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wed 30 sept Athlete
I should have had this picture as an example when I drew the "big boy" to get the muscles right. Maybe I have to do that drawing again.
I will only have to lift the left leg a little up to
have space for a big package.


tue 29 sept Fuck
These gifs really shows a FUCK in capitals. The bottom's ass really is ploughed. Long and hard so his ass is opened widely. He is screaming, for joy or pain?



mon 28 sept Bath
Hot water relaxes the skin, makes your balls hang, opens the veins so your cock gets bigger, 
the sensation of the warmth of the water also over all body can be so good you get a hard on as well. 
Also a bath is getting you clean for dirty things that follow:)


sun 27 sept CBT with a hammer
A really heavy cbt you see here, but his balls seem to like it:)
By BigHoleBerlin


sat 5 sept Cockteasing
Two guys showing their assets to us from below, what a nice view!

I will be on hollidays the comming 3 weeks, I will be back at the end of September. We will be in the South of France at the Grande Gosse.


fri 4 sept Hangers
Just perfection, balls hanging much lower than his cock. That is the way I want them to look.



thu 3 sept Stretch
I saw a guy on the beach today (3th July) obviously wearing a ballstretcher, he was a little insecure about his actions, 
stood there still on a distance, not knowing wheather to ignore the looks on his ball toys or to be shy about it. He shouldn't have been: 
I was wearing a cock armour (cockring) and had my package pumped. But than he was a lot younger than me:) I was pretty shy too when younger!



wed 2 sept  Wrinkles
There is only one spot on our body where wrinkles are allowed and that is on your nutsack. 
The more wrinkles the lower your balls can hang, the more skin there is to stretch. 
And those wrinkles make that sack more attactive to me.



tue 1 sept Lex Packer:
I once saw this video with Lex in it, pumping his siliconed meat big, and than he  fucks a bottom. 
It was so hot I immediately wanted to have my cock and balls siliconed as well. 
But unfortunately I have a job that does not allow me to have such a big package.
So I keep dreaming of having silicone the way Lex has. I will stick to glucose till than. But one day I will start with a reasonable amount of juice.
LeBulge, the siliconed guy from Saint Quentin, who has filled a lot of men already, told me today's silicone is liquid as saline and is inserted pretty easy.


I updated my pumping/ glucose page. NEW: little bottles of 20ml of 20% and 40% of glucose! 

If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.



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