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thu  31 okt Group
These kind of group photos always make me want to pick the tastiest guy. You want to know my choise? Click the pick!

mon 30 okt Holy fuck!
 If this video is real than this guy should get a decoration for courage and total and utterly shameless behavior,
which I totally LOVE!.


sun 29 okt Load
Masturbation. My dad was brought up with the idea,
that masturbation caused inflammation of the spinal marrow. What crazy narrow minded (religious) ideas people
had to prevent us from having a healthy heavenly experience.

  I added 4 new pics to my personal gallery.
 and of the pumping I made a Xtube clip.


sat 28 okt Pose
...Or freaky backgrounds?

fri 27 okt Killerbody
It reminds me of a guy who lives around the corner who I know when he was a schoolkid, now he must be around 18 years old.
He has always been tall and skinny, but last summer I saw him on the street with a friend, his upperbody was naked, seems he has been working out a lot!
Big pecs, fabulous abs. the neighbour guy has a killerbody too!

thu 26 okt BLNbeule
BlnBeule is a pumper I have been following for some weeks, he is always well recognizable because of his Tom of Finland tattoo.
He is an amazing pumper! I totally like his shape: Great meat!


wed 25 okt Jocks
Jocks are the hottest underwear there is, they emphasize the ass, leave the acces free, and they give a nice bulge in front.
The accessability is the greatest advantage of the jock.

tue 24 okt Asses
Just a Tuesday to honnor the great asses of men. Personally I like little asses like the men in the second pic,
and the big hangers underneath them like in the last picture!
Asses should be hairless too: the guy in the third picture took care of that too!


mon 23 okt Outdoors hunk
Unknown to me why he is naked, but that is quite allright, I have no problem with nude hot men!
It is always good to get rid of your clothes in the sun!

sun 22 okt Shape
First picture is the torpedo: numb head and thick in the middle, second the backward curve, third is the thick mushroom head, the cockhead is way thicker than the shaft.
All different cockshapes have their own specific qualities: #1 widening up throat, or ass, #2 deepthroating, and #3 for ploughing a already widened ass.

sat 21 okt Whole package
Nice view he has chosen, the background with the flowers are not my style though!

fri 20 okt Bulge
 I have to admit I am a man's bulge watcher. I like seeing what is inside of the jeans.
Love to see the outlines of balls and cock. And all automatic I form the image of the man's abilities.

thu 19 okt Showerpower II
I forgot to comment this, but have faith it will be worth while!


wed 18 okt Gifted twink
Nice cock! Still tight balls, but that is youth!


tue 17 okt Couple
Well, you kind of expect the black man to have a fine big cock, but  what amazed me were the low hangers of the white guy.
The difference of the outdoors and indoors photo struck me by surprise.




mon 16 okt Amazing
 Fake or siliconed? I do not know, but he looks hot!



sun 15 okt Phases
We all know that after saline or glucose injections, first you have the swell and the next phase is
that the fluids slowly are absorbed by the body and you will (unfortunately) return to your normal size.
And although it is a pitty you have the happiness of the sloppy sack phase, that comes in between.


sat 14 okt Incognito
On the internet incognito, and you wonder why! Are they shy or famous?
 At least there is nothing to be ashamed of!



fri 13 okt Showerpower
I would be highly content and pleased when I saw this man in my shower in the morning.



thu 12 okt Slimandhung
He is one of my favorite pumpers on Xtube. He is slim, and smooth and pumps greatly! He has got all I want to see in a man.



wed 11 okt Well hung twink
 This beach dude probably is just legal of age. And damn he is hung like a horse.
I could have giving today's post the name 'compensation', the guy is not exactly handsome,
 but when the guys find out how well endowed he is, there is probably no problem left! I also found the original, these pics are fake:)




tue 10 okt Disney
 It is obvious that gay artists make their own versions of all male characters. I must admit I like them but only recognize Tarzan.



mon 9 okt Mutant
The X-men are around us, so watch bulging trousers!



sun 8 okt Uncut
 Hot cocks parade for today and ofcause they're all uncut!



sat 7 okt Huge balls
 This is probably a fake, (but he could have filled up with saline) but hell if his balls were so huge!!
 I presume the guy was not rimming, but sucking on his fat nuts!


fri 6 okt Exhibitionist
 This guy is a true exhibitionist, taking his clothes of when cars are driving past.
Although a little nervous he goes all the way. Brave he is, or maybe horny as hell!


thu 5 okt Sadsuck
 Why looking so sad when you are  given a blowjob? It is one of the most
pleasurable things you can get in this life, so enjoy!


wed 4 okt Above
 A good view on the dude's nice thick boner!



tue 3 okt Selfie striptease
 Teasing with his selfie pics slowly undressing for us to see what makes the bulge in his tracker's




mon 2 okt Bodytattoo
Probably the sexiest tattoo I have ever seen in my life! It is probably a very expensive project he has had and quite some hours on the tattoo artist's table! But it is absolutely fabulous!



sun 1 okt Saline swell
Unfortunately only two pictures of this dude who has a double saline line in his dick for maximum swell.
 His cock is so full with saline his cockhead is almost flat! I have never seen a cock so fully swollen like his!







If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.


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