My pumpbuddies:
You want to be here with me? I'd be honnored but  I should know you by mail, newart, Xtube or Gayromeo, or by other social media, mail  me (at least 3 of) your best pumped meat pics and some text/ STATS.. 

Kerkrade Netherlands, 45 years old, 1.78m, 75 kg top, muscle body and always looking for men with huge pumped (or saline filled dick & balls.. mail him.
added nov 2016

my stats are: I am a 46 year old pumper from Baden-Württemberg, Germany and have been pumping for several years. I love to pump huge of cock and cock/balls and anal rose butt pumping. I am on newwart and Xhamster.  

 added march 2018



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Bignlow, 56 year old UK pumper for 4 years and make all my own tubes. Wishing i had found this 30 years ago.
BignLow is at Newart

added april 2015


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Flaco is from Suisun city, USA mail him



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40/186/70 20x5 cock cut. Pump since 3 years. From Frankfurt, Germany. More pics of SlimandHung here 
Contact SlimandHung over Xtube, newart or Dudesnude

added march 2015



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He is 1.80m, 37 years old, 85 kg. Brown buzzed hair and green eyes . And a big siliconed monstermeat. At gayromeo. From Montreal, Canada.


added april 2015


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Jeff is at newart


Hi. I am Ulli from Duisburg, always totally shaved. I pump for 5 years and do saline since 2 years. Hallo bin Ulli aus Duisburg immer ganz rasiert. Pumpe seit 5 Jahren und Saline seit 2 Jahren


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I´m 25, slim from SW Germany, love saline and pumping and have almost no sexual taboos!! his Gayromeo profile 
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Tom, 43 yo, lives in the neighbourhood of Düsseldorf, loves to drive motorcycle, loves long pumping ofcause, rubber and suits.
Tom, 43 jahre alt, wohne in der nähe von düsseldorf, fahre gerne motorrad, mag natürlich langes pumpen, leder, gummi und anzüge,

Pig66 france:

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Heavy pumper looking for monster,addicted pumper, silicone guys. probably silicone in few months 


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pumper from Hamburg searches  men with experience,  curiosity, respect and humor for relaxed sessions. I am not bound to any position - like to experiment mit rubber, pumping, tt, pp, smoking, electro, toys. Main thing safe and relaxed and without the stress to achieve.
pumper aus hamburg sucht männer mit erfahrung, neugier, respekt und humor für entspannte sessions. bin auf keine rolle festgelegt - experimentiere gern mit gummi, pumpen, tt, pp, rauchen, elektro, toys. hauptsache safer, entspannt und ohne leistngsdruck.


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39 yo gay man in France looking for latex or rubber men and pumping fans. Email him. His URL Into: fuck, suck, CBT, pumping, ballstretching, FF, dildo, threesome_orgy. I am versatile.


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40 yo dutch man aka Roestvrij at gayromeo


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38, 1,74 m, 68 kg, pumpe seit 8 jahren, komme aus bayern/schwaben, seit kurzem pumpe ich mit der neuen computergesteuerten pumpe von ctc... pics/video, folgen bald.

Rob Smith:

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48 y/o, 5'8, 71kg, 9 x 6 cock. i love to pump huge when i can and i like to swap pics/vids with other big dick lovers. 

cesar barrgan:

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31 year old gay. 57" 154 lbs, balls size 12 inches when pumped 8.5 unpumped  


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29 jahre aus Berlin - 183 cm - 84 kg cut, PA 20 x 5 mm, Stehe auf Pumpen, Gewichte, Sounds, f, ff, pp, dd etc. Mag Sex in Sauna und auf Parkplätzen in Darkooms und Privatparties. 


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   I am a Man in 40.I pump one and a half year long, use selfmade pumping jar and silicone seal. Weight 75 kg, 180 cm tall, slim body,  penis 18 cm. blue eyes and blonde hair  


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21 yo german pumper, started in sept. 2005, pumping c and b in straight tube and twostager. looking for others to chat with and do c2c.


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Hi, bin 34 Jahre 194 cm, 90 kg, blond schlank, pumpe 
von normal 19 x 4 auf 22 x 6, komme aus Köln.


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40 yo dutch guy looking for some fun, doesn't have to be pumping! from picswap to some more kinky stuff, into fucking, sucking, bondage, pumping, ballstretching, WS, DD, threesome &orgy. I am versatile
Email him