon 4 may: Jocks
I presume jocks are an American invention? But to me it is the ultimate gay underwear. 
Ass free, and cock and balls kept in a nice elastic cup, and instantly released if necessairy. 
Who invented this kind of underwear should get the gay reward of outstanding design.


sun 3 may Simon King
Simon is a model from the UK, London I learned from Google, and I think in porn.
There is not a lot of info about him: no pornmovies he is in, only pictures. 
He is on the Twitteraccount @SimonKingXXX. The X's must be how he is rated:) 
Great uncut cock btw! His body is ok too, but what he is missing is that "kinky edge".
Maybe he should be pumping that beautiful cock, and get it fat & filled!
He still is a bit of the perfect decent son in law. A decent EU type of Brent Everett (who does have that kinky edge).

sat 2 may  Art
This is just a beautiful photo. Specially because it blends into the background here.
Black & white pictures just are so beautiful!




fri 1 may: Jazeker
When I admire one pumper, it most definately is Jazeker. He is bi-sexual, he is a slim man and he has a beautiful hang of big balls in a huge flaccid sack. On his Xtube profile is only one clip of him filling his sack with 2 liters of saline. What a beautiful hot package he has! And not only when filled, look at those pics down here. 100% HOT! JAZEKER (dutch for: yes for sure)



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