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tue 31 may Wank III
Never underestimate the joy of a wank. Always good to know your right hand (or your left one) is at your disposal when you want to cum.


mon 30 may  Self suck
So hot to see, hope to see a guy do this in real life one day



sun 29 may Peep
Always hot to see guys peeping in their underwear, op purpose of accidentaly, it does not matter!



sat 28 may  Huge package
It must have been a hell of a job to create this gif, lots of drawing and putting it all together
in this gif of a guy with a huge cock and some massive big hanging balls!

fri 27 may Huge dude
I might have posted this picture before, but I think it is so hot!


thu 26 may Elf
I kind of re-edited this picture. Although this Elf is cute and boyish, doesn't mean he can not have a bigger dick.


wed 25 may Hot fake
I can only imagine what my reaction would be, when I would take his cock in both of my hands and feel the weight of his huge canonballs.
It will be imagination, because the image is fake, but eventhough: fucking hot fantasy!



tue 24 may Silicone
I really don't know if this is silicone of glucose/ saline, but no matter what he sure has a hell of a nice bloated package! It must feel so good, together with the ass work he has been given!




mon 23 may Piercings
I still find it hot to see: men with piercings. No longer that in fashion, but nevertheless a great extra stimuli in sex.
 I think most of us who wear a PA will never choose to get rid of that piercings!



sun 22 may Antonio Biaggi
Antonio is a pornstar, obviously! And he is well endowed, as most pornstars are, because we want to see big dicks!
But Antonio also has big nuts, and that is not always an issue for makers of pornmovies, but for me it is a huge turn on.
Together with a big cock a pair of huge big hanging nuts does it!


sat 21 may Exhibit
Always exciting to show off naked on public places with people around, or the chance of being seen and caught in action.
Less nice is when you're actually caught, am I right, or is that part of the excitement? Could just be the policemen are part of the act:)



  fri 20 may Lockerroom
Best way to spy on men is in the dressingroom of a sportsclub or a gym. To see men you do not normally see naked.


thu 19 may Monster
Blessed or cursed? If this cock is real than the guy will have the advantage of a lot of admirers,
also he would not lack the attention and offers for sex.
but also the problem to hide his huge monstercock in his pants.

wed 18 may Toys
Toys to make you horny and toys to make you suffer; I love them!



tue 17 may Surpise
Would not we all be happily surprised when we would be offered a cock like this?

mon 16 may Tom
I think Tom of Finland does not need any introduction, every gay man knows his art.
The art of tough men having sex, in couples, but more often in orgies, just to be able to draw more cocks I think,
but also to show the freedom of having sex man to man.


sun 15 may Pumpers
Some pumper pics are just more than pictures, they become pure art! Look at that beautiful meat!


sat 14 may Wank II
Nice thick cock, he's almost there!



fri 13 may Cockring
So good to wear a cockring, keep your meat up and lifted a little, making a nice bulge in your jeans, keeping it harder when erected.


thu 12 may Beach
Well I hope by now the weather is good enough around this date, we can go down the beach and enjoy the sun naked. For me the ultimate sense of freedom!


wed 11 may Skinny & hung
I have found my perfect man: skinny and hung, darkhaired and uncut. Pretty smooth and nice lips.
Now the only remaining question to him is, does he like to pump balls with me?



tue 10 may Slave
Slave ready to be taken by the balls, and ready to be wanked while softly pulling his PA.


mon 9 may  Grip
Get your cock at hand and do what nature gives you.


sun 8 may  JPeter
Most horny pumper from France I would like to play with.


sat 7 may  Pump
Not only in real life, also artists are amazed by the power of the tube.


fri  6 may Bikers
There is something about bikers, with their helmets on you only can see their bodies in their tight leather suits.
I always imagine they are splitnaked underneath it. While their crotches are sweaty with leather taste.
Probably a gay fantasy:)



fri 6 may Patrick
I simply can not state it enough. The way Patrick Fillion draws cocks and balls is just what we want them to be:
they are so HOT you can almost feel the weight of the balls and the throbbing power of their cocks.



thu 5 may Wank
What I like about this picture is the look on the guy's face, his hairy spread legs and the string of
precum from his cock till his thumb. And hey, who does not want a two hands long cock?


  wed 4 may Red
There is something about red underwear, not that I have one, I prefer white underwear, or black.
But the guys presented here, all wear read. And it gives something sexy. Red is the color of fire, and warmth. So the best way to present your models is in red!!




tue 3 may SFzeke
I don't know if I got the name of the author here right, if it is SFzeke, or if it is alm2009.
But the truth is he, the one or the other,  is a very hot pumper. Look at the size of his bloated fat meat!
really amazing!

mon 2 may Outdoors
The time comes that temperatures are rising again, the sun is shining, time to go out again.
Out in nature, or out on the roof of your house to get some sun: naked ofcouse!!



sun 1 may PumpboyGR
PumpboyGr has one of the most beautiful pumped cocks  I have ever seen.
 It is fat and has a great form of foreskin you seldomly see.
Here you see both sides of the foreskin filled and curled inwards.
Mostly you see the whole under side of the foreskin swell. It is the kind of foreskin I would like to play with.





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