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mon 31 oct  Artwork
It is almost a pitty that this artwork is on the last day of October, because a new month starts tomorrow.
Fantastic what people can do with those 3D programmes. Too complicated for me, I am still in the Middle Age concerning digitalizing drawings.

sun 30 oct  Chest
Great tattoo artwork to make the male chest even more interesting than it already is.


sat 29 oct  Inspiration
It's not that I had this picture as an example when I drew it, but I am sure I must have seen it somewhere before and captured it in my mind.
Although it is not quite the same, I did a ball thing out of it! I would be very curioous how Patrick Fillion would dwaw this CBT dude.



 fri 28 oct  big surprise

What a surprise when this dude takes his cock out of his jeans, far more meat than you expect! 



thu 27 oct Suck
Pinned to the wall to suck his man, or devoted on his knees to do oral services.


wed 26 oct Lord Iron
threesomes, or men caught in the act, leaving the fantasy of the viewer to think of the end


tue 25 oct How deep is your love?
Men deepthroating their sex partners to  give them the ultimate blowjob pleasures.


mon 24 oct  Undress
Always great to see a big cock jumping out of tight underwear.


sun 23 oct Yes, suck it!
Hot to suck a nice cock, and totally hot when he rewards you with  squirts of cum


sat 22 oct Asshole
No, I am not cursing right now, this is the theme of today, nice and inviting assholes for us to enjoy, wet your finger(s), spread them, rim and start fucking! I bet they like it!



fri 21 oct Huge
How to make a siliconed cock even bigger! This surely is a beautiful package!


thu 20 oct Parts
Four beautiful examples of parts of the male body, yes: all in the genital area. Foreskins, smooth big balls, hairy legs and a thick cock is what I prefer!
Although that cut cock in the second picture is so beautiful and totally suckable!!



wed 19 oct Daddy and son
Not that I am a fan of daddy and son relations, those who want it, go with my blessing.
But this serie of two pics is just hot! Not only because of the well endowed daddy, but also daddy's great uncut knob!


tue 18 oct Saline
This dude really has a massive big sack filled with saline, or glucose. So horny. If you imagine how he walks...
 if he is still able to walk with a sack like that!!


mon 17 oct Teabagging
Great to lick and feel those big testicles inside your mouth, their firmness and the skin that is soft  from your saliva.
The moans of your partner even encourages you to give some more



sun 16 oct  Master and slave
Great to see this Master working his slave, not soft not brutal, but just what he needs to stay obedient.
And keep him aware of his position.



sat 15 oct  Selfsuck
Just great how some guys can suck themselves, it is always a pleasure to watch them satisfying the need to cum.



fri 14 oct Beach
Really time to say goodbye to summer, the moment I am writing this is the 6th of October,
and till than the weather was reasonably good. By the time I post this autumn will definately show his face.
Really time to keep those memories of all the sexy guys on the beach, the sloppy sacks with big balls exposed to the sun...



thu 13 oct Rear views
I love the rear views, from pumpers, but also and ofcause from men with low hangers.


wed 12 oct  Slave CBT
This slave of DreamboyBondage is hot! He gets through painfull sessions, and always he seems to enjoy it totally.
Although he is put through chalanges. Now and than he may treat his Master's slaves too.


tue 11 oct Pumpers
Best pumper's view is from the rear: exposing those big nuts and sacks between the (hairy) legs.
Showing smooth huge nutbags at their best point of view.


mon 10 oct Fundoshi
The traditional Japanese underwear: fundoshi is quite horny to see, and also sexy to wear. The looks of a jock, but more original and basic.


sun 9 oct  Horrible
No, no, relax I am not advertising for some strange unknown pills, although if you need some...
I was just wondering that those pills must be horrible and have strange sideeffects: they turn your dickhead 180 degrees!!
This artist has probably never observed his own dick propperly!
A gay man and also a woman, who have seen dicks from nearby, would have done this right!

sat 8 oct Marco Blaze
Hot porn star, without any glamour and glitter: just pure manhood: Marco Blaze is an amazingly sexy man.


fri 7 oct Sheets

I do agree, this is not the most horny wild pig guy: he is young and looks rather innocent. Not the type I would go wild for to get into my bed. His hair is too well comed.
that makes him kind of dull. But he has a beautiful uncut cock, and a  loose sack with balls hanging low. We would have to give him 10 more years to mature.



thu 6 oct Wrestler's itch
Just cool how this wrestler is totally aware of the fact he is filmed, and his looks when he gets caught touching his cock


wed 5 oct Thick prick with a drop precum
Just a hot thick cock, just watch it!


tue 4 oct Patrick
Well I have had posts about Patrick Fillion more than twice. He is one of the best!



mon 3 oct Bed
This is how we are deceived: you take a good artistic picture, put a logo on it that promisses big cocks, you open up PhotoShop and enlarge the guy's dick.
This is how men get insecure about their dicksizes too!


sun 2 oct Lars Norgaard
That combination of blond and shaved surely does it for me:
 Lars is a new (?) Belami model who sure is hot!
That big smooth dick is totally horny!


sat 1 oct Saline fuck
Hell of a hot video! Want that too!









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