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wed 31 may Hairy legs
I love men with hairy legs, good to touch and feel  those furry legs when having sex!
Well, not only when having sex :)

tue 30 may Optical illusions
There is a phenomenon in psychology called: optical illusions. You see what you want to see!
Now when you first glanced at this image, did not you think this man had a huge cock?
It is clear the photographer wanted you to think that! It's not for nothing the sleeve of the jacket is in front of his genitals.
It's not a coincidence that you think you see a big cockhead. All of this
because the colors of the jacket match the color of the man's skin!O

mon 29 may Thick dick torso
Love the pubes and his nice thick cock, is it pumped?

sun 28 may Window
Gosh there's our horny neighbourboy again! Guess that blowjob we gave him yesterday was good.
Good enough for him to return again. Guess we should give him something extra:
some good CBT to get those big fat nuts more swollen and bigger as they already are.

sat 27 may Jotto
Jotto makes beautiful art, but not for the fainted of heart.
His themes are always suffering men in erection, but treated tough or fighting for their lives.

fri 26 may Pumperz
Some examples of pumped meat, I love them all!
Big balls and fat cocks with horny  fat foreskins.


thu 25 may Growth
When I was younger there was a commercial about drinking milk. The commercial said you had to drink 3 glasses
of milk every day to be stronger and bigger. The boy in the promo was called Joris 'Driepinter' (3 pintes).
Now I bet that if this picture was shown milk would have been a scarce product !
Most men, as I am, would have been content with the growth in the second picture.

wed 24 may Hot dude!
Great balls, great body, great cock. In that order!


tue 23 may Player
Player's art gets better and better! Look at this scene!

mon 22 may Piercings
If I were not a pumper I would have liked a sack piercing like this as well,
but than a ring between the balls over the seam of the sack

sun 21 may Hangers
This is serious glucose injection material. He could be huge!

sat 20 may Salinebag
 I think it is supersexy,  men filling their sacks with saline or glucose solutions.
Look how big his nutsack is, and just imagine (or even better know) how much fun it is to play with!

fri 19 may Left or right?
Are you wearing your cock to the left or to the right?
It doesn't matter as long as you show us the contents of your trousers.


thu 18 may Cartoon
Just a great little gaysex cartoon for today!

   I added 2 new pics to my gallery
  I added also a counter to see if my page if visited at all, guys give me some feedback!


wed 17 may Pumpcock
I am not 100% sure, but I guess this dude pumped his cock, because of his fat foreskin.
Although you do not see the ring of the tube on the base of his cock, that is why I am not completely sure.


tue 16 may  Horny bitch
My kind of slutty horny dude, licking the floor, wetting his fingers to enter his ass,
besides that he has a nice cock, which could need a razor!

mon 15 may Cyclist
I love this tight suits cyclists wear, they show you the curves and bulges of that man's body.
They leave less to the imagination and that is exactly why I love that lycra.
Do you know by the way that the french word for penis is verge?


sun 14 may Mutant
This unphotoshopped picture is already very sexy. Exhibitionist sitting in the train nude showing his nice thick cock.
But hell, suppose it were true with the morphed cock!! And why in God's name is not there a caracter in the Xmen epos with a huge thick cock?


sat 13 may How deep?
Some cocks are just made to suck. This one is such a cock, take it in your mouth and slide down balls deep! I  bet he will like it!

fri 12 may  Cute
Cute and kind of surprised is how he looks! But I bet he is not that innocent!

thu 11 may Big dicked man
Four well endowed men, all good looking, wel trained and fit. Make your choise!
The black man is cut and has a longer cock, the white men are uncut and have a thick cock too.



wed 10 may Jazeker
I am so happy to see Jazeker is back on Xtube! Incidentely I got his latest video when I opened the site.
He is showing his huge hanging balls in that clip. Unfortunately I could not embed that clip,
but if you click the picture I am sure it will open on your device!

tue 9 may Belami
I am asking myself if this is a great position to get sucked, anyhow it is a photographically hot one!
The two Belami guys are showing their best.

mon 8 may Centre
How I would love to be that guy in the middle. No sight, all those men around and the only way is feel and hear.

sun 7 may Scandal in the Vatican
I bet there are and have been days these were true scenes in the Vatican, all those men around in one house!
All that testosterone on high levels. Could not be something else than orgy there in the Roman capital.



sat 6 may Suggestion
Such a cute face in extacy!

fri 5 may Classic
Beautiful portrait of a man in black and white. Fit and smooth with a classical greek profile.

thu 4 may B&W
Just beautiful!


wed 3 may Beached
I added a bit more dick & balls to this dude. And made a gif out of it.


tue 2 may Testicles
They are hot, big, smooth and hanging. In tight sacks or in a fluffy bag. Anyhow: I adore testicles!


mon 1 may Pumper
Just delicious pictures of a guy pumping at home, makes you want to join right away!
Very nice pump sack, love the bloated foreskin too! Move over and give me the tube
for my balls while you pump your fat cock!


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