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wed 30 nov Threesome

tue 29 nov  Shadows
Artwork in it's purest form.


mon 28 nov Pumper balls
Nice sculpted cock and balls giving a wank!

sun 27 nov Punks
I am attracted to punks, they have that image of wild and kinky to me!


 I added 6 new pictures in my gallery 

sat 26 nov
 I think leather looks great on a man and it smells good! I think it is one of the fabrics that are so masculine! Besides that black leather emphasizes the naked skin well!


fri 25 nov  Fun
What fun it is to do exciting things with your boyfriend, or to do things together where you can hold one another
without the 'evil judging eyes' of others. Specially when they look so good!


thu 24 nov  Gesture
Hands making gestures, pointing at important parts, making clear what you want.



wed 23 nov Fakes
All three done by me, because it is fun to play with cocks!
I like the one in the middle most. In the last one you can see even better the guy has been pumping!



tue 22 nov Transparant
So hot to see through! But it is not always the most beautiful underwear, these ones however....


 New pump buddy:: Richard 


mon 21 nov Cartoon
 This story is from and I love it!


sun 20 nov Tarzan II
Who else could be Tarzan? Can he be a blond young man, or should he have long hair and a bit of a goatee?
With or without bodyhair, or is a trail just enough?
Well we all agree, he should have a bulge!


sat 19 nov  Tarzan
Since I was a kid I was a fan of Tarzan, I even remembered my dad gave me a pocket full of stories. This muscular almost naked man drew my attention.
I imagined how it must be to be without clothes all day, wearing only that tiny loinskirt. I have been a nudist and an exhibitionist all my life I realize now!
The cartoons never showed his cock and balls, or even a bulge which is ofcause a pitty and a missed chance.
Now the first picture shows what I 'd like to have seen, in the third how he should have looked like.


fri 18 nov  Cock & meat
 It speaks for itself!


thu 17 nov  Pumpers
Great, really great pictures of pumpers, the first one is a classic pose: showing your pumped package
from the rear, showing the world your expanded nutsack.
Second picture is one of a professional pumper, still having the silicone ring around his cock,
 showing a truely great example of what pumping does to your meat.
Last picture is one of a beginner, who does not really have the right material,
but so eager to get big, so any bottle will do!
Patience is not yet his style looking at the blisters


wed 16 nov Saline
Two fantastic examples of saline filled cock and balls, I love them both, and I know how good it feels to have a heavy dangling package between your legs!


tue 15 nov Slow motion
Such a hot slow motion of a guy cumming, his moaning is even sexy when played in this modus, watch him gulp a lot of cum before he really ejaculates!



mon 14 nov Fountains
For me this is the absolute proof why a man is exhausted after cumming, loosing so much fluids in one orgasm.
By all means, this is a very horny set of pictures, the light, the scenery and the huge load he is squirting.


sun 13 nov Milking II
I love this artwork of a young virile man who has been milked for quite a long time, he is exhausted and shaky from it.
His cock is quite enlarged by the constant suction. He produced a large amount of cum over the last weeks.
After he had reached the target he has been given, he is rewarded with a little break to recover. The milking device is removed. Slick and thick slimy cum is pulling threads.
Great picture, but I believe that when you've been milked excessively your balls will become bigger of that treat, so in the right picture I did some additional things to the pic.
My appologies for not having the most updated programm to do this kind of thing. I hope Kami Tora will forgive me.


sat 12 nov Cute
All of a sudden you see boys in the neighbourhood turn into cute young men.
When I remember how things were for me I always hope it is a little easier for them, for all how to deal with sexuality and insecurity.
I hope that they discover the things they want, instead of what others tell them to become.


fri 11 nov Bathroom
Looking at a man who is bathing, all his genital meat soft and relaxed, showing the best of manhood: hanging balls, half erect cocks. And warm clean bodies.


thu 10 nov  Pattern
It is not only the beautiful balls why I post this picture today, it is the pattern of his hairy legs.
Don't you just want to touch the guys furry legs and follow the pattern up to his smooth shaved balls?


  wed 9 nov Outfit
All those men with all their preferences of what to wear to make them more attractive. Rubber, leather or just jeans with firm boots.
To make a statement, or just to emphasize the naked skin underneath.


tue 8 nov Milking
I definately posted this before, but I LOVE this artworks!
May America vote for the only right candidate!


mon 7 nov Thick
As I have stated before, it is not the length that counts, it is the thickness that counts when it comes to fucking!



sun 6 nov Daerick Gross
I googled Daerick, after I downloaded his artwork, but nothing about his sexual preference
and no other gay artwork than the ones I post today. And that is a pitty!



sat 5 nov Piercings
Piercings are a guy's best friend, what diamonds may be for girls. Those who wear them know why!


fri 4 nov Cum
The male cum are subject of today, first the precum, that lubes the cock, and the ejaculate after orgasm after that how the fluids become more fluid after a minute.
Next will be the question what to do with it, do you lick it away or do you take a towel to clean up?



thu 3 nov Orgy
Just a great piece of artwork, all those men enjoying each other, and so much to discover in this picture!
I totally enjoy the scene on the left, the big man there is grabbed by the balls and has 3 admireres at his side.


wed 2 nov  Hot wanker
Just look at this! See how he grabs his ass while wanking.


tue 1 nov Newbiepumplover
For years Newbiepumplover posted his pump videos on Xtube, and provided us with news of his incredible quest to grow.
He became an idol on pumper forums and became a celebrity. So hot: young skinny dudes with huge packages!
All of a sudden he stopped posting on Xtube, I do not know why. Anyhow he is still one of my heroes!


If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.