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mon 30 nov Bed
Great pics those two here. Looking at the nice straight fat cock it is the same man. 
Really great one for fucking and sucking both. To bad his balls are so close to his body, 
but maybe it is a cold room:) I would love to warm those cumcontainers in my mouth, after sucking him dry.



sun 29 nov Length above the sheets  
Really great craftmanship presenting the goodies like this: the combination of the dude's tanned skin against the white sheets. 
Next to the uncut, not yet totally reveiled, cockhead and his hanging balls in that wrinkled sack.

I addded two pics in my personal gallery.


sat 28 nov Windows for the voyeur and the exhibitionist
Would you turn into a voyeur if you would stand outside and had a glance of the nude dudes behind the window?
Would you hide behind a tree, so you would not disturbe the scene you watch? 
Or would you rather be the exhibitionist who would do this and enjoyed being watched? 
Would it arouse you and encourage you to do sexual acts?



fri 27 nov Public
How lovely would it be to walk the streets naked in your leather outfit.
See some men you really would like, than seek for a secret alley and fuck. 
Or be exposed as a slave with your genitals tightly bound so you have a raging 
erection and all the people stare at you in your helpless state of excitement .



thu 26 nov Undress
it is like you have been kidnapped by men in monks' clothes, they took you do a dark cellar 
with only the light of some torches. You have been bound on an altar. When they undress you know what's going to come.
It will be a hot and hard night.


wed 25 nov  Bear
the adolecent knows that his bear has been his best mate in his childhood, and all of a sudden he becomes an age 
where there should be a real friend soon to help him with his kingsize boner. He doesn't know yet that there
are enough men to help him with that!


tue 24 nov Side
Young skinny dude looking at his big cock in admiration, and we agree, he is pretty well endowed and he's got balls too.
 This is a perfect ensemble of cock & balls on such a boyish dude.


mon 23 nov Smoke
I can not help it but I find men who smoke quite sexy. Also his tattoos and his short trimmed hair help to make him super sexy!
These are the ingredients that definately do it for me.


Not the best photos, but you can get an indication of what my new and finished tattoo looks like.



sun 22 nov Banana
No piece of fruit is so phallic as a banana. It refers directly to the male genitals as shown in the pictures below.
That really doesn't need much explaining.



sat 21 nov Whole package
I like these rear poses where men show all they have: bubble but with tight assholes, 
testicles exposed and cock who looks bigger because of the stretched and arched back.


Today I will go to the Blue Blood studio (tattoo shop) in Amsterdam. Pics will follow!


fri 20 nov Tease
Blond boy having a hard time, being teased and edging for hours before the release comes. 
I love his facial expression
, in the thrird gif he is even cross eyed!.
Besides that he is wearing a great cockring, I want to have one like that too!



thu 19 nov Perfect
To me Latin men are perfect,
that nice skin tan, dark hair, and most of them have great, thick, juicy and meaty cocks.

wed 18 nov Swim coach
Great fantasy of all of us gay men: being popped in the lockerroom of a pool.
For some of us it is a daddy type, for others a guy of the same age, but the fact to have sex in a surrounding like that is just hot!
The opportunity to get caught gives a certain extra thrill!



tue 17 nov Erect
Just hot to see those two great cocks grow full size. Left cock is most beautiful.



mon 16 nov Gif
Squirting cum like his is stiring a spoon in a pot of soup. Arrogantly spraying his DNA around.
Well, he can..., so he does.


sun 15 nov Bondage
Bondage as art, and also to have that slave waiting for you to come back. 
The blindfoold takes away your sight, you only hear your own heartbeat
and breath and feel the pain in your balls from the tight grip.



sat 14 nov Grip
Get a grip on the situation, check your male essentials. Make sure it is still alive and throbbing.



Mon coeur est avec le peuple de France après les attaques terroristes. Ce n'est que un attaque contre un pais, c ést un attaque contre l"humanité. Jamais, non jamais une religion peut dire ceci sont des actions justifiés . Les couplabes ne sont que fou et barbare!


fri 13 nov Finger
The gesture of the middle finger. Wikipedia: <<The gesture of showing some one the middlefinger is 
2500 years old and has it's origin in Greece, where it was called katapugon, which means anal sex 
or a homosexual relationship. Katapugon is a compound word of Kata (down) and Pugé (anus). 
The gesture was used in Greek  theatre where it was seen as an invitation to anal sex. The Romans took
 over this gesture and called it 'digitus impudicus'. The Romans ment to insult you, other than the Greek.>>



thu 12 nov Cum  
Let the cum out. Be a hedonist: pleasure is not forbidden! Our dicks are for more reasons than pissing.




wed 11 nov Fake
Some fakes are obvious. But sometimes you doubt. I mean some guys do have a huge cock.
The right picture could be a pumped cock, and the left picture could be real, untill you see the original... 





tue 10 nov Clothes
As blond as the jersey he is wearing, as dark pubic hair as his wizzard's cloth. 
Clothes can emphasize our looks, even understrike them.



mon 9 nov Black & white
Beautiful examples of how beautiful the male body is in black and white!


I added 2 new pics to my personal gallery

sun 8 nov Done
After the sexual action: the orgasm has past, the sperm starts to get liquid and is flowing away.
Time to take a deep breath again,
do a last moan and lick it all up.



sat 7 nov Foreskin
Never ever without! I think in the 21th century men should be given the opportunity to decide for 
themselves wheather or not they want a circumsision. We preach women's circumcision to be illegal and barbarian, 
why is it allowed for men? Religion is a choise, not a thing we inheret!


fri 6 nov Fist
I find most fisting pics not that tasty. This one I do like, it has a kind of intimicy I find great. 
Softly giving the fister some advice, or softly moaning in his ear how much he enjoys the act. 
This tight smooth ass taking the whole hand slowly. Dripping lube out of his shaved ass, his cock rockhard for excitement!


thu 5 nov Ass
I love to see men from the rear, big hangers and ass, and also the pattern of leghair around the upper leg is a true turn on to me!
Ofcause with shaved balls, that is a must! I guess all men, by now, know that
smooth balls are wanted.



wed 4 nov Thick
For me a cock really does not need to be over 8 inches, I like to swallow cock till it's base. It is more the thickness I prefer, I like to hold circumfence in my mouth.
The same counts for my ass, it is rather the thickness than length that counts for me!
So praise to the thick dick!




tue 3 nov Selfie
The two tattooed guys found each other as well as the guy in the blue speedo found the perfect case for his Iphone in the same colour.
And I still wonder how on earth his big dick will ever fit in his tiny swimbrief!



mon 2 nov Squirt
A whole lot of sperm flying through the air in these gifs, love it! It might be a shame the bottom guy can not see it, 
maybe the other guy is trying to protect the bottom's eyes. You possibly know having sperm in your eyes can be painfull.



sun 1 nov: Pumpers
All men here are true artists when it comes to pumping, spending hours to become big, 
 hours of patience, hours of pleasure to become a 3M (mega meat man).



If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.




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