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sat 31 oct Huge stretch
These men here below truely are the masters of stretch. Long and heavy ballstretchers and rings are used to 
get the testicular cords stretch, and have the balls where they should be: half way (or further) the knees. What a pretty sight
 it must be from the rear with balls swaying like bells between the legs!



fri 30 oct Pumptoys
Pumpers love to pump up their meat huge and fat, but when that process is done, the toys come out of the 
closets: cockrings, dildos and even a catheter are used to play with.
Everything to get that pumped balls emptying the long prepaired load of cum.



thu 29 oct Jeans
I love to see a bulging jeans, I admit I always look at men's crothes. It would make my day 
to see a bulge like the middle picture somewhere. And I always fantasize what the package would look like when unwrapped.
But do not we gay men all do this?



wed 28 oct Saint
The new Jesus icon has born! How would it be when this was the Jesus we saw on the cross, 
instead of the skinny man wrapped in a loincloth? Just a well build smooth young man with a nice dick?
Christianity would have all gays woreshipping Jesus as well. OK, I got an issue with religion, it's a hot guy..



tue 27 oct Selfie
Since the cameras in mobile phones it is way easier to make a  nude selfie, I love them! 
What a great way to introduce yourself to the world:)
The left one in the mirror I had to look at it real good to understand it were not 
2 persons in the picture
: It tricked me on first notice. And the right pic:
Damn, what a nice thick cock in such a tiny swimbrief. How the hell does he keep it in there?



mon 26 oct Rear
This guy surely has a great hang, is it real or fake? I would love to lick my way from his cock
over his balls untill his ass,
what a delicious long way up!


sun 25 oct Shower
The best memories I have from the shower after sports. To look at all the nude men around. Secret looks and admiration, 
and sometimes sex
under the shower, after a workout. Not very common, not very often, but loved the thrill of maybe being caught.



sat 24 oct Sneakers
Sneakers have a sexy edge, but surely it depends on the one wearing them.
I am not a man who will sniff on a worn sneaker, but I understand the fetish.



fri 23 oct Spiderman
Peter Parker is not my favorite Marvel character, he is too goody-goody to my opinion, 
apart from his good looks in his lycra suit. 
You would want him to end up in some fetish basement and get roughly fucked by his opponent. 
These guys below understand what I mean.



thu 22 oct Subway
Sometimes in public transport you have those rare encounters of other hot men, without any doubt horny,
 and not having had the chance to relief themselves in the city.
What else than to try to get some sex even in the metro? Best to go home when you're totally satisfied.


wed 21 oct Suck
I just love to suck cock, always where I start with when I have the chance. It makes me hot and horny 
and forget all other things than the blowjob I am given.
I love getting a blowjob too,
for me it is the most pleasant way of getting an orgasm.


tue 20 oct Surprise
So called caught on cam while just out of bed? No way, when you are really surprised you will instinctly hide your genitals. 
No turning around proudly showing your genitals.
  It looks like it has been acted and studied before recording. 
Ok, there is nothing to be ashamed about here, that is true.


mon 19 oct Table
, all evidence on the table.



sun 18 oct  Towel
I have never ever seen a guy dry his asscrack and balls like this, it is not only unpleasant but also ineffective. 
This is probably done for the camera. I bet he does it different at home
But a towel gets to all  kind of different places, that is for sure!
Sometimes you wish you were that towel.
I guess this was made for the Warwick rowers calender.


Finally I went to the Blue Blood studio (tattoo shop) in Amsterdam to make an appointment with Tim, who did my last tattoo,  he went from Beverwijk to Amsterdam, so I follow. On the 21th of November my tattooI will be extended over my scapula. SO COOL!

sat 17 oct Toys
These boys are very talented, they have flexible asses, this surely is a matter of training too. This is how bottoms train when they're home alone.




fri 16 oct Undress
Get undressed or undress yourself



thu 15 oct Wet
Young man in the water, he is smooth, but he has some trimmed pubic hair. 
What makes this picture special is the veins on his fore arms, and also on his gigant dick.
Which gives him the reward for young & hung. Innocence and libido


wed 14 oct Big balls
Well, not all of the three guys here have big balls, but  I can not get out of my head 
the phrase I read from an artist about drawing testicles. That "tight ballskin and balls close 
to the body is a sign of youth". The more they hang the older the guy is, that is what he states. 
Well the right guy must be the eldest than, which he is definately not! He has the nicest hang to my opinion.
 I think it is a sign of horniness when a young dude has huge
low hangers!



tue 13 oct  Friends
This is not only one of the yesterday's topic 'compare', but also a cute one, the big dicked boys 
holding hands. It's not only a big dick show it is also one of intimacy.



mon 12 oct Compare
When I see pictures of male couples I always look for the
most attractive cock.
 Is that guy the alpha than? Is he the one that fucks the other?
Is there a rule:
the biggest cock fucks?


sun 11 oct Aaron Moody
UK Footballer Aaron Moody has been posting nude pics on Instragram under a nickname and has been caught/ discovered.
And FUCK it is a nice discovery! Not only is he a handsome man, 
he is so damn well hung! 
I would like to know if that big dick is visible in his shorts when he is on the field for a game
How can he have been posting nudes on Instagram? 
I was kicked out because of that  reason!



sat 10 oct Couple
Sometimes I wonder when you look at pictures of male couples like men are looking for their dead ringer. 
These men look a lot alike or maybe they are twins? But I wonder do we male couples search that other image of ourself? 
Like you want to have sex with yourself? And is it that we also look for a package that resembles your own cock and balls?



fri 9 oct Hidden II
Both men are beautiful, the photographer found a way to keep 
the mystery
by having them hold their penis and balls hidden.


thu 8 oct  Art
Truely beautiful male art in black and white.



Because I was home alone I did 50 ml of glucose 40% this evening. Because it is delivered in little bottles of 10 ml I had to inject with a seringe. 40 ml in my sack, half on either side of the sack and 10 ml directly into my dick. This 40% solution feels totally different, it burns and aches. I am used to 10% which doesn't give that weard sensation. But within 2 hours I had the same effect as 400ml of 5% or I would guess 250ml of 10%. So the time is a big advantage, and the ache is bearable. And fuck, it lasts so SUPER long! Read how to get is here

wed 7 oct
Jan Losch
I did an item on Jan before, pornstar and later on siliconed pornstar as well. 
These pics in black and white are just beautiful, and therefore I need to review.


tue 6 oct 
Young dude with a beautiful dick trying to lay down with a boner, which makes it a little difficult
etter said, he invites us to help him get rid of his cumfilled bollocks.

mon 5 oct Tattoo
I just love men with tattoos! It can enrich your body, if you have a nice tattoo. 
And indeed ruin it when the tattoo artist srewed up.
This man however has beautiful tattoos! Super handy: we know his age.


sun 4 oct Grab
There are some pretty big nuts rolling back of the hand that pulls them up to arouse 
the guy laying in the backseat of the car. I would love to
get them on the base, pulling both testicles tight and get all my fingers around it so the testicles will turn red, 
and push my other flat hand on them to get the nuts under pressure.
Bet he would moan from pain and I am certain his cock will respond to that by dripping some precum...
 But well, I am not there.



sat 3 oct: Huge dudes
I get easily impressed by guys with huge cocks, I think most of us do. Not that it
 is always handy to be so XXL endowed, but it is hot to look at those horse hung guys.
I sometimes wonder if they are really happy with their monsters. What is it like to be only sucked on your cockhead, 
and having bottoms in pain every time they fuck?



fri 2 oct Hidden
Maybe these guys hide their treasures because of the arty aspect of the photos. 
Maybe not to get distracted from the beautiful lines of their bodies.
Or maybe the photographer told them to, because they are not that well endowed, 

or maybe they made a deal about frontal nudeness and they are shy.
ho can tell?


thu 1 okt: Pumpers
Now we have autumn again, time for indoor pleasures. Time to pump indoors again.
Not really my preference, but pumping always is a pleasure.


If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.



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