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sat 30 sept Pumperz
Just three hot fellow pumpers, showing their meat. Huge balls, and fat  cocks in all variety!



fri 29 sept BWbeach
 It is almost a pitty to do these beautiful black & white pictures at the end of the month.




thu 28 sept Dante
 I did a post before on DMC Dante, because for a game character he is quite sexy!
I googled him for naked pictures, and here is what I found.
 Indeed how you expect him to be, (with that nice bulge in his trousers): hung.




wed 27 sept Load of cum
 I always like to see a man cumming: this guy shoots a lot!




tue 26 sept Smooth cam wanker
OK he is not really my type of guy, but than again, his cock is gorgeous!




mon 25 sept Saline
What a fantastic result this man has from filling with saline! Just enjoy the larger versions.


sun 24 sept  Shaving
Shaving is a kind of body art, so good to rub in with shaving cream, to feel the sharp razor over your body and genitals, and the results are always cool!
It will give you a clean look and your muscles more pronounced, your genitals and ass ready for use.

sat 23 sept Sloppy sack
 No dude, I am not calling you names, I refer to that heavenly sack of yours with so much loose skin, it is a delicious sight!



fri 22 sept Pepsi Cola
 I do not like Coca Cola, nor Pepsi and I do not care about their commercial fight, but I do like what I see here.

I added 2 new pics to my personal gallery: my biggest cockpump ever!

Pumping on Ile 'd Oleron powered by XTube


thu 21 sept Suck it!
The guy is really doing his best to give a good blowjob, teasing and deepsucking!



wed 20 sept Slave
 Now, you go to the bedroom and get into position there, wait for me and prepair your ass!



  tue 19 sept BigBathBalls
 Great how sack and testicles respond to a hot bath and additional wanking!
This guy sure is blessed with big big balls!



mon 18 sept Pumpers
Some nice examples of pumped meat. I do not understand the twirled camera though.



sun 17 sept Tower of power
Amazing view from below, see how thick his cock is and how nice his foreskin folds back!
What pleasure it must be to suck on that sluffy skin.


  I added 2 new pics to my personal gallery 


 sat 16 sept Selfie
Just a very erotic and horny selfie, one of the best I ever saw.
That beautiful shaped cock is just so suckable!



fri 15 sept Outdoors
 The way I love to be outdoors too: naked & hard!



thu 14 sept Nigthcrawler
 Is a character out of Marvel 's  X- men series, he is of German origin and has yellow eyes, a tail and 2 toed feet and 3 fingers hands, he is a teleporter.
I like this character for his demonic looks, his tail and his easy to draw hands and feet. His demonic looks makes him a character that could do anything sexual
because he just likes to.
See my version of him



wed 13 sept Hangers
 Let them hang, it's low-hangers-Wednesday.



tue 12 sept Salined balls
 If they are not filled with saline, his balls, than I want to marry him instantly!


mon 11 sept Daddy & Twink
 Now we all know that each day we become older, and when you're young you think you have a lifetime to spend.
And that is true! But I want to make a statement that daddies sure can be super sexy. Look at this man, he surely still is fit,
not that tight anymore, but in good shape. And his cock and balls still are gorgeous! We all want to be old, but you will learn that bodies get older.
Be a little respectful to older men: you will become on once...



sun 10 sept Tatnstretchedballs
What a great sleeve and ringed nipples, and the stretched balls are the #1 in this post!
 I would definately want to take both nuts in my mouth, or help him stretch more, while he wanks!



sat 9 sept the Eggman
 Amazing hangers, Love that loose skin and the big eggformed testicles. Would love to feel them banging against my ass when he fucks me!
The fact that he is uncut makes him even more desirable!



fri 8 sept the Bull
 Just perfection. This is how you want to  see a man from behind: bull balled!



thu 7 sept Perfect hangers
The dudes hangers are great and the orgasm is a nice extra present!



wed 6 sept Wank
Just the nice big balls drew my attention..

tue 5 sept Public
This is to me one of the horniest ways to have sex: in public!



mon 4 sept Whole package
To me this is one of the nices views men can give: showing all: ass, balls and a hard cock. Besides this he is perfectly shaved!

 I will be going on hollidays today, so maybe the post wil not be so regularly as you are used to but added 4 new pictures to my private gallery :)
and my newest clip on Xtube:




sun  3 sept P-enispumper
Just another great pumper with a gorgeous, thick, spongy, juicy, shaved, hot, fat, uncut cock.



sat 2 sept Peep
Great to see the goodies out of the box, showing a nice uncut cock and some big hangers.

my  newest Xtube clip



fri 1 sept Lex Packer
 Lex has the most beautiful siliconed package I know from the internet. Even more beautiful than I have seen from men in real life.
He did not exagerate the amount of juice in his genitals, and it is big, but not XXL big, and it is still functionating!
Though this video is a bit lame (he has no real vacuum), it shows his meat quite good!








If you see pictures that might offend copyrights, 
please mail me prove and I'll delete the pic in question.


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